Valtteri Bottas, Felipe Massa, Williams FW36 livery reveal, 2014

Williams confirm Martini sponsorship and reveal livery

2014 F1 sesonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Williams have confirmed a new sponsorship deal with Martini and revealed their car’s colour scheme for 2014.

“Williams and Martini share a rich history in the world of motorsport, and the values of our two brands and our shared passion for racing make this partnership a natural fit,” said team founder Frank Williams.

“It will be great to see the distinctive stripes of Martini Racing return to Formula One once again in unison with Williams.”

The Martini history has a long history in motor racing, having appeared on Porsche sports cars, Lancia rally and sports cars, and Brabham, Lotus and Ferrari F1 cars as well as many others.

Video: Williams FW36 in action

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143 comments on “Williams confirm Martini sponsorship and reveal livery”

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  1. Fantastic, I know which team I will support this year!

    1. This is so good! those colours are amazing and if the car is quick this year they will have them for many years to come.

      Need some British drivers in the team though

      1. hope it’s as fast as it is great to look at!

        1. Similar-ish to BMW-Sauber

          1. yep simple but so effective

      2. Great, but slightly plain. Needs more stripes or one large logo on the sidepod

        1. I agree, the stripes should be a bit bigger and cover a larger portion of the car. Most of the fan made mock ups were better than the actual livery.

        2. Yes, the sidepods are far too plain and boring.

          Otherwise, this is a true favourite.

        3. Martini musn’t be paying too much – barely branded car at this point. At speed this is simply a white car, as per the Braun. Shame that some of the great Martini liveries of the past haven’t been followed better, as the stripes could easily be placed in a more dynamic design to achieve greater visual impact.

    2. You can pick up and drop teams you support on a yearly basis?

      1. Absolutely.

      2. I have always had a soft spot for Williams, but the last few years they have not really done much to be enthusiastic about.
        This year they seem to be on the right track, they have a nice driver pairing, encouraging test results, and this livery is a classic.
        They have rekindled my enthusiasm, just hope it is not another false dawn.

        1. Some amazing liveries on the grid this year (mclaren, force india, williams, marussia), its a shame the cars dont look better. It could be one of the best looking grids of all time.

          1. McLaren you know nothing of yet.

          2. I would argue against the Mclaren livery being good. It’s really… boring, no stripes, no other colors, just a bunch of Mp4-29s everywhere.

      3. antonyob (@)
        6th March 2014, 17:29

        It’s not football dude. Usually people follow someone from their own country but you can do what you want. It’s about great racing.

      4. Yeah..been reading a lot of similar comments here..haha

        Who picks a team based on livery?….hehe..maybe I’ll start supporting Arsenal next year on the basis that their kit looks good?

        What a joke. Anyways, Williams is the only team I’ve ever supported (Im more of a driver supporter). I was wearing my Williams BMW T-shirt from 2003 when I read this news yesterday :)..maybe its time to get some new merch…the age of my old shirt is starting to show…haha

        Great livery!…as always, I wish the best to Williams.

    3. You pick a team each year?

      1. Mashiat (@)
        6th March 2014, 13:29

        I pick a team every session.

      2. No, I do not.
        I have never really rooted for a specific team or driver. In fact I strongly dislike blind fanboyism in any form or shape.
        However I always root for the underdog, the newcomers, the unexpected comebacks, or just an amazing performance, regardless of who the driver is or what team they drive for.
        Hopefully Williams be that team this year.
        And did I mention the livery is awesome?

        1. I have never really rooted for a specific team or driver. In fact I strongly dislike blind fanboyism in any form or shape.

          You can be a fan and not be a fanboy – in fact most fans are about as far from fanboyish as you can get ;)

        2. I usually root for drivers and by consequence the team…

    4. On one hand I love the car’s paint, but flip, they really did not need to photoshop the colors in the photo so much.

    5. Looks good but lets see how it drives

  2. Looks amazing. I’m not a Williams fan but that is by far the best livery on the grid.

    1. I agree, it’s EPIC!

      Williams are my second favourite team but have hardly registered in my thoughts for years, other than Catalunya in 2012.

  3. Awesome livery. Bonus points for black wings and customized driver fonts.

    1. @andae23 Spot on. Looks quick and sleek too, with two very good drivers. I’m so glad they got the livery right!

    2. Bonus points for livery? That’s not another of Bernie’s suggestions is it?

      1. @eurobrun Oh dear, I hope Bernie doesn’t read this and gets any ideas from it :P

    3. FlyingLobster27
      6th March 2014, 21:21

      The fact that no other team uses different fonts for different drivers shows why, IMO, the career number thing was a bad idea. It was sold on a false basis (Todt claimed NASCAR drivers had career numbers, which they do not, the teams own the numbers), and if the numbers are going to be printed in a team font, then the numbers can’t be marketed in the same way as in MotoGP. If it’s a yellow 46, it’s Rossi, but if it’s a 14 with a Tricolore struck through it, it’s not Alonso, it’s Alonso at Ferrari.
      Career numbers won’t change the racing (at least non-superstitious minds won’t think so), it’s purely cosmetic, but I think it’s been done wrong. In top notch car racing, it has always been the teams that have had the numbers. I think that if someone had to choose numbers, it should have been the teams.

      Great livery for Williams, however. I hope they’ll finally get back to at least respectability.

      1. but I think it’s been done wrong

        Well, I think you are right, but just because it has been done wrong doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea. Quite the opposite. I really like how Williams Martini Racing have given the freedom for their drivers to put the numbers’ font as they wished.

