Rate the race: 2014 Australian Grand Prix

2014 Australian Grand Prix

Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, Albert Park, 2014

What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Australian Grand Prix.

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2014 Australian Grand Prix

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Image © Ferrari/Ercole Colombo

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236 comments on Rate the race: 2014 Australian Grand Prix

  1. Fixy (@fixy) said on 16th March 2014, 18:22

    Some brilliant overtakes other than DRS ones, though my ignorance of current F1 regulations makes me think those were all pure whilst engine maps and braking behaviour varied from car to car, from corner to corner. Drivers making mistakes, retirements (though either straight away or out of action, like the Lotus ones) and unexpected results (Ricciardo, Magnussen Kvyat) made it an entertaining race, though some glimpses of it gave some ideas as to how F1 will feel like when teams sort out their data.

  2. Brian (@bforth) said on 16th March 2014, 18:24

    Some great drives throughout, especially by Bottas. Great to see an Aussie on the podium at home for the first time–shame it seems gone.
    That said, it just didn’t have the fizz I’m used to seeing at Australia. The field was scattered about in groups, the cars seem less suited for overtaking than last year (good job with the new regulations, FIA), and the track was desperately empty.

    It was okay, but not good enough that I’ll remember much a few months from now.
    That makes it a very average 5.

  3. Chad (@chaddy) said on 16th March 2014, 18:32

    Did Ferrari do anything to remember Schumacher? I know a few drivers and Mercedes did.

  4. Roland Deschain (@f12014sucks) said on 16th March 2014, 19:22

    Do the voters realize: 1 = ‘Terrible’, 10 = ‘Perfect’

    I sometimes wonder.

    Aside from seeing Bottas and Hulk actually racing as well as K-Mag’s result, I can’t say anything positive about this race or season. And I’m someone who attends races, buys related products, and is a life-long superfan. Frankly I’m disgusted by the state of F1 and have been since 2010 and I see things worse now than ever. jmo

  5. AlonsoMcLaren (@alonsomclaren) said on 16th March 2014, 19:43

    Boring…. :(

  6. Scottie (@scottie) said on 16th March 2014, 20:55

    I’m slightly miffed at those expecting a tight race with lots of passing… It’s because of these folks that the regulations get mixed up every other year, causing this exact situation.

    I thought the race was fantastic with heaps of tension, mystery and still some very close racing and good passes. Bottas’s drive was great, the people at the track (including me) loved Daniel’s drive, and there was a turn 1 crash with cars flying to keep TV’s switched on waiting for the next one… while the rest of us intrigued ourselves with who made best on the new regulations.

    People replying saying it was terrible, not enough passing, etc… take a step back and blame the person in the mirror. Can’t blame F1 for not listening!

  7. As average as they come, completely forgettable. It was only interesting because it was the first race of the season and we were all looking answers. 5/10. Anyone rating it above that needs to have their head examined or get out more.

  8. Rebecca (@becci224) said on 16th March 2014, 23:51

    For me it was an 8 and there was definitely potential for a 9 if we’d been able to see Hamilton and Vettel make it past 5 laps! But there was some brilliant over taking moves and some awesome corrections from drivers such as when Jev nearly lost it when his rear wheel dipped on the grass at turn 16! Also Hulkenberg did well to keep it in 6th place especially when you think about Perez in the same car who had a very dull weekend over all. So all in all for me a good race weekend and I really can’t wait for Malaysia and the race gets a double thumbs up from me! 👍👍

  9. Marksy said on 17th March 2014, 3:00


    10 cars on lead lap. 10 cars dnf. Fastest lap on lap 19 by winner who then coasts for next 38 laps and wins by half a minute. The longest Safety Car period for NOTHING (except fuel saving!) then factor in the sound, the look, and the “lift and coast” method and there is why this is one of the worst starts to a season i can recall.

    Disagree? Then go watch 2005-2009 seasons whete there was passing, racing, close championships, excitement, and proper F1 – then return and explain how this is better!

    FIA/FOM want ignorant fans! Do not give them what they want!!!

  10. Larry said on 17th March 2014, 3:14

    The engines sound pathetic. A shell of Formula-1’s former glory.

  11. Maciek (@maciek) said on 17th March 2014, 3:24

    I’m a fan of the new engines in theory, but to me the cornering speeds looked significantly slower than previous years.

  12. Race 6/10 just because of the lack of action But I understand that few could push it just yet.

    New formula 9/10***

    After years of “frozen” engine rules, I welcome the fact that the power train has become an area where the engineers can work again. I am SICK of 100% focus on aero. Not too happy about the spec weight distribution or increase in minimum weight though. Never was a fan of ballast either. Or the artificiality of DRS zones. Flat bottoms must go. Ground effects without skirts and a minimum ground clearance rule (measured when the suspension is fully compressed) will enable more passing in dirty air. And KERS harvesting should be unlimited. If a team wants to harvest from the front axle, then let them. AWD if they want too.

  13. I give it a 7/10 as well. Good to see some unknowns step up and take the spotlight away from the past champions in the field. Bottas & the Williams was the highlight for me. Would’ve been interesting to see what Massa could’ve done in the sister car. Other than that, fairly processional racing for the most part, nothing too exciting. I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t put up the infographic with the live telemetry. Would’ve been nice to see how much ERS boost they were using and when. I think they have 33 secs worth this year, up from what, 6 seconds last year?

  14. HawkAussie (@hawkaussie) said on 17th March 2014, 6:09

    I rate it 7/10. The first half was exciting but the second half was a bit dull. But another point has to go BO77AS for his driving and would of got 3rd easily if it wasn’t for that touch.

  15. Gerry said on 17th March 2014, 7:06

    The funny thing is that I attended the race, and like many people sitting around me, thought it was boring. The the cars were too slow (+ 10 seconds/lap slower than the lap record) AND too quiet. However when I returned home I watched the replay on TV and thought it was not such a bad race after all. The sound was still bad BUT the perception of (slow) speed was not so apparent!! Strange!!!!!

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