Rate the race: 2014 Malaysian Grand Prix

2014 Malaysian Grand Prix

Start, Sepang International Circuit, 2014What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Malaysian Grand Prix.

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2014 Malaysian Grand Prix

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285 comments on Rate the race: 2014 Malaysian Grand Prix

  1. Luis Conde (@luchingador) said on 30th March 2014, 16:01

    is always a bit boring to watch endurance racing.

  2. Debjit Adak (@ebz1711) said on 30th March 2014, 16:04

    I am so frustrated by the lack of pace of the F14T. I understand that they are lacking top speed PU wise but they can at least work on the rest! Just look at how complicated the front wing of the W05 is! Red Bull has a similar flex design. But the F14T’s wing is utterly simple.
    And i think that the renault PUs are overtaking the Ferrari’s. I thought that PU wise, its Merc, Ferrari and then renault! Now its merc, renault, ferrari. The saubers and the Maurissias are suffering so much! So much for false hopes.

  3. Jack (@jmc200) said on 30th March 2014, 16:23

    I can’t be the only person who really enjoyed that race, there was no fuel saving, and some fantastic fights. Massa vs Button, Hulk vs Alonso, Erricson Vs Kimi and Vergne, KK vs everyone, Ricciardo vs Alonso, Grosjean vs Kimi. How could that not be entertaining? No fight for the lead, but with the amount of Hamilton fanboys around I thought they’d enjoy it!

  4. Fixy (@fixy) said on 30th March 2014, 16:36

    I couldn’t keep focused on the race from halfway onwards, and when I watched it again, delayed on TV (just for the HD which the streaming does not have) I thought the same. The start was fine, but not much of a surprise, as most drivers had good races but battled little, like Hulkenberg and Button.

  5. Nick (@npf1) said on 30th March 2014, 16:49

    Pretty decent race, nothing too spectacular. Voted a 6, because it reminded me of races from 1998-2001 a little bit, with stuff happening, the leader being out in front and battles throughout the field, but never climaxing into an exciting race.

    To be honest, I really do not understand why people are bashing F1 now. As I said, this race isn’t that different from races we’ve seen at places like Magny Cours, A1-ring or Catalunya in the late 90s and early 00s. In my view, people are being provoked by the media (both in writing and the clearer vision of strategy working during a race) and each other and jump to conclusions. I haven’t seen this much whining (next to the logical complaints, I’m not in love with F1 right now either) since Austria 2002. F1 sites are becoming YouTube comment sections.

    Personally, I’m a lot more annoyed by the fan reaction to F1 (on both sides) than F1 itself. On here it’s fine, but I dare not to tread onto Facebook comments on F1 articles.

    • Guy A. Person said on 31st March 2014, 3:39


      Thank you. I seriously am amazed that people act like this race was worse than, say, Abu Dhabi or USA last year. I genuinely think F1 fans are attempting to justify the fact that they were so apprehensive about this era of F1, like they don’t want to admit that they were wrong. Anyone who thinks this race was more boring than the 2013 Abu Dhabi GP either missed that race or are kidding themselves.

  6. Strontium (@strontium) said on 30th March 2014, 16:53

    Ahh, these engines could just be so much faster if they just let them use unlimited fuel. So annoying!!

  7. paulipedia (@paulipedia) said on 30th March 2014, 16:59

    Good first 10 laps, good last 10 laps, middle pretty dull. This circuit needs rain to be entertaining or some corners where you can have a big accident.

  8. Manule said on 30th March 2014, 17:38

    This is getting worse than 1992. One team with a car 1.5-2.0 sec faster than any other, where no on-track battle between teammates is ever going to happen. The only excitement could have come from the rain that never materialized. Would have been 1/10 if not for Massa, who really shows that anyone who “is faster than him” has to be faster on the track, not on the radio.

  9. Theo (@theodorium) said on 30th March 2014, 17:56

    Grand Prix of Boredom. Fell asleep after 1/3 of the race.

  10. nomeg1 (@nomeg1) said on 30th March 2014, 18:36

    Let’s us be thankful to some of the back-markers fights, other than that…pretty disappointing…
    What’s this ? “Massa, Bottas is quicker than you”…hilarious, and not, poor Felipe…

  11. SeaHorse (@seahorse) said on 30th March 2014, 18:43

    The race was not much interesting. But I would give a bonus to this race for the Alonso – Hulkenberg duel. Awesome scrap boys! A 6 for me.

  12. JenniKate (@jennikate) said on 30th March 2014, 19:06

    On instinct I rated 8 – Lotus got a car to the finish, the Williams had an interesting teammate battle, Hulk put that Force India in a great position, Kvyat gets another point & Kobayashi banks a good result for Caterham. On reflection, 8 is probably too high.

    I’ve become so used to a driver getting out in front at the start and running away for the win that all my attention is focused on how a car/driver is doing in comparison to what I expect from them. I found today’s race enjoyable but on reflection, I think I’d rather be watching a battle for the win.

  13. SauberS1 (@saubers1) said on 30th March 2014, 19:10

    I rate this race medium, such as 6, it was a little bit more exciting than the former race, but not a good race.

  14. Dj xo2 (@dj-xo2) said on 30th March 2014, 21:01

    Don’t know how I’m going to stay awake for this season?

  15. Rubbish said on 30th March 2014, 21:02

    It was very boring to watch, thank god for Sky Plus, I forwarded through most of it, crap!

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