Hamilton thought Rosberg would pass him

2014 Bahrain Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Bahrain International Circuit, 2014Lewis Hamilton said he expected Nico Rosberg would be able to pass at the end of the Bahrain Grand Prix when his team mate was on the softer tyres.

Rosberg made several moves on Hamilton in the final dozen laps and passed his team mate more than once, but Hamilton got back ahead each time.

“When you do allow him to go past, obviously you don’t plan him to come past but you have to calculate how you get back,” said Hamilton to reporters after the race. “Every time I did it perfect and I was really, really happy to enable that.”

“He had the [soft] tyre so I thought he was coming by at some point but that last couple of laps I was able to hold onto it.”

“It was killer. It was to the max, like, the hardest thing,” said Hamilton about their battle, which began earlier in the race before the first pit stops.

“There’s like six-and-a-bit tenths [difference] on the tyres. When he was on the medium and I was on the [soft] I didn’t really have a great pace.”

Hamilton said Rosberg had been the quicker of the two drivers since yesterday. “Generally this weekend, since qualifying, I’ve really struggled.”

“Particularly in qualifying I had an issue with my braking system which was changed before the race. I thought maybe that would give me a little bit more time but I really struggled during the race.”

“At the end when the Safety Car came out I had a 9.5 second lead and I was thinking ‘OK, hopefully this is enough’. But jeez, he was so quick at the end and to try and stay ahead of him in the DRS zones was so hard. When I came across the line my heart was so relived.”

2014 Bahrain Grand Prix

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Image © Daimler/Hoch Zwei

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66 comments on Hamilton thought Rosberg would pass him

  1. iceman said on 7th April 2014, 1:48

    all cars must give room quality drivers give room not push others out of road !
    if that was a diff team/driver be a drive thru ! lols
    no complaint given as same team no point in punishing own team! lols
    no skill in running others out of road tbh!!!
    rosberg was expecting room as they was after all side by side.
    think theres a rule for that n pushing off the track not leaving space if the overtakibg car is past your rear wheel ?

  2. iceman said on 7th April 2014, 1:58

    rosberg had his corner he new was the way past lulu new if he past him he would be a small dot in rosbergs mirror!
    so kinda desperation moves to run rosberg out of track.
    coulthards instant reaction with my own eyes was enough for me n more than once too.
    lewis needs to watch what he was doing back and will be shocked what he was doing to keep ahead, if that was me there would have been a crash coz i would not have been pushed off track a 3rd time ! lols
    thats all my initial thoughts tho and i will watch again.

    • Dan said on 7th April 2014, 15:26

      A non LH fan perhaps? Thats a suprise we can see your hatred from a mile off, every god damn driver done that move. Must hurt though as LH overtook NR on inside to get the 1st pitsop did you mmiss how it was done?

  3. DaveW (@dmw) said on 7th April 2014, 3:39

    I like both of these guys but Hamilton owned Rosberg in the end. Not getting by with the tires and drs was weak. He has to learn how to consolidate a pass by breaking momentum of the guy you pass.

  4. Damonw said on 7th April 2014, 9:31

    Fair play to Hamilton because I though Rosberg was going to run away with it. I was disappointed in Lewis after qualifying because it looked like it was going to be a quali destruction, it was in the end but it was Rosberg who blew Hamilton away. Rosberg surely did have better race pace and better tyre management but credit to Lewis for keeping him behind for the first stops. Let’s not forget though we don’t know how much quicker the soft tyre was at the end after the safety car so let’s not try and say lewis is superman because Rosberg is easily his match!

  5. f1iceman said on 7th April 2014, 10:00

    all i will say is hammy push a car off track to hold position, side by side nico earned the right to be given some race track to over take end of it!
    two diffrent team diffrent out come bet ya!

    • Damonw said on 7th April 2014, 10:42

      Stop talkng out of your backside, look at the races over the last few races here and you’ll see that everyone does it, it’s a standard move! Nico is one of the dirtiest defenders in the sport with his last minute swerves and crowding! You’re telling me he wouldn’t have done the same??

  6. f1iceman said on 8th April 2014, 1:04

    im saying the move that i would say rosberg was going to beat hamilton was when he was pushed off track thats all is it not a rule if a car is side by side you give room ?
    im not having ago at all but you don’t risk crashing team cars by a stunt like that both cars out but was a fair move to pass.
    all other driver left room side by side.
    was a crash or back off defence not wheel to wheel move else it would have been fair move and was a crucial move for rosbergs confidence n respect in his team mate crashing was defo on rosbergs mind i bet.
    guess its gunna be fun watching now tho! lols

  7. hamilton must have lost that move from rosberg else why not leave room like everyone else was!
    we hit or you go off track nice.
    expect the karma to return now how fun.
    just my point abit of dirty driving can win a race when someone got ya on a move round the outside and made it stick and earned the space is racing move not get stuffed off track coz the place was migjt be lost.
    happened carn’t say it didn’t just saying and pointing out ! lols

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