Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, Bahrain, 2014

Raikkonen expects “wide open” start to season

2014 F1 seasonPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, Bahrain, 2014Kimi Raikkonen predicts the first race of the year will be “wide open” despite Mercedes seeming to have the upper hand in pre-season testing.

“Making predictions has never been my habit and this year there is even more reason not to,” said Raikkonen.

“We are heading down under with brand new cars and I reckon it is wide open and anything can happen.

“In Maranello, we have worked hard and the F14 T seems to be a good car, but the track will tell who is quickest. When we start running to see where we are, we will at least have some data to give us a starting point.”

Raikkonen took his most recent F1 win in the season-opening race last year, as he also did during his first season with Ferrari four years ago.

“I remember very well my first win with Ferrari,” he said, “it couldn’t have been a better start to my seventh year in Formula One, with a dominant win from pole.”

“Last year, we also managed to win, which certainly surprised people because unlike 2007, at Lotus we weren’t favourites. So, if I had to compare the two Australian wins, somehow, winning it last year for the second time felt even a little bit nicer after such a difficult pre-season testing period.”

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15 comments on “Raikkonen expects “wide open” start to season”

  1. …as he also did during his first season with Ferrari four years ago.


    1. Indeed, it was 7 years ago, probably confusing with Alonso’s first race for Ferrari?

  2. when i look at the winter testing mileage of Kimi and Alonso…..i know who’s the no.2 =)

    1. Mashiat (@)
      6th March 2014, 13:42


  3. Attention to the 2013 Australian GP winner. He won it without his salary. Now I guess he’s hyper motivated.

    1. Money doesn’t motivate Kimi, you know that.

      1. What if they were supposed to pay him in ice creams?

        1. Free booze on the podium will do.

          1. As long as it’s not delivered in the eye

  4. It was alleged that Ferrari had the PU in a closed cockpit car for some at home testing. Barring any failures, Raikkonen may just take the chequered flag more than 6 times this season.

  5. you mean 7 years ago keith

  6. Can’t wait for the season to start. Somehow, i feel Alonso will have the edge over Raikkonen. Raikkonen has great racing abilities, but Alonso is putting in the hard & smart work. Especially this year, that should pay off.

    1. Kimi proven he is good in adopt in any situation when hia first year in ferrari he won world champion, when he got back to f1 after 2 yrs absence he always on the podium. Compare to michael he had struggle & never won race after he came back… Now with new regulation, i believe he can adopt quikly compare to others.

  7. Regarding his comment on his last Victory I’d say he’s received the paycheck from Lotus B-)

  8. I think Kimi will enjoy his salary for sometimes, and when Teflonso start to cry for someone else’s car then he will kill him.

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