Daniel Ricciardo, 2014

Caption Competition 47: Daniel Ricciardo

Caption CompetitionPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Daniel Ricciardo, 2014

Is Daniel Ricciardo already considering a new line of work following his disappointment in the Australian Grand Prix?

Add your caption to this picture in the comments below and a selection of the best will appear in the next F1 Fanatic round-up.

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Image © Renault/DPPI

110 comments on “Caption Competition 47: Daniel Ricciardo”

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  1. 2014 rule change #57: Any driver found using incorrect flow meter must log 50 hours of community service driving public transportation.

  2. “You talkin’ to me?”

  3. There’s pay drivers and there’s paid drivers…

  4. “Are you sure you’ve taken me to the me to the circuit or are you trying to make me miss the race Fernando?”

  5. “Taxi’s sounding like vacuumcleaners.
    Or the other way around? Fuel flow. Flowing fuel? Dist in the wind. Marko Marko … No…no…no!!! Must ..keep on … smiling”

  6. “Mark told me that Fernando might want a lift”

  7. “I was just telling the driver that we ain’t gonna use his meter, I’m gonna count how may times the wheels turn and work it out from there. He could appeal, but it’s probably pointless”

  8. “Taxi for Mr Webber? Sorry, forgot your first name already, mate.”

  9. What do you think, what should we improve on this car? :)

  10. hugo-the-rabbit
    22nd March 2014, 21:58

    Daniel is happy to get his hands on a Mercedes

  11. Christian! Christian! I’ve managed to borrow this for Malaysia, everything’s going to be ok!

  12. “Multi 31, get used to it…”

  13. This meter is regulated by the authorities too ?

  14. ficklesteak
    23rd March 2014, 1:12

    Hi. I’m Daniel Ricciardo. You may know me from last year’s Formula 1 season, and a good first grand prix in Melbourne. After the race, we went out and celebrated. We all had a few drinks and had a good time, and afterwards, it was time to go home. Even though I have a superlicense, I know when it’s time to leave the driving to someone else. So please everyone, let’s keep improving motor safety; don’t drink and drive. Take a cab!

  15. “Just bought the car that seb’s done the most miles in this year!”

  16. “I hope your fuel flow rate is upto FIA standards”

  17. It’ll do how much on the urban cycle?, you must be joking mate, I wouldn’t trust what the manufacturer says!

  18. Hey! Guys! Look at this V8 taxi. That’s how proper engines are built.

  19. My other car’s not legal.

  20. I’ve seen the way these guys drive, maybe I can pick up some tips !

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