Which other racing series are you following this year?

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The Formula One season is up and running but there’s a who world of other motor racing action to enjoy during the year.

With major new international championships being launched, more manufacturers returning to racing, current F1 teams blooding new talent in junior categories and former F1 stars plying their trade in new series there’s almost too much racing action to take in during the year ahead.

F1 Fanatic Live will follow an increased number of selected championships this year and F1 Fanatic’s groups are getting new content and functionality for different racing categories ahead of the new season.

But what will you be watching? Have your say below.


Juan Pablo Montoya, Penske, Barber Motorsport Park, 2014Two former Indianapolis 500 winners and F1 stars return: Juan Pablo Montoya for a full season with Penske and Jacques Villeneuve just for the big race – where NASCAR’s Kurt Busch will also appear. The 18 races in three months now include three double points rounds and a race on the Indianapolis road course.

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World Endurance Championship

Porsche 919 Hybrid, Geneva Motor Show, 2014Porsche arrive to make it a three-way fight between their V4-engined 919, the Audi R18 e-tron quattro with its turbodiesel V6 and Toyota’s TS040 V8 – all bristling with cutting edge energy recovery technology. And there’s the added intrigue of how Mark Webber will enjoy his return to sports car racing.

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World Rally Championship

Andreas Mikkelsen, Volkswagen Polo, WRC, Mexico, 2014Three of the 13 events are already in the books and Sebastien Ogier is leading the way as expected, though team mate Jari-Matti Latvala has also started the season well. Hyundai have returned to join Citroen and Ford’s attempt to catch the flying Volkswagens.

Moto GP

Marc Marquez, Honda, Sepang, Moto GP, 2014A turbulent winter which included some very dubious rule making was finally left behind yesterday as the new season began in spectacular fashion. Jorge Lorenzo stole the lead on the first lap then threw it away, leaving Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi to a gripping duel for victory. Seventeen more races like that one, please.


Raffaele Marciello, Racing Engineering, GP2, Bahrain, 2014Ferrari, McLaren, Williams and Caterham all have junior drivers in the field in the shape of Raffaele Marciello, Stoffel Vandoorne, Felipe Nasr and Alexander Rossi respectively. Force India are also backing the Hilmer team as F1’s foremost feeder series has one of its bet line-ups for years.

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Formula Renault 3.5

Beitske Visser, Formula Renault 3.5, Motorland Aragon, 2014The uprated cars introduced two years ago, boasting more power plus a better implementation of DRS than F1, have helped make this a credible rival to GP2. For proof of that, look no further than reigning champion Kevin Magnussen who scored a podium on his F1 debut last week.

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Formula Three

Jordan King, Carlin, British Formula Three, Nurburgring, 2014Still a valuable and relevant stepping-stone on the path to Formula One despite the emergence of GP3 as a competitor. While the FIA-backed European series goes from strength to strength the British championship is rebuilding after being forced to cut back to just four rounds last year.


Daniil Kvyat, GP3, Yas Marina, 2013Three of the four GP3 champions are already in F1 and the fourth – 2012 victor Mitch Evans – is plugging away in GP2. Last year’s car upgrade has strengthened its place on the ladder to F1, and in a further boost this year every round will support a grand prix.

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Paul di Resta, Mercedes C-Class, DTMGreat cars and great drivers though the over-engineered racing (mandatory pit stops and DRS) too often fails to impress. The class of the field shines through, however, with young talent like Antonio Felix da Costa, Daniel Juncadella and Edoardo Mortara up against ex-F1 racers such as Paul di Resta and Timo Glock.


2014 BTCC fieldA humongous 31-car field should ensure the British Touring Car Championship remains a crowd-pleaser. The welcome return of international talent to the series in the shape of Fabrizio Giovanardi and Alain Menu means there will be no fewer than seven champions on the grid.

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Citroen C-Elysee, WTCC, 2014The manufacturer contest will be between Honda and Citroen in cars built to new rules which should make for more exciting cars whether or not they’re moving. All eyes will be on multiple WRC champion Sebastien Loeb following his latest change of codes.

Australian V8 Supercars

Jamie Whincup, Holden, Melbourne, Australian V8 Supercars, 2014The new V8 Supercars championship got off to a thrilling start in Adelaide with new arrivals Volvo proving competitive right from the first round. The non-points F1 support races in Melbourne gave further indication that this year’s series won’t fail to excite.


Brad Keselowski, Denny Hamlin, Bristol, NASCAR, 2014Five races down, thirty-one still to go in NASCAR’s dauntingly long calendar. To keep the championship alive until the final rounds the organisers have introduced a complicated new points system. But finding tyres that could go the distance was more of a problem in yesterday’s race.

Formula E

Virgin Formula E car liveryA fascinating new addition the the international motor racing scene pits all-electric cars against each other on city-centre race tracks. But will it sustain interest once the novelty has worn off, and are they really serious about their naff ‘fanboost’ idea? All we be revealed in September.

