Start, Sepang International Circuit, 2014

Rate the race: 2014 Malaysian Grand Prix

2014 Malaysian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Start, Sepang International Circuit, 2014What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Malaysian Grand Prix.

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2014 Malaysian Grand Prix

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285 comments on “Rate the race: 2014 Malaysian Grand Prix”

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  1. 6/10. It was an okay race, but didn’t thrill.
    Ironically, they just re-showed the opening by Eddie Jordan, talking about “rain and clashes!” Not this race, not much.

  2. Race is okay but the problem is mercs way in front in every area at the moment whilst their is a good battle between who is second best car between about 5 teams. Fuel saving and cruising through the race is still an issue. I see Ricciardo has inherited Webber’s car with the same issues and bad luck.

  3. Rated 4.

    If the race-highlights are a battle including a Caterham on worn tyres, a team-radio-message and a 2-corner-short battle between drivers who also had very differently aged tyres and an (at that point) 1.5 to 2 seconds faster car for the overtaking driver, that says it all, i guess.

    That said, in Massa´s position I might have just immediatly stopped the car and rage-quitted the job when hearing that message. It´s not like he needs the money anymore, i guess.

  4. I thought this race was an 8, but I appear to be in the minority, so I’ll explain my reasoning.
    -A good start, with Vettel giving Rosberg just enough room, then nearly losing out to Ricciardo and Alonso.
    -FOM giving the fans a graphic that they definitely needed in the fuel usage graphic. Definitely helped in painting the picture of the race and hinting at the season.
    -Ricciardo again showing he’s a great choice, only being let down by the team.
    -Bottas, Raikkonen, Kobayashi, Grosjean etc all fighting their way through the field. Great battles at the end of the race between Raikkonen/Grosjean and Massa/Bottas.

    So I really enjoyed that race. I’m not too sure which race the complainers were watching…

    1. im with you buddy, i thought it was pretty good

    2. Mr win or lose
      30th March 2014, 16:02

      I like the fuel usage percentage too.
      The race had some interesting parts, but all in all it was a little dull. The Red Bulls seemed to be happy to be able to follow Rosberg’s Mercedes, but he never was in real danger of losing his second place, which was disappointing.

    3. Glad to see I am not the only one who had a thoroughly good time watching @keeleyobsessed!

  5. Gave it a 7

    You need more than talent to win a race now. The new formula is fantastic. So much more to take in during a race.

  6. I rated 6 . Not too much wheel to wheel action other than in the pits. Would have loved to see Alonso challenge the Bulls . Sadly his car is not fast enough .

  7. Regular race. In the competition level, well, it was boring. But, considering the new tecs, regs, etc, i’ll have to give it a 6, which is still very low for F1 fans standards. Let’s hope things to get better in Bahrain.
    Mercedes still very fast. But I have to say, at some point I felt sick of listening Ham promoting Primax (during pre-race, in the simulator program) and Nico promoting Petronas in the podium (during interview session)! Arghhh…
    RBR was surprisingly competitive for the podium places. Ricciardo IMO is proving that is going to be an excellent driver, tough he hasn’t grab any points yet.
    As for Ferrari, something is wrong with the F14t. They need to push more if they want to be in the top level this year.
    As for Williams, felt sorry for Massa. He – like no other pilot – doesn’t deserve to be “instructed”. F1 is for “victory eager’s egos”, not for whining spirits.
    Congrats for Hulk. Great race. Congrats for Grosjean. Who have thought? And a word for Catherham and Marussia. Good job nonetheless. They are improving. Or the rest of the teams are getting worse.

  8. 6/10 Overall a pretty bland race, in my opinion. The threat of rain made the teams a bit passive, meaning that there was little strategic variance (Force India and Caterham were the only ones willing to do something different). DRS was way too strong, resulting in rather dull overtakes. Grosjean at one point passed Ericsson(?) on the back straight, but was re-passed on the main straight. One lap later, he learned and stayed behind on the back straight, and passed on the main straight.

    This was the first race in which I used pen and paper to make notes, because with the current live timing and FOM graphics I can’t follow the race at all. I think I will just keep doing that until they fix the live timing.

    On a positive note, I liked the fuel stats during the race, but unfortunately they dropped it in the second half of the race.

  9. 5

    Good in the initial and final stages but 30 laps of nothing just killed this one for me.

  10. Gave it a 3. Boring race, last week, or even las month anywone could predict the winners…

  11. @lari
    Hulkenberg didn’t exactly gain any position either though.
    Ricciardo’s race was pretty much ruined and had Raikkonen didn’t make contact with Magnussen, I doubt Hulkenberg would have ended up in fifth that comfortably.

