Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, Albert Park, 2014

Rate the race: 2014 Australian Grand Prix

2014 Australian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, Albert Park, 2014

What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Australian Grand Prix.

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Image © Ferrari/Ercole Colombo

236 comments on “Rate the race: 2014 Australian Grand Prix”

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  1. I’m a fan of the new engines in theory, but to me the cornering speeds looked significantly slower than previous years.

  2. Race 6/10 just because of the lack of action But I understand that few could push it just yet.

    New formula 9/10***

    After years of “frozen” engine rules, I welcome the fact that the power train has become an area where the engineers can work again. I am SICK of 100% focus on aero. Not too happy about the spec weight distribution or increase in minimum weight though. Never was a fan of ballast either. Or the artificiality of DRS zones. Flat bottoms must go. Ground effects without skirts and a minimum ground clearance rule (measured when the suspension is fully compressed) will enable more passing in dirty air. And KERS harvesting should be unlimited. If a team wants to harvest from the front axle, then let them. AWD if they want too.

  3. I give it a 7/10 as well. Good to see some unknowns step up and take the spotlight away from the past champions in the field. Bottas & the Williams was the highlight for me. Would’ve been interesting to see what Massa could’ve done in the sister car. Other than that, fairly processional racing for the most part, nothing too exciting. I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t put up the infographic with the live telemetry. Would’ve been nice to see how much ERS boost they were using and when. I think they have 33 secs worth this year, up from what, 6 seconds last year?

  4. I rate it 7/10. The first half was exciting but the second half was a bit dull. But another point has to go BO77AS for his driving and would of got 3rd easily if it wasn’t for that touch.

    1. 3rd EASILY? Rea11y!? I don’t think so…but 4th, yes.

  5. The funny thing is that I attended the race, and like many people sitting around me, thought it was boring. The the cars were too slow (+ 10 seconds/lap slower than the lap record) AND too quiet. However when I returned home I watched the replay on TV and thought it was not such a bad race after all. The sound was still bad BUT the perception of (slow) speed was not so apparent!! Strange!!!!!

  6. Slackbladder
    17th March 2014, 7:25

    It’s still called Formula One but it isn’t, the cars look like ‘Formula One Racing Cars’ but they don’t sound like ‘real’ Formula One race cars should sound and they don’t ‘race’ like Formula one race cars used to. It all feels a bit shamish, sad really, from v12’s to v10’s to v8’s to v6’s, whats next v4’s? all for the wrong kind of show! As some one mentioned above, the Jumbo Jets that fly the teams back and forth use ‘TONES’ of fuel per trip and the fleets of transports burn Tones of diesel and no one batts an eye lash. Having watched motor racing, particularly Formula One, for over 50 years it is my considered opinion that small minded idiots are ruining one of the few sports with some pedigree left, at least I hope so after this latest fiasco. Too much change is more counterproductive than no change, change for change sake is a fools game.

    1. Yours is the first comment that I’ve seen that mentions this, which I find quite surprising. It’s as if there’s an elephant in the room but everyone has got “invisi-elephant” glasses on. Ignore it and pretend it’s not there.
      For me, as a casual (“lay” perhaps) F1 viewer, I was very dismayed at the sound of the new cars.
      They are, singly, almost silent compared to what they were last season. But all might not be lost (I thought) – I wondered what they would sound like when they were all on the grid. Maybe lots of them together might make some kind of exciting roar. Well, no.
      What’s next? Totally silent cars? I guess the die-hards here will still be saying “hey I guess this is just not the sport for you sport” etc., defending F1 to its inevitable slow death as they transfer to 2V 600cc engines. But anyway, as to this race, after the first few laps, with near-silent cars just running round the track following each other, Hamilton out, I just thought, this is just too damn boring, and switched off.

      I think you are spot on with your comments. It’s not up to F1 to save the world. It’s up to F1 to be an exciting spectator sport. On the basis of what I saw this weekend, I don’t think they have succeeded.
      And yeah, I’m just a casual F1 viewer. But how many of F1’s viewers are also casual viewers?

