Magnussen and Bianchi receive penalty points

2014 Malaysian Grand Prix

Kevin Magnussen, McLaren, Sepang International Circuit, 2014Kevin Magnussen and Jules Bianchi have had penalty points added to their licenses for infractions during the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Each driver was give two points, their first of the season, for the incidents they were involved in.

Bianchi was held responsible for the collision at turn four on the first lap for which he also received a five second time penalty during the race.

However Bianchi insisted he was not to blame: “The situation with Maldonado was a consequence of what happened off the start, when Vergne hit me from behind and punctured my left rear tyre.”

“Quite simply I could not avoid Maldonado – there was nothing I could do.”

Magnussen got the same treatment from the stewards after making contact with Kimi Raikkonen at turn one, leaving the Ferrari with a puncture.

However Magnussen took the blame for his penalty: “I’m sorry for the team that I messed things up going into the second corner, with the incident with Kimi.”

“I think we could have scored some good points today, so I’m disappointed with and for myself, too.”

2014 Malaysian Grand Prix

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Image © McLaren/LAT

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48 comments on Magnussen and Bianchi receive penalty points

  1. Magnificent Geoffrey (@magnificent-geoffrey) said on 30th March 2014, 12:21

    Do the Stewards earn a commission on how many points they hand out or something?

    Really think Magnussen has been hard done by here. From the onboard footage, you could see Kevin running out onto the kerb trying to avoid the contact. It was as much a racing incident as Kvyat/Alonso was yesterday, in my opinion.

    • Sam (@) said on 30th March 2014, 12:23

      @magnificent-geoffrey The term ‘racing incident’ has been destroyed together with the mighty sound of the V8s it seems.

    • Hamilfan (@hamilfan) said on 30th March 2014, 12:26

      Agreed . Too harsh for both especially Magnussen .

    • Mark Hitchcock (@mark-hitchcock) said on 30th March 2014, 12:56

      @magnificent-geoffrey They have a new toy and they’re going to play with it as much as possible.

      Even if Mag’s incident was deemed serious enough to deserve an in race penalty (it did ruin Kimi’s race), surely points on a driver’s license should be reserved for dangerous and reckless driving, or deliberate flouting of the rules. Not a marginal racing incident.

    • BasCB (@bascb) said on 30th March 2014, 13:14

      I fully agree with that @magnificent-geoffrey, seems the Stewards were all too happy to use the new toy here. After finally getting to see what happened with Bianchi (he got a cut tyre from Vergne’s FW), I find it hard to see good justification for either K-MAG or Bianchi getting one.

      With hindsight, its almost surprising they didn’t hand Kvyat a penalty yesterday!

    • Iestyn Davies (@fastiesty) said on 30th March 2014, 13:18

      Looks like it’s 5 incidents and sit one out… the reserve drivers better get ready before the end of the year! I’m sure we’ll see one in the next year or so driving in a race..

    • Strontium (@strontium) said on 30th March 2014, 17:18

      He went into the back of Kimi. How was it a racing incident? It should have been a drive through penalty

    • TMF (@tmf42) said on 30th March 2014, 19:43

      I thought they will use the 5s penalty as a DT light but instead it seems they are going to enforce things which wouldn’t have resulted in a reprimand last year.
      what I’ve seen so far in 2014, destroyed already all the excitement I had build up for this season.

  2. Sam (@) said on 30th March 2014, 12:22

    I cannot keep up with all the penalties given in the first two races. There have already been to many I’d say. Maybe the stewards should add a few more grid spot penalties to Mercedes for making the best car and destroying the spectacle too?

    • BasCB (@bascb) said on 30th March 2014, 13:15

      Is that comment from before or after seeing what Ricciardo got after the race and seeing RBR itself being investigated for one team member not wearing a helmet @ardenflo?

      • Sam (@) said on 30th March 2014, 13:17

        After, I think. I don’t mind what teams gets the penalties. It’s just crazy to see for what people are getting penalised. Especially Magnussen in this case.

