Start, Sepang International Circuit, 2014

Rate the race: 2014 Malaysian Grand Prix

2014 Malaysian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Start, Sepang International Circuit, 2014What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Malaysian Grand Prix.

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2014 Malaysian Grand Prix

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285 comments on “Rate the race: 2014 Malaysian Grand Prix”

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  1. Slackbladder
    31st March 2014, 6:02

    For the first time Ever I am not watching a race in protest of the absurd rule changes this year!
    Sorry Advertisers I missed All your Ads, not going to buy one thing you make, produce, hawk or represent!
    Until Formula One repeals the silly rules in place this season I won’t be watching or supporting the advertisers.
    and this one post is worth 1,000 other’s who feel the same but won’t post!

    1. IvoI (@ivostivanov)
      31st March 2014, 7:22

      You are so right! I am going to do exactly the same. It`s a shame…Formula 1 is dead! :(

  2. The new rules don’t bother me too much, apart from the lack of noise (wich is a real problem).
    The fuel issue won’t last, it’s a question of time until manufacturers get over it.

    The real problem (wich last since 6-7 years) is these stupid penalties. FIA is killing the sport. On one hand they complain about the lack of overtaking and add stupid gimmicks like DRS. On the other hand they do not let drivers do their job ! Which is driving, overtaking, taking risks. They are not children, they know what they are doing (like Kimi ;-) ).

    Why does FIA have to penalize simple mistakes ? Does race incidents still exist for them ? Poor Magnussen: he penalized himself by touching Raikkonnen. Did he do that on purpose ? No !
    I’m ok if FIA wants to punish agressions (like Schumacher on Barrichello in Hungary), but don’t punish mistakes !

    When a tennis player misses the ball, does he got a point penalty ? When a football player falls (not on purpose) on another player, does he got a red card ? Mistakes CAN happen.

  3. I didn’t watch Australia because it was on Sky and I was all sported out from the Six Nations so this is my first experience of 2014 F1.

    I gave this race a 4 because it just didn’t thrill me. I did get the impression that the cars were going more slowly though that may be because of all the talk about it. Forgot about the engine noise after a while (it doesn’t really matter to TV viewers). I think the problem with this race was just circumstantial – it could happen in any era of F1. If the fastest cars start at the front and gradually pull away then the race becomes very spread out and that’s that. Rain would have been interesting, but not definitely so.

    I think 2009 was the last year that truly thrilled me. 2010 was a good battle for the title but most of the races were a bit samey. I’ve watched this sport for the last 20 years and my interest is the lowest it has ever been.

  4. Worst race I have ever seen in my life.

  5. It’s all part of Bernies plan. Make F1 boring and dull, drive the share price down because no one watches, buy back all the shares, live forever.

    As for the race, a 5. If it wasn’t F1 i wouldn’t be watching anymore.

    1. If it wasn’t F1 i wouldn’t be watching anymore.

      Same for me

  6. 6/10 from me – Impressive drive by Hamilton, and some interesting battles going on else where, a bit of rain could have really spiced things up though. Really love the sound of the new engines, would be nice if they could turn the track volume up a little bit vs. the commentary.

    Redbull are not as far off Mercedes as everyone seems to think, the car was quicker through the middle section of the lap, so on the right track things will get very interesting. The battle for second was close between Seb and Nico at points; Nico wasn’t walking away from them until the late stages of the race. Shaping up to be an interesting season.

  7. Alex McFarlane
    31st March 2014, 13:44

    I’d give it generous 5/10. Some interesting moments at the start and end but long spells in the middle where wasn’t a lot of fighting for positions.
    I probably wouldn’t be watching this year if it wasn’t for the rule changes, I stopped watching for 10 years from 1997-2006 because I thought F1 was boring even then. Biggest problem so far is that half the teams still don’t really look ready to compete despite reliability looking better than expected.
    I still think there is potential for the new formula to deliver decent racing so I’m prepared to cut it some slack this year. After that, who knows?

  8. boring awfull. Disgrace. Easy to comment but I feel F1 has definitely lost its magic and quite frankly I dont know how this could be changed now.

  9. Every year is the same for me. These tracks designed by Hermann Tilke are pretty boring but then when F1 arrives in Europe, the glamour is back! NH pretty impressive as well as DR. Again, LH, FA and SV showing their top level.

  10. My favourite driver won by a mile so I was happy with the result but it was a flipping boring race, even behind the leaders. 4/10.

  11. Utterly boring and flat race.
    Gave it a 4…

  12. Not a great race, I gave it a 6.

    I didn’t think it was as good as Australia which I rated a 7, I almost gave Malaysia a 6.5 which would have rounded up to a 7 but decided to stick with just 6.

  13. This season looks like it’s going to be no better than previous seasons . Mercedes domination instead of Red Bull. Let’s hope the other teams can catchup and challenge for the front.

  14. For the second race in a row I found myself doing other stuff and just casually looking over to the TV when the commentators got “excited” about something (which wasn’t in many cases). I do not mind the sound of the engines, at least not on TV, on track maybe the sound (or lack of) would bother me, I’ll see when I go to a race.

    Fans complained about one driver winning all the time, so we get all these changes and… we still get one driver miles ahead of anyone else (different driver, but same thing as before).

    To me, racing should be great drivers, great cars, let’s see who is faster! This DRS, ERS, “you must use two types of tyres in a race”, fuel sensors, double points in the final race, doesn’t go with me, really, seeing all this, maybe Bernies idea of splinkers to create “random” wet races isn’t that bad!

  15. DUPOUY (@oneightwozeroes)
    31st March 2014, 20:19

    4… to me F1 is not anymore the ultimate racing experience. Those cars are ugly, sound bad, and even the pilots seem to be bored! Come on GPDA guys you need to do something to save this sport! How can they all agree with something as stupid as Ricciardo having a 10 places grid penalty for the next GP because of a mistake from his team! I am really worried about the future of this sport and I am really looking forward for WEC (beautiful cars + technology + great tracks with history + great drivers not concerned by weight limit) and WTCC (great racers + shunts from the first lap to the very last). If it was not for the oval tracks (7 out of 14) Indycar could be great as well (look at this video it’s pretty amazing

  16. Dave Roberts
    1st April 2014, 11:55

    8 – whilst Hamilton’s Mercedes was streets ahead of everyone else there was still intrigue for the rest of the field, I enjoyed it and Williams provided some interest when they told Massa to cede to Bottas. I spent the rest of the race willing Massa to finish ahead.

  17. Vince Duggan (@vince-dugganvirginactive-co-za)
    1st April 2014, 12:03

    If you use the NPS ( method of evaluating the votes, this race comes out at -54 (at the time of my vote), which is a shockingly bad NPS score.

    It means that by far the majority of viewers think the race was not worth watching, and that those who voted 7 or 8 are likely to be swayed either way next race, i.e. another boring race and they will be likely to vote 6 or lower.

    Not a good indication at all…

  18. Fernando Alonso saved the race overtaking Hulk, that was the only exciting moment of the race

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