Rate the race: 2014 Bahrain Grand Prix

2014 Bahrain Grand Prix

Sergio Perez, Force India, Bahrain International Circuit, 2014What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Bahrain Grand Prix.

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2014 Bahrain Grand Prix

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442 comments on Rate the race: 2014 Bahrain Grand Prix

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  1. Dragon (@dragon88) said on 6th April 2014, 19:35

    Who was criticising F1 for being really boring, again? :P

  2. Fixy (@fixy) said on 6th April 2014, 19:39

    I discovered I like intra-team battles more than extra-team battles. It was great to see the Mercedes, Force India and Williams duos battling between each other, though the Safety Car (gladly) helped.

  3. Antonio (@antoniocorleone) said on 6th April 2014, 19:40

    We had everything in this race. Wheel to wheel racing, overtaking, mistakes, fight for the lead, different strategies… For God’s sake, we even had a car spinning in the air. What the heck can you ask for more.

  4. sfx said on 6th April 2014, 19:50

    That’s a little piece of what F1 should be.

  5. Dylan Mota (@mota18) said on 6th April 2014, 19:58

    10/10 Incredible race all around with battles almost everywhere on the grid. I don’t think any team has a clear number 1 driver which should make these battles between teammates even more exciting. I just hope that the grid can catch up to Mercedes so we don’t have a 30 second gap between 2nd and 3rd every race.

  6. markopoloman (@markopoloman) said on 6th April 2014, 20:00

    9/10 from me. Would have been 10/10 but the FIA rules regarding how long the safety car stays out was the only (LONG) spanner in the works! Awesome race apart from that :)

  7. 10/10 great race and it just shows how much of a great driver Lewis is and that Hamilton is the better driver than Rosberg. good to see Chilton finish another race and finish in 13th giving them 10th in the constructors again.

  8. Oscar (@oscar) said on 6th April 2014, 20:14

    A better start would have made 9/10
    And other cars succesfully chasing the Mercs would have made it 10/10
    In fact, a Villeneuve vs Arnoux finish would hace made it 11/10…

  9. Ivan Vinitskyy (@ivan-vinitskyy) said on 6th April 2014, 20:15

    I gave this race an 8 because there was too much worrying about Ham Ros battle at the end and it’s not good for my health )

  10. pstaffan (@pstaffan) said on 6th April 2014, 20:17

    9/10, if the Safety Car period had been 4-5 laps shorter it could had been a 10/10. :D

  11. JackySteeg (@jackysteeg) said on 6th April 2014, 20:28

    10/10! It felt so wonderful to watch a grand prix that had my heart racing again, it’s been over year since I’ve felt that!

    I wouldn’t even mind if Merc won every race by over a minute, so long as we see Lewis and Nico racing like that!

  12. HoHum (@hohum) said on 6th April 2014, 20:42

    Just watched the recorded race, the detractors are right, F1 is really boring, no overtaking, the leader way out in front unchallenged, oops, sorry I watched the wrong recording that was one of last years races.

  13. BBT (@bbt) said on 6th April 2014, 21:02

    7… OK an 8 just. Would have been a touch better if the safety car hadn’t been out for so long. To be fair I missed the 1st 15 – 20 laps so that is always going to give me a different view point and the fact I can’t see them (the first laps) on the BBC until 10pm means I rating on what I saw. Great race though, best of the year by far. Not a 10 though, I’ve only ever graded Spa and Brazil a 10 (I think).

  14. M Sakr (@m-sakr) said on 6th April 2014, 21:06

    I reckon this race will probably get an average rating of 9.1 which will make it the 3rd highest rated race on F1F

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