Wet weather tyre, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal, 2013

Drivers critical of Pirelli wet tyre performance

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Wet weather tyre, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal, 2013In the round-up: Adrian Sutil and Felipe Massa have raised questions about the performance of Pirelli’s two wet weather tyre compounds after suffering from lack of grip in yesterday’s qualifying session.


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Adrian Sutil seeks Formula 1 wet tyre improvements (Autosport)

Sutil: “They’ve made the tyres harder, they’ve got rid of the downforce and now we have no grip. And in the rain you have no grip anyway and a bad rain tyre. It’s all over the place. It’s not only us, you can see the on-board [videos] of other cars; it’s like rally driving.”

Lewis Hamilton proud to match Jim Clark pole record (BBCF1)

Hamilton: “Very, very proud to be representing the UK and to be among the names like Nigel Mansell, James Hunt and Jim Clark. It’s a real honour. When they mentioned it, I couldn’t believe it. I’d never have dreamed I would have the amount of poles I have.”

Raikkonen surprised by struggles in the wet (ESPN)

Raikkonen: “It was my first time on full wets in this car for me and it seemed to be very tricky for some reason. We have to see what the reason is but the feeling was very poor and very difficult from the handling point of view. So I’m pretty surprised we ended up where we are.”

Despite a difficult qualifying session Jenson Button insists McLaren are improving (Sky F1)

Button: “In the wet, you can’t get the tyres in the working range, because you can’t get the tyres warm enough because you’re going too slow. I don’t think we were as competitive as we were at the first race but I think that’s just circuit-dependent.”

Exclusive Helmut Marko Q&A: Red Bull has best car on the grid (F1.com)

Marko: “If you take only the chassis, we are absolutely at the top. The ‘sick’ part is still the engine, the powertrain. Take for example the situation in FP2 yesterday; we still ran the mapping from Melbourne because the next development step is not working in the way that using it would be an advantage.”

Kevin Magnussen Q&A: McLaren ready for anything (F1.com)

Magnussen: “Mixed conditions wouldn’t actually be too bad, as I feel that the car is quite good in these conditions. The car is behaving pretty well, so let’s see what we can do. Maybe we can still find some unlocked potential.”

The Endorsement: Why F1 Racing Rules (Esquire)

“It may have been because I was very drunk on G.H. Mumm, but when Fernando Alonso’s Ferrari came screaming around the bend and my one-year-old daughter’s head almost exploded, I fell deeply in love with Formula 1.”


Comment of the day

As Red Bull continue to protest their innocence in the wake of Ricciardo’s Melbourne disqualification, @bullmello sees an issue that goes beyond simply fuel in a tank…

The bigger picture that Red Bull seem to be challenging is whether or not FIA directives are authoritative. Weren’t the 2013 tire issues partly solved by FIA directives on degree of allowable camber and tire side swapping? Are teams required to follow FIA directives or are they allowed to just run their own program? What would have happened to Red Bull last season if they had violated the tire directives and not passed scrutineering after a race? Would they have successfully claimed that the directives were not regulations?

To me, that is a much more important issue going forward than the fuel flow sensors themselves. Red Bull and any other team certainly has the right to protest or question any FIA regulation or directive. The more teams that band together over any issue, the more likely the FIA will listen.

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Carlos Reutemann won the South African Grand Prix 40 years ago today – the first victory for Brabham since Bernie Ecclestone had taken over the team. Jean-Pierre Belotise was a distant second for BRM ahead of Mike Hailwood’s McLaren.

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