  4. Love it but it needs more Martini before it hits those kerbs!!

  5. Looks great, my next F1 shirt is going to have to be a Martini one now.

  6. Michael Brown (@)
    6th March 2014, 11:42

    Great livery.

    I wonder what McLaren are planning on doing with their livery. I would love the classic orange.

    1. I cant see them changing it now, unless they announce a new title sponsor. Team merch has been released already, i think the big change will be next year with Honda.

      1. They WILL announce a new title sponsor in awhile

        1. Not unless maldonado comes, mclaren has it tuff for a few yrs, if rumors are tru Honda will go redbull too !

          1. McLaren have said they will announce a sponsor a few rounds in to the season- see the home page.

  7. Side on, it looks like a beautiful car.

  8. Much white, maybe they will have more sponsers coming now that it looks like they have a good package, good drivers and good backing. But I would have loved more Martini in that mix, to sweeten it up a little. It’s a bit flat.

    1. They’ve announced a load of new sponsorship deals this off season in addition to Martini (Banco du Brasil, Petrobras, Genworth and it looks like an Esquire logo has slid onto the car unnoticed too). They seem to be in a much better place financially (and sporting-ly) than they have in ages.

      Long may it continue!

  9. I like that. I like that a lot.

    Although, I already knew I was going to.

  10. Magic.
    Would have been easy to overdo it (see all the recent photoshop jobs, and Ferrari) but this is really well done job, and will stand out from all the grey and over-familiar cars around it.

  11. too much white, need to use the martini colours more. otherwise looks great!

    1. Exactly my thoughts. As much as I like the fact that Martini is their new sponsor I think they cold have made a better livery out of it. Maybe a bit like this.
      Or to a certain amount even like this

      1. That first one is deadly!!!!! Love it! They should have slid it to the guy designing the williams livery

      2. Wow that first one looks epic !

      3. I agree – it’s good but it would have been very difficult to have made it look bad.

        The problem is that it’s just that – “good.” It could have easilly been amazing. The first link is great as is :

      4. that first link is awesome

      5. Although I think the lines could have been a little more prominent, I think their real design is actually better than those mock ups, because like all the classic Martini liveries, the lines perfectly follow those of the car in a continuous sweep, which is nicer than just plastering the Martini colours on. I’m sure the understated look also benefits Williams by giving them the opportunity to fit more sponsors on the car if, and when, they can get them.

  12. The first 2014 car to be desktop wallpaper worthy.

    Now all Williams needs to do is make some desktop wallpapers :)

  13. Very nice. Very nice indeed.
    I like the amount of white they’ve used. The Martini colours aren’t too overbearing.

  14. Hell yes! I was already avidly supporting Williams this season, and this has just made it better.

  15. Where were these taken? Thats a very pretty skyline. Portimao?

    1. Could be Mugello. I wonder if they’ve really taken the car there.

      1. Yeah, I’m beginning to wonder that too. Wouldn’t take much to stitch in a background. Or even the livery onto a plain white car.

      2. Doesn’t Mugello have red and yellow kerbing? Yeah, it wouldn’t be too difficult to ‘shop in a background.

    2. Ascari Resort perhaps?

    3. The pictures are made in the photoshop world! The color differances between the background and the car are so big. This was done by an expert photoshopper. If you look at the high speed photo from the front, the front of the car seams to be floating above the tarmac.
      But the livery is amazing! so retro these stripes.

      1. The color differances between the background and the car are so big. This was done by an expert photoshopper.

        Or by setting the camera up correctly and using a filter.

        Sometimes a piece of coloured plastic is all you need.

  16. I’m a bit worried that the nose will look worse (more obvious and protruding) in bright white than it did in dark blue. Personally, although I like the Martini livery generally, I don’t like vast expanses of white on race liveries- I would have perhaps liked an additional stripe low on the sidepods, or a larger Martini logo.

    I do like it though. It makes a nice change from the bland and indistinct livery they’ve had since BMW left them. It also matches up nicely to Force India using much less white, so at least the grid as a whole isn’t too similar. Nice to lose Williams as one of 3 teams who were using blue as a base colour in that respect too.

    1. In the time it took me to write that, more pictures have turned up. I do think the nose looks a bit worse, but I suppose that’s hard to avoid with the colour scheme.

    2. I thought they might have used stripes down the middle of the nose to hide the tip personally. You can tell everything’s been arranged and the photos are from the angles they are to attract more sponsors.

      1. I too would like to see more of the Martini stripes than white. But, the white base is very “old school” and plays well to Williams as an old school f1 race team. White also makes it easier to spot leaks . Overall, I think Williams has done the best job this year. Great buzz, great marketing of new sponsors released slowly to keep them in the headlines, solid testing results, and awesome signing to cut out the Maldonado cancer and bring in someone as well liked and quick as Massa. I will always be a Tifosi fan first, but Williams is my next favorite. I sure hope Massa can get a win/ podiums this year. :)

    3. I feel they’ve missed the opportunity to cover the proboscis with a bottle of Martini. From the front it could look like the neck of a bottle.

  17. In countries where alcohol logos are banned, will they use the London Transport one?
    It’s the same shape, and their buses use Williams hybrid power…

  18. wheres the classic blue? i was used to the mainly blue liveries in williams…

  19. awesome! that’s all there is to say!

  20. Gosh thought Carlos Reutemann had made a comeback

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