    1. Huh. That wasn’t supposed to be here.

      Anyway, I don’t know if this was because I was up very late talking with a lady friend but I nearly dozed off during the middle part of the race there.
      And it was only 5 p.m. where I watched the race from.
      So, a solid 4 then.

  12. 5/10

    Dull race. The Rosberg/Vettel and Ricciardo/Alonso battles didn’t materialize in the end which meant there was basically no action in the top 6 positions. The Massa/Bottas battle was fun but was ruined by team orders on both occasions. Kimi didn’t really fight to the field as much as I hoped and the gap between Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari/Force India is too large that if the next race is dry it’s not difficult to guess who the top 6 will be.

  13. SennaNmbr1 (@)
    30th March 2014, 11:49

    Dull race. But at least it showed two things. Mercedes still has a fair advantage and Nico Hulkenberg is perhaps the best driver on the grid.

  14. What do you people want? OK, Hamilton cleared off (and he annoys me more than most), but the action behind him was great.

    Some of the things I really liked:
    Ricciardo made an average start but brilliant positioning allowed him to take Vettel and threaten Rosberg around the first few bends.
    Vettel catching Rosberg and may even have had a shot at him if it wasn’t for the yellow flag at the hairpin.
    Massa and Bottas race-long struggles to get past first one McLaren and then the next – and most of all each other.
    Cars twitching everywhere out of the corners and the drivers really struggling with them. Magnificent.
    Hulkenberg’s brave tyre strategy.
    Alonso’s brilliant racecraft (but this is normal, I suppose).
    Kvyat continued to impress.
    The suspense of Grosjean’s battle with Raikkonen: would Kimi get past? Would Romain even get to the finish line?
    And Kobayashi’s brilliant 13th place :)

    Some of the things I didn’t much like:
    The coverage showing someone (Button?) driving into the entrance of pit lane when Vettel / Ricciardo / Alonso were all battling for position at the other end of the straight.
    The instruction to Ricciardo to change the engine mapping when he was getting too close to Vettel – for the sake of energy harvesting, of course.
    The fuel usage displays – I would prefer this to be kept a secret from the teams so they always have to worry about a surprise from one of the others. Doesn’t really add anything to the coverage for fans except to remind the malcontents that some drivers “might” be conserving fuel. (There was far less this year than last.)

    But the thing which really gets my goat:
    Live timing on – this is going very close to ruining the coverage for me. Live sector timing tells all you need to know about how the cars are performing: you can always tell who is catching who and by how much right through the field right through the race. Without this I have to rely on the television coverage and, frankly, just showing one or two cars on a TV screen is not nearly enough. Formula 1 is really doing the fans a massive disservice with this.

    1. SennaNmbr1 (@)
      30th March 2014, 12:05

      Personally, I would prefer the cars to start with enough fuel to finish the race without having to save fuel. And get rid of the blue flag rule. Do that and F1 will be perfect for me :)

    2. Live timing on – this is going very close to ruining the coverage for me. Live sector timing tells all you need to know about how the cars are performing: you can always tell who is catching who and by how much right through the field right through the race. Without this I have to rely on the television coverage and, frankly, just showing one or two cars on a TV screen is not nearly enough. Formula 1 is really doing the fans a massive disservice with this.

      @sennanmbr1 Couldn’t agree more: as I wrote above, I’m now taking notes during the race just to be able to get an overview. The live timing is a complete joke.

  15. An average and somewhat eventless race. I gave it a 6. There where a few good overtakings from among others Alonso and Magnussen. Being a McLaren fan the race was also a fairly average race to watch.

  16. That penalty to Magnussen was a travesty.

    Great interview by Ricciardo. Starting to really like him.

  17. I have watched every race since 1997 and I very much doubt I’ll be watching the next race.


    Your typical F1 fan

  18. 7. Better than last year’s average, though the worst Tilkedromes are still ahead of us.

  19. Enjoyable race in my opinion. Many battles, although at times a bit dull. No overdose of tire or fuel saving, and no too-easy DRS overtakes. 8/10.

    1. I also gave an 8/10 as I really enjoyed this race, seemed exciting to me and I was interested throughout.

      After watching F1 for around 20 years, last year my passion was fading a bit, I now cannot wait for the next race.

      I am really liking watching the drivers having to


      the cars as opposed to the cars looking like they are on rails.

  20. 8/10
    Lot’s of battles in front, midfield and between teammates….

    1. Where? I’m sorry n to watched by you’re TV

      1. @hipn0tic
        So your TV didn’t show you the Rosberg/Vettel fight for 2nd.

        1. So you’re “lot’s of battles..” was that? Ok…my mistake

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