Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, Albert Park, 2014

Raikkonen expects improvement ‘right from next race’

2014 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, Albert Park, 2014Kimi Raikkonen expects Ferrari will be more competitive at the next round following a disappointing start to the season in Australia.

“I’m sure that, if we work in the correct way, then right from the next race in Malaysia, the results can definitely be better,” said Raikkonen, who took seventh place in his first race after returning to Ferrari.

“We have to stay calm,” he said. “The team is united, we know what we have to do and how to go about finding more performance. We also know this development process will not happen overnight and so we must be patient and concentrate hard on our work without watching what the others are doing.”

“I’ve been in this game for quite a while now, and I can say this is definitely not the first time that I’ve gone through a difficult first race weekend,” he added.

Raikkonen singled out the car’s brake-by-wire system as an area where he believes he can make a lot of progress.

“We identified some general problems which we have to tackle in Maranello and there are other aspects linked to the set-up on my car to do with the brake-by-wire system. Getting this device working correctly is definitely something that contributes to the general feeling from the car, because it has a great effect on corner entry.

“Having said that, the F14 T improved right through Friday and Saturday and not getting into Q3 was not down to the competitiveness of the car.”

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