Williams FW36 - Martini livery reveal, 2014

Massa “wanted to race with a Mercedes engine”

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Williams FW36 - Martini livery reveal, 2014In the round-up: Felipe Massa says he set his sights on moving to a team with Mercedes power after losing his seat at Ferrari last year.


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Felipe Massa Q&A: Williams move has given me extra motivation (F1)

“Many people said Mercedes was in front and doing a great job with the engine. I think that was in my mind – that I wanted to race with a Mercedes engine.”

Paris : le pilote de F1 Jules Bianchi se fait voler une montre à 70000 euros (Le parisien, French)

Jules Bianchi was mugged for a £58,000 watch from sponsor Richard Mille when he stepped outside a hotel in Paris to have a cigarette with a friend.

Mark Webber says Lewis Hamilton and Williams will dominate F1 season (The Guardian)

“I’m predicting a big strong year for F1 in the UK, because you’re probably going to have Lewis [Hamilton] at the front and also Williams doing well.”

Grosjean says Australia no test session (Autosport)

“We have to try and score points. Being there just to compete is nice but it’s not what we want.”

Michael Schumacher: Sabine Kehm confirms F1 legend is ‘still in wake up phase’ and dismisses other medical reports as false (The Independent)

“The situation has not changed. Any medical information published which is not confirmed by the team of doctors treating Michael or his management has to be considered as not valid.”

#ForzaMichael! – 7 March (Ferrari)

Bernie Ecclestone: “It was a long night to convince both Eddie Jordan to release you and Flavio to take you but apart from my loss of sleep, it worked out well and I was very proud to have made it happen. I have always been one of your big supporters, so don’t let me down. My warmest wishes!”

Ecclestone Hails F1 Deal (The Wall Street Journal)

“I think everyone has forgotten about [the Concorde Agreement] to be honest because with the agreement we currently have with this Strategy Group, we don’t really need it.”

What’s Hot: A chat with Formula One chief Bernie Ecclestone about races and maybe getting sued (Press-Telegram)

“Keeping his companionable and soft voice at the same timbre, Ecclestone said, ‘Be careful what you write. As much as I hate suing in America…’ and his voice trailed off a bit, but the drift, as we understood it, was that he was willing to go endure the distasteful task of ruining us financially, even though we’re just a couple of cable bills shy of bankruptcy anyway.”

Ecclestone says Mexico GP on, French GP possible, so what now for New Jersey? (Racer)

“We have got a contract on the table with France for a race at Magny-Cours. To meet the terms of our contract, the organisers will need money and we will want some kind of guarantee that it’s not going to be a one-night stand. It was [originally] going to take place this year, actually.”

Norway lawmakers have questions on $850 bln wealth fund’s F1 deal (Reuters)

“The fund, which invests Norway’s oil and gas revenues, bought a $1.6 billion stake in motor racing’s Formula One in May 2012, together with investors BlackRock and Waddell & Reed.”

Ron Dennis on Justin King as successor to Ecclestone: “It would be a steep learning curve” (James Allen on F1)

“I know him well. Competence in business is competence in business. But it’s a pretty steep learning curve that he would be faced with.”

Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull, Bahrain, 2014Ricciardo ready to take the Bull by the horns (Reuters)

“Obviously I don’t expect to be treated like God. I’m not the world champion but at the same time I’ve been reassured I’m going to get the equal side, the same length of straw, whatever you want to say.”

New FOM graphics for 2014 and Coulthard gets a tablet (The F1 Broadcasting Blog)

“According to [BBC F1 editor Mark] Wilkin, we will be getting a complete overhaul of the world [television] feed, with a new graphics set.”

FW36 to Have Updated Senna Logo for 2014 (Williams)

Frank Williams: “I was very close to Ayrton and the iconic double S logo has been a mainstay on our cars since his death 20 years ago. This new logo is our way of celebrating his achievements as a racing driver, and also the sterling work of his Foundation which is doing so much to promote educational opportunities in Brazil.”

Driver rotation: gimmick or fix? (MotorSport)


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Here we are , on the way to our first ever Formula 1 GP in Australia ! #ReadyFreddie

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Daniil Kvyat: “Here we are , on the way to our first ever Formula 1 GP in Australia ! #ReadyFreddie”

Comment of the day

@Electrolite relishes the anticipated contest between the two Mercedes drivers:

The prospect I find exciting about this season is the battle between Mercedes’ two drivers. Even more so than Ferrari’s, because the W05 seems a likelier candidate for a drivers’ championship.

If either win the championship, it’ll be a big deal – Rosberg because he’s ever truly been held in the same regard as Vettel/Hamilton/Alonso/Raikkonen – somewhat an underdog out of the top drivers; Hamilton because, like Alonso, it’s been long time since his last – not mention it would truly vindicate the decision to move to Mercedes that split so many opinions. A huge year for both.

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Another of F1’s major rules shake-ups resulted in a dominant performance by one team on this day in 1998.

McLaren romped to an emphatic one-two in the Australian Grand Prix, but courted controversy when David Coulthard waved team mate Mika Hakkinen past. Hakkinen had been leading until making a pit stop by mistake due to a problem with his radio.

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