Rate the race: 2014 Malaysian Grand Prix

2014 Malaysian Grand Prix

Start, Sepang International Circuit, 2014What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Malaysian Grand Prix.

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2014 Malaysian Grand Prix

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285 comments on Rate the race: 2014 Malaysian Grand Prix

  1. Rigi (@rigi) said on 30th March 2014, 21:04

    good battles throughout the race, kept me entertained most of the time. it’s a shame there never seems to be a fight for p1 anymore though.

    it was really nice to see some good fighting from the back of the field aswell. i think caterham have had more tv screen time than in all of the races from last season combined. i like that.

    great drives from hamilton, hulkenberg and grosjean. honorable mention to kvyat and also to chilton for finishing his 21st race in a row.

  2. JerseyF1 (@jerseyf1) said on 30th March 2014, 21:23

    Not an instant classic. As with almost every race I’ve watched for the last 25 years or so it was still great fun. Plenty going on a lot of the time, opening lap excitement as always and something going on up and down the field most of the race. Waiting to see if Hulk could hold on and if a Lotus could make it to the end, team-mate battle at Williams on and off track. DRS needing a bit of thought to make sure the pass wasn’t made before the line e.g. Alonso backing off massively before passing Hulk (I don’t like DRS but if it’s there at least make the drivers have to think about it).

    There are very few formula one races I don’t enjoy, it’s why I love F1 and will always come back for more next time.

  3. Ed Marques (@edmarques) said on 30th March 2014, 21:55

    7. Better than last race. Some great fights at the beggining and good at the end. Lewis was flawless.
    I unsderstand that people want more action on the track, but F1 most of the time has been this way, and it was only the second race with the new regulations.

  4. Brian (@bforth) said on 30th March 2014, 23:43

    Though it puts me in the minority, I was rather entertained and gave the race an 8.
    Sure, there wasn’t any fighting Hamilton out front, but Seb’s pursuit of Rosberg got close a few times. Hulk was impressive as ever, and the teammate battle at Williams was rather interesting too. Everyone complains about a lack of wheel-to-wheel racing, but we had a fair amount of it in the midfield today.

    My biggest complaint lies with the overzealous issuing of penalties. The Bianchi-Maldonado and Raikkonen-Magnussen accidents looked like racing incidents, and it’s idiotic that Ricciardo has been given two penalties for a single incident.

  5. Scottie (@scottie) said on 31st March 2014, 0:17

    It’s a bit down-heartening reading all these reviews… I found the race quite interesting

    There was at least one good battle to follow through the race, and who can get bored with the constant lingering risk of someone spectacularly having a blown turbo or something?

    sometimes, the term ‘great race’ needs to be re-defined… it’s not just a stat of how many passes there were.

  6. f1frbphilly (@dagedrich) said on 31st March 2014, 0:39

    Ok – still early days but I really can’t wait to see these guys pushing each other. I know they will pick up some speed but for pete’s sake Hamilton’s fastest race lap was a 1:43:066. Now isn’t it kind of tough to know that Zsolt Baumgartner’s fastest lap in 2004 in a Minardi was a 140.123? So – Schumacher would lap the field in what – 15 laps since he was doing 1:34’s? It will get better but this is tough to watch at the moment. Lot’s of work and these guys are good – I’m hopeful that the show will be better by Montreal.

  7. Dylan Mota (@mota18) said on 31st March 2014, 1:23

    I gave it a 7. Some nice overtaking and battles in the middle of the pack and some boring parts too. I just hope everyone catch up to Mercedes by the time we get to the European races.

  8. bukester (@bukester) said on 31st March 2014, 3:59

    Very boring ‘lift and coast’ snorefest

  9. Travis (@mcmerctn) said on 31st March 2014, 4:31

    Pretty boring. Middle was pretty bad, start was solid. The ending was markedly better than the middle, but certainly the result wasn’t much of a surprise. The racing nerd in me absolutely loved the fuel remaining graphic, though. 5/10

  10. Romesh82 (@romesh82) said on 31st March 2014, 5:52

    this is the first race i missed after 2012 Italian GP. In fact i was not that bothered.

    May be because there nothing there to call it F1 anymore – No sound/Save fuel/save tires.
    Common .. this is not racing anymore. You have a much better enviroment in MOTOGP.

    Tecnology wise its a huge upgrade but its Abosolutely pathetic … What F1 has become…

    • Force Maikel (@force-maikel) said on 31st March 2014, 12:02

      Speak for yourself, just because you don’t like what you see doesn’t give you the right to not call it F1 anymore. The fuel and tyre saving has always been a part of F1, only now it is a bit more important, I’m still seeing people on track pushing as hard as they can and they are most definitely still racing hard.

      F1 is moving in the right direction, all it needs is some fine-tuning, you’re going to have to learn to live with the noise because the old days are gone, the old screams that made a man deaf are not going to come back.

  11. Slackbladder said on 31st March 2014, 6:02

    For the first time Ever I am not watching a race in protest of the absurd rule changes this year!
    Sorry Advertisers I missed All your Ads, not going to buy one thing you make, produce, hawk or represent!
    Until Formula One repeals the silly rules in place this season I won’t be watching or supporting the advertisers.
    and this one post is worth 1,000 other’s who feel the same but won’t post!

  12. Schlawiner (@bebilou) said on 31st March 2014, 7:36

    The new rules don’t bother me too much, apart from the lack of noise (wich is a real problem).
    The fuel issue won’t last, it’s a question of time until manufacturers get over it.

    The real problem (wich last since 6-7 years) is these stupid penalties. FIA is killing the sport. On one hand they complain about the lack of overtaking and add stupid gimmicks like DRS. On the other hand they do not let drivers do their job ! Which is driving, overtaking, taking risks. They are not children, they know what they are doing (like Kimi ;-) ).

    Why does FIA have to penalize simple mistakes ? Does race incidents still exist for them ? Poor Magnussen: he penalized himself by touching Raikkonnen. Did he do that on purpose ? No !
    I’m ok if FIA wants to punish agressions (like Schumacher on Barrichello in Hungary), but don’t punish mistakes !

    When a tennis player misses the ball, does he got a point penalty ? When a football player falls (not on purpose) on another player, does he got a red card ? Mistakes CAN happen.

  13. frood19 (@frood19) said on 31st March 2014, 9:58

    I didn’t watch Australia because it was on Sky and I was all sported out from the Six Nations so this is my first experience of 2014 F1.

    I gave this race a 4 because it just didn’t thrill me. I did get the impression that the cars were going more slowly though that may be because of all the talk about it. Forgot about the engine noise after a while (it doesn’t really matter to TV viewers). I think the problem with this race was just circumstantial – it could happen in any era of F1. If the fastest cars start at the front and gradually pull away then the race becomes very spread out and that’s that. Rain would have been interesting, but not definitely so.

    I think 2009 was the last year that truly thrilled me. 2010 was a good battle for the title but most of the races were a bit samey. I’ve watched this sport for the last 20 years and my interest is the lowest it has ever been.

  14. Andrew (@headless) said on 31st March 2014, 12:05

    Worst race I have ever seen in my life.

  15. maxthecat said on 31st March 2014, 12:09

    It’s all part of Bernies plan. Make F1 boring and dull, drive the share price down because no one watches, buy back all the shares, live forever.

    As for the race, a 5. If it wasn’t F1 i wouldn’t be watching anymore.

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