Start, Sepang International Circuit, 2014

Rate the race: 2014 Malaysian Grand Prix

2014 Malaysian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Start, Sepang International Circuit, 2014What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Malaysian Grand Prix.

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2014 Malaysian Grand Prix

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285 comments on “Rate the race: 2014 Malaysian Grand Prix”

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  1. Gave it a 7, mainly because it is the first circuit race, more representive of F1, showing that there is a slightly differant level of technology, skill and attitude this year. Mercedes came through perfectly, RBR showed much better promise, albeit with some tardy luck and a tantrum or 2. ferrari showed improvement, Williams were wonderful, McLaren, well, the drivers do the best they can with what they have got. Nice one Jenson. Caterham were up and down, SFI good 10points, could have been more. All in all an interesting race. Those who thought it boring must only want to see Fettel and co bang wheels til they fall off and have no interest in the other 16 drivers. Sad.

    1. Watching 70 cars travelling at 200mph around an oval track of 1/2 mile 500 times… well that would be boring. NASCAR.. no right turns, no DRS, nose-to-tail, foot to floor, occasional fireball.. No finesse.

  2. this is F1, get used to it,
    if you dont like it watch something else,
    most people on here seam to think it should be all about noise and passing,
    it has never been like that since ive been watching F1, 40 odd years and its still the same, just different drivers now,
    F1 was and never has been entertaining, its always about strategies, if you cant handle one team dominating the sport, give it a miss because your not worth listening/reading about,
    i for one love the way it plays out, drivers being pulled in for new tyres then start catching the driver in front to have him receive a new set before he is undercut, the chance of rain throw a twist into the works by letting drivers go out again on medium tyres then us wets to finish the race,
    if you dont like what F1 is about then your not interested in the other aspects of what happens around these guys cars and your not worthy of F1,
    go watch something else because the sport is not going to change for you,
    it never has and never will.

    1. “if you dont like it watch something else,”

      How arrogant and presumptuous. It’s not up to you what the rest of us watch. If people want to watch the race and then complain about it, it’s entirely their prerogative. Not yours.

      You don’t know what the word “discussion” means, do you? It means that all opinions are allowed, including ones that are different to yours. You’re not special and you don’t get to decide what does and does not get posted.

    2. If the sport develops in the wrong direction, I think it is healthy to debate it. Bending over for the crazy rule changes by FIA is not for us fans to do in my opinion. People like F1 for many reasons but your view is quite odd I must say.

    3. I have watched and even some years later rewatched the 2005 Indianapolis GP. That means even knowing how entertaining/boring it was, I found it entertaining enough to rewatch. Still, that race would have received a rating of “1” from me.
      So when I rated todays race “4”, it´s not against the sport of F1, it is that this race within the history of F1 was below average, not halfway on the scale between Indy 2005 and, let´s say Montreal 2011.
      And when I say this race was boring, I still would have preferred watching it to e.g. any football match, any tennis match, any NASCAR-race, many movies. But it was relatively boring for an F1-race.

    4. @lethalnz

      go watch something else because the sport is not going to change for you,
      it never has and never will.

      Surely you’re joking. They’ve been fiddling with F1 for decades to make it more ‘TV-friendly’. In-race refuelling, DRS, double points – whether for the good of F1 or not (and I say not on all three counts) all were done in the name of ‘improving the show’.

  3. Dull, dull, dull.

  4. Solid 7 for me. Red Bull a lot more competitive than I thought they would be. Good fights in the mid pack. Kvyatt continuing a strong start to his rookie season. Drama in the pits for Ricciardo and an interesting last few laps for the Williams drivers.

  5. Great race for Mercedes but boring to watch; definetly Hulk is the most exciting guy who at least dares to fight, like Alonso; Ferrari did a big mistake not taking him and going for Raikonnen!

    1. I think we shouldn’t be discounting Kimi just yet. He had Electrical problem in Melbourne and here K- Mag ruined his race. You must not forget Kimi was actually faster than Alonso during the dry pracruce sessions. Kimi will be up there challenging Alonso, he just needs a bit of luck on his side.

      1. Practice*

  6. I went for 4/10

    I don’t think it warrants any lower. To get lower, it would have had to have been one of the worst races ever. I think more happened in this race than in those. However, it was relatively bad. After the great start, it just died off. I think it could have gotten more spicy towards the end, but because the teams feared rain, they extended their stints just enough to protect from rain, which meant that strategy wouldn’t help bring the pack together. It felt like one of those slow burners that might have an exciting conclusion, but the conclusion never came. I’d say this was definitely a lower rating than Australia, which I gave an average 6/10.

    Also, I was impressed by Hamilton’s win today. It’s been a huge long time since he’s had such a comfortable win, and it was nice to see. I just hope there’s more of a challenge so that the racing doesn’t literally just become lapping.
    Shout outs to:
    – Hulkenburg for once again proving he should have a top seat.
    – Vettel and Alonso for doing what they do best… Driving to the best they can.
    – Koboyashi, for trying his damned hardest to hold faster cars off.
    – Cumberbatch, for actually doing a good job on the podium
    – Rosberg, for his sweet moves on the podium

  7. 6. Pretty dull, the problems for Red Bull and Ferrari added some excitement, but no real fight for any significant position.