  7. 8/10 from Me. unlike Last year pretty much close racing but then no overtakings – probably because the units are not set for outright power as of now. Hope things will Improve as for 17 Odd Laps if positions don’t Change thats not really F1 (Hulk-Alonso-Vergne-Raikkonen first stint). Even with DRS enable it wasn’t the same as last year. But then thats my vision with no critics to any team. I know things will improve and thats what we look forward to

  8. I liked it. It wasn’t a super race, maybe not even a great one and certainly not one I’d watch again, but it was a nice race. I liked the fact that DRS was not so overpowering and we saw some good overtakes (especially by Bottas), some good battles (Ricciardo-Magnussen) and a couple of strategic moves that decleared the outcome. Had Hamilton not retired, I think we would have seen a better race for the lead but that’s something to live with.


  9. My race ended at the momment Nico get’s the 1st place, the race for me was obvious and apart of Magnussen and Bottas, with no realy interest

  10. Having seen the in-cockpit comparison of Ricciado & Vettel during qualifying where Vettel appeared to be fighting a greased pig while Ricciado was all smooth and Button-like, I was anticipating Vettel driving into a wall during the race. Is he really still driving as if it’s last year’s RB?
    7/10 for the race, I like hearing tyre squeal, all the burbling and whistling of turbos, being able to hear the radio transmissions.
    Did RB ignore the FIA’s ruling on their flow meter during the race just to get a high-profile result in the knowledge it would be taking away; that being preferable to grubbing about (perhaps) behind the Torro Rossos even?
    Kudos to Button for quick thinking, and to KevMag & Dan Kvyat for keeping it on track!

  11. I can’t believe how low the ratings are. 6.9 average? 90 minutes of watching the best drivers in the world fighting tooth and nail with cars everyone is still learning about, whilst the cream of the young crop float to the top, resulting in the freshest podium we have seen in years? I thought it was awesome.

  12. 4/10.
    Since 2009 I am enjoying F1 less and less with every year and I fear that if I will see 3 more races like that in a row I’ll just stop watching for a while. V6, DRS, ERS, PIRELLIs, 100kg/h, no re-fueling and medi core drivers… I’m happy that Magnussen got a great result but it just made me think that there are hundreds (if not thousands) drivers that are on pair (if not better) than the current field.
    Average drivers, slower cars, delta lap time driving, and constant regulation changes. I slowly have enough.
    And to think that I was complaining (2000-2008) about the championship being played between 2 or 3 cars back then. It might have been two cars, but they were actually RACING back then.

    1. Yeah don’t forget the ridiculous noses, you can also add ugly cars to that

    2. slackbladder
      19th March 2014, 2:59

      Totally in agreement, that was the most boring pathetic excuse for a Formula One races ever

  13. Bottas has a rocket, and a shame Massa couldn’t use his. Williams are a force. Magnussen did well, as did Kyvat, so Toro should be commended for finding reliability and speed. Lotus were moving forward before elec. failures. Ferrari/Sauber/Marrussia need more speed. If brains and patience are the key, Button and Rosberg have to be favourites, but I’ll pull for Massa to be there too.

  14. Missing Stirling Moss, Phil Hill, Jackie Stewart, Alain Prost, Aryton Senna Michael Shummacher. When races were won by skill and cars not lost by software and wire malfunctions. Maybe it’s time for me to retire from being a fan.

    1. When races were lost by drivers getting killed or engines blowing up? When scrutineering didn’t seem to cope with computer launch control, when Ferrari had a veto on new rules (in secret)…?

  15. Boring Race. We all knew the winner from lap 2.
    We couldn’t hear the cars, we saw less overtakes than retirements with Bottas the only driver who was racing.
    We were seeing the fastest drivers of the world rival each other on fuel economy all the time.
    we have also seen a live timing with no sector times no pit stops no gaps from the first driver.
    This year F1 sucks!
    Fuel economy isn’t compatible with F1, at least at that point.

  16. 6. First half was interesting whilst the field settled down, Bottas was great with his storm through the field, although he was out of position. The safety car seemed to kill the race dead though. There wasn’t too much happening in the final 35 laps. There were some cars catching others, but although they got slightly closer, nothing came of anything.

    A good start, by no means a classic, and probably ultimately forgettable. So a generous 6.

  17. It seems I have missed the voting so it won’t count to the overall, but I rated it a 7.

    It was a decent start to the season but nothing special.

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