Maldonado says Gutierrez left him “nowhere to go”

2014 Bahrain Grand Prix

Esteban Gutierrez, Sauber, Bahrain International Circuit, 2014Pastor Maldonado says Esteban Gutierrez could have done more to prevent the contact between the pair during the Bahrain Grand Prix.

The Lotus and Sauber drivers collided at turn one on lap 41 of the race as Maldonado emerged from the pits. Gutierrez’s car rolled over in the impact but Maldonado was able to finish the race.

The stewards held Maldonado responsible for the collision and handed him a penalty during the race, and penalty for the next race, and endorsement points on his licence.

However Maldonado said after the race he was not entirely to blame for the crash.

“We will need to have a look again at what happened as Esteban seemed to be off his line coming into turn one – maybe he missed his braking point, I don’t know – and by then I was in the corner with nowhere to go.

“For sure it’s difficult to understand and I was coming out from the pits and with cold tyres. I think he was very unlucky and it’s good he jumped straight out of the car.”

Gutierrez has been released from hospital having been taken there for further checks following his admission to the circuit’s medical centre.

“I was completely surprised that Pastor, who came out of the pits, ran into me,” he said.

“I was clearly in front of him. I turned into the corner and I was suddenly hit and I rolled over. There was nothing much I could do.”

2014 Bahrain Grand Prix

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Image © Sauber

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108 comments on Maldonado says Gutierrez left him “nowhere to go”

  1. Ed Marques (@edmarques) said on 7th April 2014, 3:27

    Brakes Pastor, your car have brakes and you should have used them. It was Guti corner, not yours.
    The fact that he can’t accept his mistakes makes him even worse.

  2. David Margono (@woshidavid95) said on 7th April 2014, 3:33

    Maldonado turned Gutierrez’s world upside-down… literally :P

  3. Mickrock (@mickrock) said on 7th April 2014, 4:08

    Pastor, the brake on the left, accelerator is on the right, steering wheel is in the middle.

  4. Diego (@ironcito) said on 7th April 2014, 5:04

    This accident is further proof that Newey may have been right about the danger of the low noses. Maldonado’s car flipped that Sauber pretty easily by wedging under it.

    • Mersault said on 7th April 2014, 13:29

      Except that this isn’t what happened. Their wheels touched.

    • Deej92 (@deej92) said on 7th April 2014, 14:33

      Despite the concerns about the low noses (which I share, they are too low and potentially highly dangerous), it looks like a clash wheels caused the car to flip.

    • Diego (@ironcito) said on 7th April 2014, 23:56

      I watched the replays on YouTube and it’s not very clear, but it does seem like the tip of the Lotus’ left tusk breaks when the Sauber is flipped. Either way, those noses aren’t very safe.

  5. charles (@charles) said on 7th April 2014, 5:21

    try the outside
    or using brakes

  6. AmbroseRPM (@ambroserpm) said on 7th April 2014, 5:38

    Hasn’t he got a brake pedal? Or doesn’t he know how to use it?

  7. KaIIe (@kaiie) said on 7th April 2014, 7:32

    I think the one who missed his braking point was Maldonado, not Gutierrez…

  8. bharat (@bharat141) said on 7th April 2014, 7:43

    Esteban checked
    Who is next on the list?? Rookies of 2014??

  9. newtoybox said on 7th April 2014, 9:02

    As Maldonado predicted his driving has transformed Lotus and also, Williams are performing rather better this year without Maldoado and his oil money? Glad to be rid of him I would think

  10. Abuelo Paul (@abuello-paul) said on 7th April 2014, 9:17

    The man is total liability and should be removed from F1. His style of driving and attitude on track are skills more suitably placed for stock car racing. He would do well at Belle Vue cinder track. Maybe when someone gets seriously hurt the FIA will see reason.

  11. Hairs (@hairs) said on 7th April 2014, 10:07

    Get this lunatic out of the sport.

    What a disgusting set of comments when he almost killed a driver with blatent stupidity.

    At least when Grosjean used his car like a missile he had the sense to apologise.

  12. Dane said on 7th April 2014, 10:13

    How is this psychopath gets a 5 spot grid penalty for flipping Guitierrez and Ricchiardo gets a 10 spot penalty for having a loose wheel. Ricchiardo stopped before it fell off and fixed it! Maldanado is obviously a greater danger.

  13. Bullfrog (@bullfrog) said on 7th April 2014, 10:42

    Many times I just didn’t even know where he was because there’s a big dead angle when you’re this close. So many times I didn’t know where he was and then he’d suddenly reappear again.

    That’s Nico Rosberg (from Motor Sport’s race report) describing his duel with Hamilton.

    Has visibility got worse with the new cars? Or is it just as bad as ever? (It’s pretty bad, judging by Gutierrez’s “Woah! What was that?” (That, my friend, was Maldonado.)

    The new LMP sportscar regulations have made improvements to vision, and maybe F1 should follow their lead and look into this again.

  14. Bazza Spock (@bazza-spock) said on 7th April 2014, 11:00

    What gets me is his bloody-minded arrogance. In incidences like this he completely believes he is entitled the right of way. I can’t believe it’s been _years_ that I’ve been saying that he shouldn’t be on the grid.
    I really feel bad for lotus for having decided to hitch their wagon to this train-wreck for the year.

  15. Shipmonster said on 7th April 2014, 12:47

    1- Mal should have a race ban for that move, even if GUT was in the wrong (which he wasn’t) just hold off and let the stewards take care of him. This ain’t a video game Pastor!

    2- Bring on the nose is now too low discussion….

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