Kevin Magnussen, McLaren, Sepang International Circuit, 2014

Engines “louder than we thought” – Ecclestone

2014 Malaysian Grand PrixPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Kevin Magnussen, McLaren, Sepang International Circuit, 2014Bernie Ecclestone has revised his opinion of the new 2014 engines after hearing them in action for the first time during practice for the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Ecclestone, who was not in Australia for the first race of the season two weeks ago, said he was “horrified” by the quieter engines, adding: “these cars don’t sound like racing cars”.

However during today’s practice session at the Sepang International Circuit Ecclestone told Sky: “People said you couldn’t hear anything – it’s not true.”

“I think it’s a little louder than we thought,” he added. “So if we can just get it up a little bit more than that – I wish I could get it up, but anyway – then it will be alright, you know?”

But Ecclestone repeated his claim that race promoters, such as Singapore Grand Prix backer Ong Beng Seng who joined him at the track today, would use the reduced noise of the engine to pressure him for a reduction in feeds.

“All the promoters are complaining,” said Ecclestone. “They’re all saying the same. We’ll have to see a bit what’s going to happen.”

2014 Malaysian Grand Prix

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