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World Rallycross Championship

Jacques Villeneuve, Albatec Peugeot 208, Lydden Hill, 2014Another new championship featuring explosively powerful cars racing on short, mixed-surface tracks in a series of heats. Top names including Jacques Villeneuve and Petter Solberg are already slated to feature in the inaugural 12-round series. Look out for a dedicated F1 Fanatic group soon.

Acceleration FA1

Acceleration FA1The new racing series just keep coming but the cars and premise of this one are familiar. The original generation A1 Grand Prix cars – which first saw action in 2005 – will be back for more nation-vs-nation action in a new ten-round European championship.

Over to you

Are you following any of these championships besides F1? What races do you always attend each year? And what about other series like Auto GP and Japan’s Super Formula?

Cast your votes below and tell us about your motor racing tastes beyond F1 in the comments.

Which other racing series are you following this year?

  • IndyCar (38%)
  • World Endurance Championship (47%)
  • World Rally Championship (29%)
  • Moto GP (45%)
  • GP2 (38%)
  • Formula Renault 3.5 (20%)
  • Formula Three (9%)
  • GP3 (22%)
  • DTM (22%)
  • BTCC (23%)
  • WTCC (16%)
  • Australian V8 Supercars (21%)
  • NASCAR (14%)
  • Formula E (40%)
  • World Rallycross Championship (7%)
  • Acceleration FA1 (3%)
  • Other (Describe below) (8%)
  • None (6%)

Total Voters: 440

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Images © IndyCar/Chris Owens, Porsche, Volkswagen/McKlien, Red Bull/GEPA, GP2/LAT, Renault/Charlez, Mercedes, BTCC, British F3/Ebrey, GP3/LAT, Citroen, NASCAR/Getty, Gary Hawkins, Acceleration FA1

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126 comments on Which other racing series are you following this year?

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  1. Journeyer (@journeyer) said on 24th March 2014, 12:56

    It says I can only choose one? Can I have multiple choices? :)

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 24th March 2014, 13:53

      Sorry about that – have put a new poll up as the original one wasn’t working properly.

      • Kyle Fleet (@watchkyle) said on 24th March 2014, 16:36

        I only watch F1 at the moment and i get enough slack from the girlfriend for that! I feel for those of you who watch every season :’)

        • David said on 24th March 2014, 19:06

          Slack is a good thing. Do you mean Flack?
          My wife cuts me some slack so I can watch F1. <—Good Thing
          My wife gives me flack about watching F1. <— Annoying

          • zippyone (@zippyone) said on 24th March 2014, 21:52

            Haha, for me its the other way round, my boyfriend gives me loads of flack for watching F1 but I was watching it way, way, way before he came along, so tough!

            I dont really watch other motorsport but if I did I wouldn’t hear the end of it.

          • @zippyone

            Me and my gf wouldn’t get into fights if she was as supportive as you . She cried last year when I snuck out of bed to go watch silverstone at 6:00AM in morning .

        • Shimks (@shimks) said on 24th March 2014, 23:36

          In this day and age it’s all about compromise. So get rid of the girlfriend.

        • JCost (@jcost) said on 26th March 2014, 13:20

          Your GF is very demanding. You will will not spend a whole day in front of a TV, will you?

  2. BasCB (@bascb) said on 24th March 2014, 12:57

    It seems to allow me only 1 choice for other racing series to follow @keithcollantine, is that as intended?

  3. the_sigman (@sigman1998) said on 24th March 2014, 13:00

    Well, pretty much eveything, only not Rallycross, and FA1. Let’s hope this year is the best in motorsport!

  4. Osvaldas31 (@osvaldas31) said on 24th March 2014, 13:02

    Moto GP is definetely on my agenda. I was watching yesterday’s race and it proved to be a real thriller without silly artificial gimmics.

    • BlueChris (@bluechris) said on 24th March 2014, 13:48

      You know that MotoGP is full of Electronics? Antispin, Wheelie Control etc…. this is way in there also a kid like in F1 now who is good ok but jumps from 250 to MotoGP and rides fine full limit right away…

      • beneboy (@beneboy) said on 24th March 2014, 14:27

        Moto2 have been using 600cc Honda engines since 2010, Marc didn’t start racing in Moto2 till 2011. Marc isn’t the first rider to win the MotoGP championship in his rookie year, Kenny Roberts did it in 1978 and many other riders have been able to ride at the limits from their first race in the championship.

      • Grammo (@grammo) said on 24th March 2014, 16:32

        Chris did you watch the race on Sunday?
        Marc Marquez has an incredible talent. He was riding with a half broken leg in a race where a lot of the big names crashed out due to a slippery track and new tire construction. He could have ended his season at the first race of the year. Instead it was heart in your watching him throw the bike sideways into corners. It was a great race, all the way to the line.
        To me the racing in MotoGP is far more pure than the situation in F1. Sorry to those that disagree but I think politics, money and Bernie have created to many external pressures

      • Velocityboy (@velocityboy) said on 24th March 2014, 18:10

        So what you’re saying is MotoGP was able to introduce technology without negatively impacting the racing. Anytime I want to see real racing I watch MotoGP as F1 has lost the plot and processional races are the norm and not the exception.

