Silverstone boss not concerned about engine noise

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F1F CSIn the round-up: Silverstone managing director Richard Phillips says he does not believe the quieter sound of this year’s F1 engines will put fans off attending the British Grand Prix.


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Lewis Hamilton puts British Grand Prix ticket sales in fast lane (The Guardian)

Philips: “Yes, the engines are quieter but we do not feel it will have any impact on our event, quite the opposite, and we believe by the time we stage our race, the cars will be a lot quicker as the teams understand more about the new power units and the regulations.”

Old V8 engines were too noisy, says Warwick (Reuters)

“If the fans really think about it, the V8s were too noisy. I think they were ear-bleeding. We’ve just got to re-adjust our volume.”

Fans, Silverstone, 2013 British Grand PrixPerez reveals kerb concerns (Sky)

“We talked about it in the drivers’ briefing. It’s very easy, what I did to Fernando [Alonso], what Jenson [Button] did to me last year, it’s very easy [to run wide] because the corner [turn four] takes you that way. Hopefully on Sunday we don’t see an accident like this for the good of the cars and the good of the show.”

Pirelli doubtful of 2015 tyre warmer ban (Autosport)

Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery: “At the moment, I have to say it looks very difficult to achieve for next season staying with the current tyre sizes.”

F1: Sebastian Vettel set to meet FIA president after labelling quiet engines ‘s***’ (The Independent)

“I realise everyone thinks I don’t like the sound because I have not won yet, but I don’t care, I stand by what I said. I am a fan of the old F1.”

Lewis Hamilton: I’m a lot happier in my new Mercedes (BBC)

“It was kind of weird this year to have people asking whether I could adapt to the new Formula 1 rules. I was like: ‘Are you serious?’ I’ve adapted to every car I’ve ever driven. It’s what we do.”

Revealed: Red Bull’s $1.2 billion Bet On Formula One (Forbes)

“Energy drinks giant Red Bull has spent more than $1.2 billion on its flagship Formula One auto racing team over the past decade according to new research.”

Bernie-led consortium to buy part of F1? (MotorSport)

“To maximise his chances of being able to finance such a buying up of shares, reducing the value of the sport would be helpful. How might one go about reducing the value of the sport? Well, you could make a big deal of how the noise of the new cars is awful, for example. You could get close associates to agree with you very publically. Or you might say the quality of the racing was poor. That might do it.”

A dark affair (The Economist)

Alaa Shehabi of Bahrain Watch: “We are used to the fact that economic and political interests trump human rights. But there is no love for this race. It is not like a football match that has a popular base. It is seen as an elite sport with elite backing.”

Interview: Bahrain circuit boss Sheikh Salman on 10 years of F1 and the Schumacher corner (James Allen on F1)

“For us it is a round of the Formula One world championship and so security measures for the event must be monitored but it is no different from any other event and I have no concerns on security.”

Malaysia 2014 – race edit (F1)

Video highlights from the last race.

“Moments of conscious and awakening”! (A former F1 doc writes)

“We all need to thank the team taking care of Michael as well as the people around him, for their devotion and patience. Everyone is going to need to be patient – for weeks, months, maybe years.”


Comment of the day

@Reiter on the technical intrigue of the new regulations:

To me, what makes this year’s season so exciting isn’t that the cars are green, or hybrid, or energy-efficient. It’s that with the huge amount of new regulations and technical changes, the teams managed to build cars that move at speeds higher than 320kmph with an engine smaller than the bottle of coke you get with a pizza.

That, to me, is what makes it amazing. It’s engineering prowess at its maximum level; and perhaps those who don’t have an engineering background (like I do) find it boring because of those same reasons.

However, I know what I like – and I’m loving everything about this season so far.

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On this day in F1

Five years ago today Jenson Button won the Malaysian Grand Prix but only half points were awarded as the race was abandoned due to heavy rain.

The start time of the race had been moved back in order to suit European television audiences better. But the start was so late that once the race was postponed it soon became too dark to continue. The start time was moved earlier again the following year.

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103 comments on Silverstone boss not concerned about engine noise

  1. AbeyG (@1abe) said on 5th April 2014, 6:03

    I am really surprised with the number of people who are bothered whether Vettel should say what he want or shouldn’t. Big deal made over a silly issue. It’s just an engine sound. Like it or not, this is going to stay and no amount of public or personal opinion or polls is going to change that. Ask Bernie.

  2. For sure Vettel is allowed to state his opinion, yes. He’s one of the more experienced drivers on the grid now, so we should really listen. However he can do more than just call them what he did, iI they’re so bad, you come up with a way to make them sound better.

  3. Neel Jani (@neelv27) said on 5th April 2014, 9:34

    Mark Hughes article is an interesting read btw. He applies a good theory which might be true.

    • Robbie (@robbie) said on 5th April 2014, 14:24

      Yeah I guess stranger things have happened, but I would think it would be awfully risky to potentially shoo away millions of fans in order to devalue F1 intentionally to make it easier to buy…but now what are you buying? Something devalued. And now what do you do, having gotten your way, to claw back all those lost fans?

      Hard to say, and I’m sure there are more ins and outs to this than even Hughes knows, and it sure is curious that BE, on day one of winter testing, with hardly any one on track, starts trashing the quiet engines…yet upon attending a race hauled back from that opinion a bit. Perhaps the goal initially was to at
      least put that bug in people’s ear. Him saying it has given ‘permission’ for anyone and everyone to say it. LdM included…not that he needed permission.

  4. Klaas (@klaas) said on 5th April 2014, 12:50

    So what’s the big deal? Vettel calls the new engines s!@#, but I still like the new sound. He’s entitled to his opinion just like me and all the others. I’m not going to quit watching F1 just because some drivers say they don’t like it anymore, what’s important is that I still like it. So I don’t consider that Vettel does any damage to the sport if he says he preffers things to be different. But the FIA does more damage to the image of Formula 1 by applying such Gestapo-ish ways to handle things.

  5. Broc Smith (@strifeforce) said on 5th April 2014, 14:48

    I just wish that people would quit whining about the engine noise. Yes, it is not as loud as a V8 or V10, but guess what? F1 isn’t going to go back to either of them. The new formula isn’t just about the direction F1 is going, but where Racing as a sport is going. Le Mans cars are utilizing similar regulations to F1, to make the cars more efficient so that they are quick, but also so that the technology they use in the sport can be transferred to everyday cars. I agree, the Turbo V6 of today does not have that throaty roar of the V10 or V12, but look at the challenge it is giving the drivers. Last year you would only see a few occasions of the top drivers making mistakes, and most of the time the cars looked very stable. This year even the top guys (Vettel, Alonso, Raikkonen) have shown that the new formula has made it more of a driver’s sport. Even Hamilton in the Grid Decimating WO5 has had run offs, and mistakes, which shows that the Drivers are having to use every bit of their talent, even when in a top team. Sorry for the rant, but i just wish everyone would wait and take in everything that happens this season, before demanding that F1 goes back to what it was last year. Because you never know, this season may turn out to be the best we’ve seen yet.

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