  8. 6 from me. Slightly better than Australia in my opinion, but still kinda boring overall.

  9. 3.
    The start was slightly better than average thanks to the positioning of the Red Bull drivers. Afterwards, it became increasingly processional until the final handful of laps. Engine-saving alone on Mercedes’ part likely kept a few more drivers from being lapped. Then, add the overage of penalties, and Cumberbatch cutting the drivers off on the podium. TV coverage wasn’t optimal, either, but at least it sounded like the microphones were recalibrated, and those engines sound much better than the V8, (yet nowhere near the V10 or V12’s).

  10. 6 for me. Good result for me as I like Lewis, but I’d rather see him pushed. The combination of a Merc that is fast in a straight line and a Red Bull that excells in the twisty stuff could make for interesting races later; Vettel was really close to taking pole when the conditions favoured grip and balance over grunt.

  11. 4 — Pretty boring, not much real racing. Top four and bottom three more or less the same as on the grid, with Bottas gaining the most and Raikonnen (unluckily) losing the most. Her’s places gained/lost from grid to finish (remember 7 non-finishers):
    Lewis Hamilton 0
    Nico Rosberg +1
    Sebastian Vettel -1
    Fernando Alonso 0
    Nico Hulkenberg +2
    Jenson Button +4
    Felipe Massa +6
    Valtteri Bottas +10
    Kevin Magnussen -1
    Daniil Kvyat +1
    Romain Grosjean +4
    Kimi Raikkonen -6
    Kamui Kobayashi +7
    Marcus Ericsson +8
    Max Chilton +6

  12. 3 for me. Boring race, stupid penalties (which are killing the sport).
    F1 is getting emasculated by its rules, its tracks, its penalties.

  13. Average 5/10 for me. While the opening laps were intriguing, somehow the race just failed to deliver. All too quickly the cars were evenly spread out, and we got the radio messages to “hold the gap at two seconds to save tyres”. Also, there were quite the number of underperformances or simply bad luck: Kimi’s puncture and lack of pace, Kevin’s collision with him, Ricciardo’s race going well until it didn’t, Williams duo stuck in traffic, and no real fight for the lead.

  14. Standard F1 race, 6/10. Stupid penalties, eco friendly drivel and pointless gimmicks are murdering the sport.

    1. It was the circuit that killed the race

  15. Exciting first few laps but overall pretty boring for me… 6/10.

  16. is always a bit boring to watch endurance racing.

  17. I am so frustrated by the lack of pace of the F14T. I understand that they are lacking top speed PU wise but they can at least work on the rest! Just look at how complicated the front wing of the W05 is! Red Bull has a similar flex design. But the F14T’s wing is utterly simple.
    And i think that the renault PUs are overtaking the Ferrari’s. I thought that PU wise, its Merc, Ferrari and then renault! Now its merc, renault, ferrari. The saubers and the Maurissias are suffering so much! So much for false hopes.

  18. I can’t be the only person who really enjoyed that race, there was no fuel saving, and some fantastic fights. Massa vs Button, Hulk vs Alonso, Erricson Vs Kimi and Vergne, KK vs everyone, Ricciardo vs Alonso, Grosjean vs Kimi. How could that not be entertaining? No fight for the lead, but with the amount of Hamilton fanboys around I thought they’d enjoy it!

  19. I couldn’t keep focused on the race from halfway onwards, and when I watched it again, delayed on TV (just for the HD which the streaming does not have) I thought the same. The start was fine, but not much of a surprise, as most drivers had good races but battled little, like Hulkenberg and Button.

    1. Forgot to add: vote 5/10

  20. Pretty decent race, nothing too spectacular. Voted a 6, because it reminded me of races from 1998-2001 a little bit, with stuff happening, the leader being out in front and battles throughout the field, but never climaxing into an exciting race.

    To be honest, I really do not understand why people are bashing F1 now. As I said, this race isn’t that different from races we’ve seen at places like Magny Cours, A1-ring or Catalunya in the late 90s and early 00s. In my view, people are being provoked by the media (both in writing and the clearer vision of strategy working during a race) and each other and jump to conclusions. I haven’t seen this much whining (next to the logical complaints, I’m not in love with F1 right now either) since Austria 2002. F1 sites are becoming YouTube comment sections.

    Personally, I’m a lot more annoyed by the fan reaction to F1 (on both sides) than F1 itself. On here it’s fine, but I dare not to tread onto Facebook comments on F1 articles.

    1. Guy A. Person
      31st March 2014, 3:39


      Thank you. I seriously am amazed that people act like this race was worse than, say, Abu Dhabi or USA last year. I genuinely think F1 fans are attempting to justify the fact that they were so apprehensive about this era of F1, like they don’t want to admit that they were wrong. Anyone who thinks this race was more boring than the 2013 Abu Dhabi GP either missed that race or are kidding themselves.

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