    • SeanG (@seang) said on 24th March 2014, 15:41

      MotoGP is what F1 should be. And I’m not talking about the silly engine noise nonsense. I’m talking about excellent action, dramatic races, and modern viewing options.

      The VideoPass with multiscreen viewing is truly outstanding.

      Instead, we have Bernie nickel-and-diming everyone to death so he can get his decrepit fingers on more money.

      • Grammo (@grammo) said on 24th March 2014, 16:40

        Sean, good point about the viewing options
        If I could pay to watch F1 I would but where I’m living I can’t. Well I could but then I have to listen to 2 idiots squeal like school girls in a language I don’t understand. So I watch it illegally.
        MotoGP I stream, I’m happy to pay and support it.

  5. MemorableC (@memorablec) said on 24th March 2014, 13:04


    • Chalky (@chalky) said on 25th March 2014, 9:28

      Indeed, am I’m surprised it’s not on the list of choices. The Tudor United Sportscar Championship is a fantastic series.
      The amalgamation of the ALMS and Grand AM Rolex Sportcar Series makes a great spectacle.
      I find it odd that they didn’t keep the four colour code of red \ blue \ green and yellow for each class in the timing banner. Everytime I watch it’s just red and blue. But it’s now 2 red and 2 blue in the timing banner with one for prototypes and one for GT. Personally I find that not as easy to follow when viewing.

  6. Steph (@stephanief1990) said on 24th March 2014, 13:05

    The poll says only 1 choice allowed.

    I follow Moto GP and the WRC when I can. I prefer the personalities of Moto GP to F1 and I like the laid back feel to the WRC. I’ll be following the Rallycross though this year as it sounds pretty exciting. I used to follow loads of the other series such as GP2, GP3 and Formula Renault but gradually lost interest which probably reflects my dwindling interest in F1. Formula E looks pretty good though.

  7. jonners99 (@jonners99) said on 24th March 2014, 13:06

    BTCC is looking great with its 7 former champions on the grid

  8. dutch in sweden (@dutch-in-sweden) said on 24th March 2014, 13:16

    Only 1 choise? I could have picked 14 on that list. Moto GP I could give a miss.

  9. TMF (@tmf42) said on 24th March 2014, 13:20

    I chose WEC since only 1 choice was allowed but I’d say I’m also gonna follow the WRC and Formula E and Moto GP. I’d be interested to follow more like Indy, Nascar WRC etc. But where I live it’s quite hard to get affordable access to broadcasts and internet streaming is just a pain in the neck.

  10. Fabiana (@fabik) said on 24th March 2014, 13:20

    Since I could only choose one (although I’m following several), I chose others just to say that I’m following StockCar as well.

  11. Euh… I picked up 7, but I’m only allowed to take 1, so I didn’t vote.

    Here’s my list: IndyCar, GP2, FR3.5, F3, GP3, NASCAR, FE (watching most races), I’ll check the results for the other series too.

  12. Delta Golf Sierra (@cumulonimbus) said on 24th March 2014, 13:21

    Tudor United SportsCar and Pirelli World Challenge.

  13. MagillaGorilla (@magillagorilla) said on 24th March 2014, 13:30

    I am following the usual with F1 which are NASCAR and WEC/ Le Mans, Aussie V8s along with Indy. This year I decided to follow WTCC more and probably vaguely follow the F1 feeder series, plan to follow Moto GP like I usually do, WRC I am following slightly and that’s about it. Main focus is F1, NASCAR, WEC and Aussie V8s.

    I was following TUSCC but after two races at historic tracks salted with bad steward calls (Daytona avoidable contact when no contact was made, Sebring GT-D car getting punished for a GT-LM thus hurting their race). Full course cautions that don’t need to happen, gimmick cautions to manufacture close races. Thus I have decided to quite watching these races, and though I’m a die hard corvette racing fan, I just rather not watch fake race. It’s bad enough many of the series I follow at one time or another have almost gone down the path, but it’s different from living in it as TUSCC seems content to do. It is new yes, but new doesn’t mean it needs to be horrid and fake as well.

  14. 1992 Peugeot Talbot Sport (@peugeot-905-92-93-le-mans-winner) said on 24th March 2014, 13:31

    WEC and DTM

  15. JPedroCQF1 (@joao-pedro-cq) said on 24th March 2014, 13:33

    I will follow every racing series there, but as it only permitted one choice, I chose DTM. It will be my next main series this year as Antonio Felix da Costa is in there with BMW and how this season goes in terms of results and performance might dictate his future in the Red Bull programme. Let’s hope it all goes well, we all have high hopes for him this year here in Portugal.

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