Jenson Button, McLaren, Albert Park, 2014

Drivers fear fuel saving methods may prove dangerous

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Jenson Button, McLaren, Albert Park, 2014In the round-up: Drivers concerned that speed differentials between cars on varying fuel strategies could prove hazardous during today’s season-opening grand prix.


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F1 drivers wary over ‘lift and coast’ tactic dangers (Autosport)

Jenson Button: “I hope everyone is in the same situation and that we probably won’t have any issues. But, yeah, of course, if one guy is lifting off 180 metres before the corner and another is lifting off 90 metres before, it does make the racing a little bit more difficult.”

Lewis Hamilton expecting tough Australian Grand Prix for Mercedes (BBCF1)

Hamilton: “The race is to finish. We have done race simulations in testing but they haven’t been easy. It’s going to be a challenge for fuel, for tyres. It’s a learning process. By no means is it going to be easy.”

Kevin Magnussen Q&A: P4 grid slot the ‘icing on the cake’ (

Magnussen: “I am proud about myself, yes, but also proud about the team for doing such a good job in the preparation. But by all being thrilled I have not forgotten that the race is tomorrow, the points are tomorrow so what really matters is having a good day tomorrow.”

Fernando Alonso has admitted that Ferrari already need to find performance (Sky F1)

Alonso: “We need to improve a little bit the speed of the car in general: the traction, the top speed…we are a little bit down here compared to the others on the finish line. There are finally some areas where we can finally see our competitors when we’re racing because in the testing you never know what the others are doing.”

Race finish still possible – Maldonado (ESPN)

Maldonado: “I think it’s possible [to finish]. We need to put it all together. Even in the race you’re not pushing that hard, even though it will be our first long run, race distance. So it will be very important for us to finish to be honest.”

Brownlee brothers seal joint Abu Dhabi win (ESPN)

Johnny Brownlee: “Where else can you ride on a F1 circuit and bike in the pits and chicanes? The Yas Marina Circuit was a highlight and, due to the smooth tarmac, allowed me to get up to 65km/h on my bike which I really enjoyed.”

2014 Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix – Q3 (Strat via YouTube)

Amateur footage showing the final moments of yesterday’s tense qualifying finale taken from the pit grandstand.


Comment of the day

Needless to say, we’re in for a brand new racing experience when the five lights finally go out later today and reader @timi cannot wait for it to begin.

The Tortoise transforms into the Hare! This should be great to watch. Too often in recent seasons has the action only lasted the first quarter-ish of the race, before petering out into a spaced-out field cars and maybe one or two final battles for position.

This is what a race weekend should be, in my opinion. The excitement and sheer captivation starts on Thursday, rising slowly to a great qualifying session, before calming down. The calm before the storm that is Race Day. Sunday arrives, the lights go out… No-one is 10seconds ahead in as many laps. The cars are still together for now.. but soon.. soon the Gladiatiors will go all-out to the flag.

A mad dash to the finish line will be great, there are so many talented drivers on the grid. The cars are much harder to drive, and they’re surprisingly evenly matched! 2014, here we go!

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On this day last year qualifying for the Australian Grand Prix was postponed due to severe rain. It was held on the morning of the race instead.