    • Iestyn Davies (@fastiesty) said on 30th March 2014, 13:18

      What I don’t understand is how it seems to be a ‘double whammy’, i.e. Red card and penalty in Football.

      • Patrickl (@patrickl) said on 30th March 2014, 13:59

        It’s to force the teams to focus on safety as well rather than just speed during pitstops.

        Because wheels coming off is one of the most dangerous things in F1. All the wheel safety features don’t work when the wheel nut isn’t on properly.

        Their procedures need to be absolutely airtight on not sending out a car when it’s not ready. Even if it might cost them a tenth extra.

        Although the debatable point here might be that he didn’t actually leave the pitlane. i was surprised they were allowed to push the car back even. Unlike Mansell’s car when it lost a wheel.

  3. DaveF1 (@davef1) said on 30th March 2014, 12:22

    Correct me if I’m wrong here as I only saw the replay once but wasn’t Bianchi pushed into Maldonado. If so, the penalty seems a bit harsh.

  4. Hamilfan (@hamilfan) said on 30th March 2014, 12:25

    I would quote Fernando Alonso here ” Guys , this is ridiculous “

  5. Ivan B (@njoydesign) said on 30th March 2014, 12:27

    Very unfair on Bianchi. Do they have any way of protesting the decision?

  6. I thought the initial penalties for both were harsh, this is just mad. Coupled with the unfair penalty for Ricciardo given he was already penalised for the incident, you can’t help but feel the Malaysian stewards are trying to just make some sort of point.

  7. ElBasque (@elbasque) said on 30th March 2014, 12:32

    I’m pretty sure someone made contact with Bianchi in the braking zone before his collision. But i guess Donnellly et al took that into consideration.

  8. Bullfrog (@bullfrog) said on 30th March 2014, 12:34

    This weekend’s been like a football match spoiled by a crazy ref sending lots of players off.

  9. GeeMac (@geemac) said on 30th March 2014, 12:34

    Both of these are incredibly harsh. I’ve watched the onboard of the Magnussen/Raikkonen incident and I don’t think Magnussen is to blame, it was a racing incident and there was barely any contact. As for Bianchi, I think there may have been contact with Vergne, but it wasn’t as clear.

    The simple fact is that both of these incidents were pure racing incidents worthy of nothing more than a reprimand at best. If the stewards are going to start handing out penalty points for every racing incidents then more than a few reserve drivers will be forced into action this season.

    • danieru said on 30th March 2014, 21:28

      Spot on – the stewards are acting as though they have some pathetic need to justify their new powers. Any kind of racing incident seems to necessitate being investigated and some blame assigned.

      Penalties should be handed out for reckless and unsporting driving – not because two guys tangled into one another or may have been “put off” (as opposed to being blocked) by running behind someone in qualifying.

      I can’t help but think the penalties are also being handed out to “mix up” the race order a bit and create just a little bit more fake racing amongst the DRS overtakes and comedy tyres.

  10. iAltair (@ialtair) said on 30th March 2014, 12:38

    Welcome to Formula Penalty.

  11. Ive kept optimism through rule changes, double points, fuel regulations, and any other nonsense but now im down right disgusted. I honestly thought I would never have this feeling of utter hopelessness for this sport but the seemingly need to hand out.penalties and overlook genuine racing incidents has shattered my hope and enthusiasm.

  12. sato113 (@sato113) said on 30th March 2014, 12:40

    but he already got a penalty in the race? why the need for penalty points?

  13. Alan Wilson said on 30th March 2014, 12:45

    So we’re was alonso’s 2 penalty points for running into dannil kvyat during qualifying. Sounds like one rule for one and one rule for Ferrari

  14. William (@william) said on 30th March 2014, 12:49

    if a driver does get 12 penalty points does that mean he has to sit out for the rest of the season or just one race

  15. Osvaldas31 (@osvaldas31) said on 30th March 2014, 12:53

    Looks like Maldonado is getting some revenge for those collisions, in which he eliminated all those drivers. lol

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