Start, Buddh International Circuit, 2013

Indian GP hopes pinned on “next government”

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Start, Buddh International Circuit, 2013In the round-up: The organisers of the Indian Grand Prix are hoping a change in government helps them get their round of the world championship back.


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Indian Grand Prix: Organisers pin hope on next government (NDTV)

Jaypee Sports International CEO Sameer Gaur: “I will be meeting with Mr. Ecclestone in April and we will talk about all the issues which ensure F1 comes back to India. Having said that, a lot will also depend on the support of the next government at the centre.”

Special insight: What happens to F1 tyres under load (James Allen on F1)

“The key to it then, is to learn from this and to match the tyres’ full scale true loaded shapes to the virtual CFD tyre and wind-tunnel tyre shapes, otherwise a significant amount of CFD and wind-tunnel development runs will be wasted as they will not correlate to the real life conditions. And as F1 teams are now limited to only 30 hours a week for both, that’s a big problem.”

How F1 and champagne might help us solve global warming (The Guardian)

“Applying this technology to everyday motor vehicles could cut global oil consumption by 2% or more a year. ‘But this F1 experience has a deeper significance: it shows what clever people can do when motivated.'”

Headline news (The Buxton Blog)

“The hotel managers would have been well aware when taking the families in that their establishment was fully booked for grand prix week. If they failed to make Malaysia Airlines or the families aware of this then the root of this problem lies with them.”


Comment of the day

Not everyone wants to see F1 back at Long Beach:

As a fan of IndyCar goes to the Long Beach Race I hope F1 stays away and they keep it an IndyCar event.

Don’t get me wrong I love F1 but the IndyCars at Long Beach is a great event, You can get close to the teams, drivers and paddock area. The racing’s great and its affordable which makes it a great family day out. It also has a very relaxed atmosphere, Everyone is friendly and the support events like ALMS (now USCC), Indy Lights, The Toyota pro/celebrity race and other things going on make it a great event which as I’ve said is great to take the family to.

F1 would ruin Long beach, I don’t mean necessarily mean in terms of the circuit I mean the overall event. Its a lot more restrictive, A lot less friendly, The racing wouldn’t be as fun, It would be far more expensive and I doubt they would have the extra support events, Especially the sportscars which is always a great event.

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Sebastian Vettel won the Malaysian Grand Prix on this day last year, though not without a little controversy:

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