Ricciardo gets ten-place grid drop

2014 Malaysian Grand Prix

Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull, Sepang International Circuit, 2014Daniel Ricciardo will be moved back ten places on the grid for the Bahrain Grand Prix.

The team were given the penalty after Ricciardo was released from his pit box with the front-left wheel not attached properly.

Ricciardo was also given a ten second stop and go penalty during the race, which he did not finish.

Red Bull were also handed a reprimand by the stewards as a member of their team did not wear protective headgear during Ricciardo’s stop.

2014 Malaysian Grand Prix

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Image © Red Bull/Getty

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159 comments on Ricciardo gets ten-place grid drop

  1. Abuelo Paul (@abuello-paul) said on 30th March 2014, 12:19

    Hmm, power plant not performing as well as expected, pit crew tardy in changes, misplaced safty helmets, penalties, penaties, penalties, moving towards a major fall-out with authourity over new regulations and the owner considering pulling the plug if he can’t get his own way… Ferrarri took decades to get to that stage in F1. What makes Red Bull so special so soon. I have followed their progress since they began, cheering DC on for years despite RBR “bad luck” and “almostthere” status. This last few years the have become as arrogant as Ferrarri and McLaren in assuming that winning races means they can dictate the rulebook.
    The FIA control motor sport. END OF. Do as the book says, and get over it.

  2. Yoshisune (@yobo01) said on 30th March 2014, 12:20

    What? I mean, it was a mistake, but the Red Bull guys reacted on time and they stopped him before going out. I can understand the stop & go penalty, but why the ten place grid drop?

    Really, really harsh decision.

    • Aqib (@aqibqadeer) said on 30th March 2014, 12:23

      exactly i agree it didn’t seem to very unsafe

    • sato113 (@sato113) said on 30th March 2014, 14:46

      @yobo01 they brought the new rule in because of incidents like webbers wheel hitting a camera man in the pit lane! it doesnt matter that riccardo stopped before entering the track. a loose wheel in the pit lane is just as dangerous as out on track!

      • Yoshisune (@yobo01) said on 30th March 2014, 22:52

        @sato113 @chebeto
        Yeah, fair point. I mean, it’s good that they are trying to improve the safety in those kind of situation, they lowered the maximum speed in the pits and they introduced some other safety measures.
        Ricciardo had to be penalised for that, I just feel that a stop & go and then a 10 place grid penalty on top of that is a bit harsh.
        The stewards did what they had to, it’s all written very clearly on the rule book.

        • sato113 (@sato113) said on 31st March 2014, 9:39

          I guess a 10 sec stop-go could be a meaningless penalty if the driver was already way down the pack. so a 10 place grid drop as well would certainly cover this.

    • Beto (@chebeto) said on 30th March 2014, 19:45

      @yobo01 @aqibqadeer No one was hurt and that’s good, but he actually didn’t stop that early. He did drive about 50 meters, I guess.
      Remember some race last year when a car (I think Maldonado) was released with a wheel not attached and the wheel hit a camera man? They want to prevent that, so a harsh penalty will make them think twice before they release anyone from the pits. It’s all fair and square, unfortunately a bit unlucky for Ricciardo, but the stewards got to do their job.

      • Strontium (@strontium) said on 30th March 2014, 22:13

        It was ironically Webber, not Maldonado, which is funny because it was effectively the same car which suffered this time, just with a different Australian at the wheel.

        Note the word effectively please.

  3. Aqib (@aqibqadeer) said on 30th March 2014, 12:22

    that’s just ridiculous its good they are threatning to leave FIA should stop this nonsense

  4. ElBasque (@elbasque) said on 30th March 2014, 12:29

    Webber best take that facemask off, he’s not fooling anybody with that luck.

  5. Red Andy (@red-andy) said on 30th March 2014, 12:30

    Correct decision. A stop/go penalty meant nothing as his race was already ruined by that point. Best to encourage teams to be more careful by giving penalties that actually mean something.

  6. Greg-c said on 30th March 2014, 12:31

    Can only “assume” that the grid drop is for a team member in pitlane without a helmet (bonce hat) on, Stella recovery from testing though, and how good was RIC at the start!!!!!!! Awesome. Move over fellas I’m coming through!

  7. AndrewT (@andrewt) said on 30th March 2014, 12:34

    front left wasn’t fit properly, he was released, i can agree, that’s a potential danger to others in the pitlane. but Ricciardo realized the situation immediately, and stopped the car to avoid the tyre getting loose. i believe he has done more than you can expect from an average driver in this situation, he was nowhere near making a mistake, and still he is the one getting penalized, even twice… i still believe that a lollypop man should be there with eyes wide open, and i believe that the team should be penalized for things like this, but penalities shouldn’t compromise even two weekends of a driver that has done nothing.

    • Tiomkin said on 30th March 2014, 18:08

      F1 is a team sport. Therefore the Team, which includes the driver gets punished. In fact every punishment even when directed to the driver alone will impact the team. It seems harsh but so is killing someone with an unsafe release. The lesson to be learned here is the pit crew needs to check their work before giving the thumbs up to let the driver go.

  8. neilmc said on 30th March 2014, 12:37

    The double penalty thing for unsafe release is now part of the sporting regs, not a special case. It came in after Webber’s wheel injured a cameraman in pit lane last year. The 10 place grid drop is mandatory. If the car is able to continue after the unsafe release, a penalty is also applied during the race.

    Sporting reg 23.12 (c)

  9. GeeMac (@geemac) said on 30th March 2014, 12:38

    Red Bull Racing + Australian driver = Worst luck in the universe.

  10. DavidS (@davids) said on 30th March 2014, 12:38

    Did he serve his 10 second stop-go penalty? Or did he retire beforehand?
    I think maybe they retired the car instead, and therefore didn’t serve the penalty, go it gets converted into a ten place grid penalty at the next race.

    In which case, sheer incompetence from Red Bull.

  11. RVG013 said on 30th March 2014, 12:41

    He never did the 10 sec stop/go.

  12. Ciaran (@ciaran) said on 30th March 2014, 12:45

    Hugely unfortunate, but the FIA had previously said that this was how they were going to deal with unsafe releases, so it looks like the Webber legacy lives on…

  13. Toro Stevo (@toro-stevo) said on 30th March 2014, 12:47

    The penalties have all seemed a bit harsh to me so far – seemingly any contact in the last race was resulting in penalties.

    Now as this is still breaking, it isn’t exactly clear why the 10 place grid drop is being applied. The unsafe release was penalised in the race – his race being effectively over should have no bearing on that. It would be very disappointing if they have ruled in this way.

    I suspect it might be for being pushed backwards up pit lane during the race as opposed to the unsafe release itself. I’m ignorant of the rules in this circumstance though, but I think they take a dim view of pushing cars around the pit lane during practice let alone during a race. However, I do struggle to see what else could have been done to avoid this once that situation occurred. He could hardly continue down the lane with a heavy tyre ready to go AWOL. Stopping and exiting the car there and then leaves the pit lane effectively blocked, which would shut pit lane and required a safety car given how quickly the tyres burn off. Maybe they do expect the latter?

  14. djdaveyp85 (@djdaveyp87) said on 30th March 2014, 12:49

    It may seem harsh but these are the rules that were agreed.

    Iirc the teams asked for the grid drop penalty for an unsafe release.

    Unsafe releases are dangerous and there has to be huge deterants to stop them.

  15. TitoB said on 30th March 2014, 12:50

    Bed Bull remain under investigation by the stewards as a …”
    All Bed Bulls must be investigated :)

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