Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Sepang International Circuit, 2014

Vettel and Button at odds over engine noise

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Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Sepang International Circuit, 2014In the round-up: Sebastian Vettel and Jenson Button have differing views on the changed sound of Formula One in 2014:


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Sebastian Vettel sounds off about quieter F1 engine noise (The Guardian)

“It is shit. I was on the pitwall during the race, and it is quieter than in a bar! I think for the fans it is not good. I think F1 has to be spectacular – and the sound is one of the most important things.”

Button dismisses criticism of F1 (Autosport)

“‘Go and race something else if you are not happy,’ said Button in the wake of strong criticism from Sebastian Vettel on the noise of the new engines.”

Mercedes director Paddy Lowe tells F1 fans to get used to the sound of silent engines (The Mirror)

“People will become used to it and like it – it will be the new sound of Formula One.”

McLaren confident of more podium places in Malaysia (Reuters)

Button: “This is a high-speed circuit compared to Melbourne. That’s an area where we’re not at our strongest so that does hurt us a little bit.”

Sebastian Vettel: Ricciardo disqualification affair is “bad for the sport” (James Allen on F1)

“We need to see where the appeal goes, but if you look at the sport itself it’s always bad when these kinds of things happen.”

Sergio Perez Q&A: No repeats of Melbourne qualifying (F1)

“There were some irritations. And there were issues with the radio, which nowadays almost comes close to a death sentence.”

Alonso still has faith in team (Sky)

“If we approach this weekend thinking we will win the race like we did in 2012 this would certainly be optimistic – but why not, this is Formula One, but I think what we say in 2012 we will see one time in life.”

MH370 Disaster may ‘distract’ fans from Buying Tickets says Malaysian GP Organisers (Isportconnect)

“The organisers of the Malaysian GP are targeting 90,000 tickets for Sundays race but they have sold just over 60% so far.”

Red Bull’s fuel flow appeal (MotorSport)

“What if that fuel flow limit were abolished but the requirement of using no more than 100kg in the race retained? Potentially it would allow you to run maps that could take full advantage of the 15,000rpm limit in qualifying, with appropriately mega boost. We would probably be looking at genuinely 1000bhp combined engine/ERS in qualifying.”

F1 noise row: The reasons why sound is so important in sport (Metro)

Professor David Hendy: “During some of the swimming events at [the] London 2012 [Olympic Games], many of the competitors walked into the arena with personal stereos and earphones on. They used music to become focused, to cut out the sound of everyone else around them. Some people in the crowd reacted badly to this, complaining that these competitors were being rude, ignoring them. The swimmers had made the error of thinking the event was for them, instead of for the crowd.”

Malaysian Grand Prix Betting: Technical Issues Threaten Mercedes (Unibet)

My Malaysian Grand Prix preview for Unibet.



Toyota TS040 Hybrid, 2014

Toyota say the TS040 Hybrid, their LMP1 World Endurance Championship contender revealed yesterday, will have up to 1,000PS (984bhp). More pictures and video of it here:

Comment of the day

@Swindle94 hopes Lotus’s loss of form is temporary.

I really hope Lotus can become competitive this season for Grosjean’s sake. He’s had his ups and downs, but he proved what he can do during the second half of last season.

I just want to see him be able to show his raw pace some time this year, because watching Grosjean on the the limit is a joy.

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On this day in F1

Tony Brise was born on this day in 1952.

Brise looked set for a bright future in F1 when Graham Hill took his under his wing at his own team. Brise showed a good turn of speed and claime a point at the Swedish Grand Prix in 1975.

Tragically, he and his mentor were killed along with four other members of the team in November that year when Hill’s plane went down.

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97 comments on “Vettel and Button at odds over engine noise”

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  1. I thought that interview with Perez shows quite a mature race driver, read like he did indeed learn quite a lot from his time at McLaren (with a snipe about a smaller, leaner team being quicker to adapt too). Hope he does indeed gets his car closer to his team mate this time, will be good to be able to compare them more directly.

  2. “Go and race something else”?? Is that Jenson just being immature or is it Jenson trying (yet again) to suck up to FIA? It’s not like Seb invented the idea of “these engines don’t sound exiting at all”, they really don’t and this is a legitimate concern. The drama of a car charging past the podium on the straight is simply gone. Maybe this is how it is has to be in the future but that doesn’t change it from a legitimate concern. To state anything else is just not serious.

    1. Just as you have your opinion, why are the only options for JB’s opinion that he must be either immature, or sucking up?

      Sure the sound is obviously a legitimate concern…to some. But only to some. Your opinion is the drama is gone. Not everyone agrees with you.

      The horse has left the barn. F1 has made it’s decision, the process toward this format started 2 or 3 years ago, and this is now the product, so based on F1’s conscious effort toward this direction the viewership will be what it will be. If for some the new sound is not acceptable they will stop watching. I’d bet my house they aren’t about to go backwards to V-8’s, 10’s, or 12’s.

  3. I’m fairly sure that Seb Vettel would like the engine noise more if he could hear it for more than a handful of laps at a time.

  4. Seb did go even further in more recent comments, he said he’d rather have V12 engines and no batteries, because batteries are for cell phones :P

    1. And you know what i remember interview Button did a few years back, he said he would choose V12 engines if he could for F1.

      Just LOL @ Button.

      He is having a cheap shot at Vettel.

      When you are 4X WC than obviously you are a target.

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