Williams confirm Martini sponsorship and reveal livery

2014 F1 seson


Williams have confirmed a new sponsorship deal with Martini and revealed their car’s colour scheme for 2014.

“Williams and Martini share a rich history in the world of motorsport, and the values of our two brands and our shared passion for racing make this partnership a natural fit,” said team founder Frank Williams.

“It will be great to see the distinctive stripes of Martini Racing return to Formula One once again in unison with Williams.”

The Martini history has a long history in motor racing, having appeared on Porsche sports cars, Lancia rally and sports cars, and Brabham, Lotus and Ferrari F1 cars as well as many others.

Video: Williams FW36 in action


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Images © Williams/LAT

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143 comments on Williams confirm Martini sponsorship and reveal livery

  1. Jan (@yancheelaa) said on 6th March 2014, 12:53

    WOOOW…this is quite something. Everybody in F1 is talking about optimization, team restructuring etc…but what Williams has done is doing this properly. Great restart I must say and they have ALL of my support to win races in 2014, from what I read I just see a team that is trying to DO things instead of just talking about it. Yes of course some might say everybody is trying this, but they had some miserable seasons, but what this is, is just something at what a heart of every hardcore F1 fan must jump of happyness… Mine is and I wish Williams GREAT 2014 SEASON…go frank :)

  2. Alley said on 6th March 2014, 12:55

    I Think the livery is refreshing, it looks the current.

  3. Baron (@baron) said on 6th March 2014, 12:57


  4. The Bear! (@justgassing) said on 6th March 2014, 12:59

    Any time any place anywhere, it looks cool and i hope they get back on top this year.

  5. JKorz said on 6th March 2014, 13:00

    Too much white for my liking when I first saw the pictures , I really liked that dark blue they were running in testing. But its growing on me as I type. Hope this car brings them success.
    Can’t wait to see all the finished cars wearing their badges and tags In Melbourne !

  6. Lucas Wilson (@full-throttle-f1) said on 6th March 2014, 13:02

    Okay, let’s say this car is the 2nd fastest at Melbourne and they can take the fight to Merc this year, will they be able to keep up in the development race?

    • matt90 (@matt90) said on 6th March 2014, 13:10

      I assume they have good facilities thanks to their history and competitive BMW links only 10 years ago. If the technical team is as good and in order as people seem to think and the finance is there (as the array of new upcoming sponsors suggests), then the only limiting factor is manpower. I don’t know how they compare to other teams in that regard.

    • dkpioe said on 6th March 2014, 14:29

      I think in the past couple of years Williams have had the wrong drivers to push it forward. when Maldonado took the win in spain a couple of years ago, the team didn’t capitilise on that, and went backwards after that, they lost the development race, while teams like r=Redbull with Vettel and Ferrari with Alonso delevoped their car as the year went on. Mercedes have had the same problem since 2009 as the Brawn team – they can not develop as the year goes on, and I believe it is their drivers a lot at fault for that (reading into a recent autosport magazine article – last years tyre issues for Mercedes were more sorted by Robert Kubica testing in the Mercedes simulator, then contracted drivers Rosberg and Hamilton). Lotus will have the same problem this year, previous they had Alonso, then Kubica pushing them forward when they were Renault, and then Raikkonen… while now they have Maldonado and Grosjean = inferior drivers to those 3, and we are likely to see dull years for Lotus like the past few years at Williams. I see Massa as an intelligent top level driver that will help keep Williams up there this year as the year goes on. they are up there now as a top 3 team based on testing. (of course having a Mercedes power unit helps too!)

  7. Tomsk (@tomsk) said on 6th March 2014, 13:07

    Sky have got the right idea – they’ve chopped the nose off in both their photos so far!

  8. kowalsky jose said on 6th March 2014, 13:08

    One question keith. I thought the alcohol ads, were prohibited with the tobacco ban. I must be wrong.

  9. Kieran Lyne (@kierlyne) said on 6th March 2014, 13:23

    Good to see things looking up for Williams, hope to see them maintain their progress and mount a challenge at the business end of the grid this season. Surely the closest thing to a good looking car this season!

  10. Robbie (@robbie) said on 6th March 2014, 13:25

    Have to add to the overwhelming consensus that this is every bit as beautiful as the artists’ renderings from recent weeks had projected it might be. And what a bonus that it appears for now like they may be fighting for podia. I’ll be surprised if they can do much against the works Mercedes team, but as long as they’re near the sharp end of the stick that will be fantastic and too long coming.

  11. nidzovski (@nidzovski) said on 6th March 2014, 13:39

    I would like to see some more of the Martini logos….

  12. dkpioe said on 6th March 2014, 14:00

    wow… this car could be on top of the podium in Melbourne! I was hoping it would be a bit more colourful, more red and blue, but it looks so white…

  13. What a beauty.

  14. Kanil (@kanil) said on 6th March 2014, 14:39

    All white with a pastel blue and red stripe?

    Looks dreadful. At least it brings them money.

  15. Andrei (@crandreico) said on 6th March 2014, 14:49

    This is how it should be done: Lancia Delta Group A
    Alfa 155 DTM
    Porsche GT3
    Among other examples.
    But not like that: it’s like they were afraid to put the Martini colours on the car. Very dissapointed indeed.

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