Sergio Perez, Force India, Bahrain International Circuit, 2014

Rate the race: 2014 Bahrain Grand Prix

2014 Bahrain Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Sergio Perez, Force India, Bahrain International Circuit, 2014What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Bahrain Grand Prix.

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2014 Bahrain Grand Prix

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442 comments on “Rate the race: 2014 Bahrain Grand Prix”

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  1. money (@carlos-danger)
    7th April 2014, 8:20

    what a race

  2. 9/10 Almost perfect race with great fights everywhere on the field. The race for the lead was outstanding.

    Why not perfect ? Because Mercedes, despite giving us a wonderful show, was waaaay in front of the other teams. But if the Hamilton/Rosberg fight goes on like this on every race, I’m happy !

    1. Nevertheless, don’t forget that F1 2014 racing is still (and sadly) about fuel&tyre management. Drivers were told on radio to save fuel, like in the first 2 races. They were not able to push to the limit during the entire race, even if they pushed more than in Australia & Malaysia.

      So maybe what we saw in Bahrain was exceptionnal, due to race circumstances/track configuration.

  3. Vince Duggan (@vince-dugganvirginactive-co-za)
    7th April 2014, 10:06

    Lessons to be learned from the best race for several seasons:

    Races are good when there is a lot of competition. Most of the competition in this race was between teammates, because their cars where closely matched. There were also some nice midfield dices between closely matched cars like Force In dia, Ferrari and Williams.

    The lesson is to get a lot of teams able to produce similarly matched cars, so that up to ten different cars could win on the day.

    How to do that? Reduce the cost of producing a competitive car. You do that not by putting unenforcable cost caps, but by reducing what designers can do. They spend a fortune on getting the last 0.01% of aero performance. Just reduce the complexity allowed, by having simpler wings, underbody aero etc, then freeze development after (say) 5 races. Chassis and suspension etc can be done as well. Then it comes down to power of the engine. That’s already frozen, but should perhaps only be frozen after (say) one full season, and then kept for 2 more. Allow certain upgrades at the end of each season to allow for proper R&D (which is what we want anyway, R&D that can be transferred to road cars)

    If this means that GP2 catches up, then do similar things in that class, and so on down…

  4. Awesome race, full of tension, drama and amazing racing throughout. Not the ratings page I know but I’ve given it a 9

    In the context of a divisive new formula with all the impact on engine sounds, new aero rules and car aesthetics, fuel saving, reliability and tyres not up to the increased torque demands, it was a wonderful riposte from Formula 1 to Bernie, LDM and the other bashers and right under their (ugly) noses too.

    Yesterday we had a dry race at a hitherto boring track where the tyres were both able to withstand punishment and the compounds were close enough to make alternative strategies workable. Fuel saving didn’t appear to be too much of an issue either, though no doubt the safety car helped with both tyres and fuel. Nor was there a reliability disaster with cars dropping out left right and centre. And, finally, we seem to have a DRS which gets cars alongside one another at the braking point so that the move isn’t over halfway along the pit straight.

    This is different to 2011-2013 – while we have one team which is undeniably stronger than the rest, we seem to have two drivers who are relatively evenly matched and who are allowed to race. No Mulit-21 here. At the moment, Rosberg is leading and on the pace, though I think Hamilton is the more complete racer. In previous years how many times was Mark Webber anonymous in races where Vettel ran away with it? This reminds me more of Prost v Senna in 89 or Hill v Villeneuve in 1996 than Schumi in 2000-2004 or Vettel in 2011.

    Why not a 10? Probably being really stingy but the only things lacking (and possibly ominous) for me were a driver from another team being able to compete with the two Mercs and the fact that the final 10 laps were made all the more dramatic because of the safety car. For me an ideal race would be one with close racing throughout that wasn’t dependent on a random event (Singapore ’08 aside) like a safety car or rain. What the safety car did mean was that the Mercs went hammer and tongs at each other for ten laps without having to worry about fuel or tyres too much. And when they were freed from those constraints, I am still shocked at how quick they were. All the more credit goes to Mercedes then for letting them race.

    My only hope is that we have more races like this, at least one other team catches up in Europe and that the titles are sewn up by Brazil so we don’t have either Rosberg or Hamilton lucking into a WDC because of the double points rule.

  5. 9/10. Great race, lots if excitement, no team orders and at night. However, one great race doesn’t fix the current issues. The first two races were the most boring i’ve seen in a long time. Hopefully the rest of the season will be as great at Bahrain and then the critics, myself included, will shut up and enjoy the racing.

  6. Fantastic race although it is questionable as to whether the safety car should have been deployed.

  7. 8 out of 10, may be deserve 9 but Pastor did something stupid and FIA needs to LOOK in it.

    If this Race don’t make you FEEL alive then nothing on EARTH will

  8. What a race, I gave it a 9.

    I only saw the BBC highlights show and it is never the same if I don’t see the full race live, I never enjoy it as much, but I still thought it was still one of the best races for ages.

    After the opening two Grand Prix my expectations were not that high, but as the race went I kept increasing the rating I would give the race, when it finished I probably would have given it a 8.5 rounded up to a 9 but having given it some more thought and factored in the fact I didn’t see the race in full I changed this to a 9 outright.

    I shows all the people complaining about the new regulations after the first two were a bit premature.

  9. 10/10 for racing, but gave it 8/10 because it was in Bahrain. Politics aside, there isn’t the interest there for F1 and that was very apparent in the half-empty stands. You can hear the crowds this year and in any traditional F1 country they would have been deafening with action like that!

  10. I gave it 8. 4 for the first 46 laps, 3 for the final 10 and an extra point because this was just about the only interesting race the track formerly known as ‘Bore-rain’ has ever produced.

  11. 9. If there was another team mixing it up with the Mercedes at the front then I would have given it a 10. Great race though!

  12. 9/10.

    Yes, you won’t agree with me, but while we see such a fierce battle at the closing stages of a race, it’s not everyday that it’s for 1st place at the end of an already action-packed race.

    Yes, the safety car did its job, but the timing was rather close to perfect, if not perfect.

    Still, I think processional races still have their place, it’s one of those things that makes great races great.

    1. but while we see such a fierce battle at the closing stages of a race *pretty much every other weekend or two

  13. Awesome race but only after the SC restart.

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