Sergio Perez, Force India, Bahrain International Circuit, 2014

Rate the race: 2014 Bahrain Grand Prix

2014 Bahrain Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Sergio Perez, Force India, Bahrain International Circuit, 2014What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Bahrain Grand Prix.

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2014 Bahrain Grand Prix

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442 comments on “Rate the race: 2014 Bahrain Grand Prix”

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  1. 9/10, if the Safety Car period had been 4-5 laps shorter it could had been a 10/10. :D

  2. 10/10! It felt so wonderful to watch a grand prix that had my heart racing again, it’s been over year since I’ve felt that!

    I wouldn’t even mind if Merc won every race by over a minute, so long as we see Lewis and Nico racing like that!

  3. Just watched the recorded race, the detractors are right, F1 is really boring, no overtaking, the leader way out in front unchallenged, oops, sorry I watched the wrong recording that was one of last years races.

  4. 7… OK an 8 just. Would have been a touch better if the safety car hadn’t been out for so long. To be fair I missed the 1st 15 – 20 laps so that is always going to give me a different view point and the fact I can’t see them (the first laps) on the BBC until 10pm means I rating on what I saw. Great race though, best of the year by far. Not a 10 though, I’ve only ever graded Spa and Brazil a 10 (I think).

  5. I reckon this race will probably get an average rating of 9.1 which will make it the 3rd highest rated race on F1F

  6. As good as it gets boys! Wonder what all the naysayers of the 2014 formula have to say now…most proper and least predictable (save for the Mercedes domination) grand prix in years. 10/10

  7. Matthew McMahon
    6th April 2014, 21:34

    900th Grand Prix and if I could I’d give it 900/10. Amazing race!

  8. i have a problem. i voted 9/10, simply because i rated the last two races higher than what the majority said. however, the majority here said 10/10. looking back at it, i should’ve voted that too.

    so yes, what a race that was! absolutely fantastic to watch!

  9. 10\10
    Perfect race, one of the best in past couple of years.
    And the season is so far perfect! I’m glad it’s not loud anymore, I couldn’t stand that noise engines used to make. (I’m risking your wrath here, but what the hell).

  10. How weird, last year the highest rated race was here in Bahrain, might be the same once again?
    Hope not, because then we’d have an even better race than this one, and this was great! Lauda said this was the best he’s ever seen, he might be right, it was an epic.

  11. 9/10. The best race in F1; for a very long time! A few points though –

    – If anyone is still in doubt, Lewis is silencing his critics and cementing his reputation as one of the best racers in F1.

    – His best performances always seem to come at a time when F1 most needs a boost – as he did when he single highhandedly silenced the “no overtaking in F1” criticism in 2010; earning plaudits from Norbert Haug and Ross Brawn at the time.

    – Though absolutely great for the show, the “no team orders” at Mercedes will end in tears eventually for one or both drivers; sooner or later. This is a risk they can probably take.

    – This race runs the risk of making the FIA consider introducing a random Safety Car rule in order to “spice” up the show. It’s not like there’s no precedent. This is what led to the advent of the “cheese” Pirelli tyres.

    – And finally, the race showed that tyre behavior is still a lottery; as it has been the past 4 yrs. Even Pirelli had no idea the difference between the Options and Prime would change so drastically!

  12. That was excellent. Lots of really good racing, Mercedes guys racing each other, Red Bulls racing each other, Force India very competitive too. That was pretty outstanding, 9/10. Saving that 10/10 for a last lap pass (ex. Canadian GP 2011). Still a very enjoyable race. Looking forward to China!

  13. best race i’ve watched in a long time. its funny though most races that are exciting Hanilton always stars in them

  14. 10. A loud Thank You to the teams for keeping team-orders to an absolute minimum. They seem to have learned the lesson, and despite the nail biting moments for them, when their drivers battle it out against each other, they let us enjoy the show and the drivers get to compete fairly. The absence of TO, the new formula of F1 and the SC provided us with a race to talk about for years to come. Just feel sorry for those teams who ended this epic race with a double DNF. I look forward to learn if any drivers or teams needed to back off due to fuel consumption issues and the DRS also seemed to be well tuned for this race. If only I had had many multiple camera angles and screens to follow it all.

  15. An epic race 10/10

  16. Where are those guys who have watched F1 for 25 odd years and are not going to watch any GPs?

    1. They missed it!

  17. I think people are getting slightly carried away with the rating, probably (and understandably so) because it’s been so long since we’ve had any real battle for the lead and such brilliant drama up and down the field.

    But it’s almost as if we’ve forgotten how good F1 can really get.

    This was a Grand Prix jam-packed with action, tension, drama from start to finish. Team mates flouting the pleas of their superiors, two different approaches to strategy that kept us guessing throughout the race’s entirety, and a spectacular crash that hopefully sends a message to the FIA that changing the shape of the noses won’t deny us fans the occasional amazing sight of a flying/flipping/barrel-rolling car. You can’t ask for much more.

    But was it as good as Brazil 2012? Not quite. Plenty of on-track drama, but it lacked that extra spice – a championship wasn’t at stake, and final-race showdowns will always have that added bit of tension (or at least they did before they messed with the points).

    Was it as good as Canada 2011? Nowhere near. That is the definition of a race that had pretty much everything you could ask for.

    A 10/10 race is one where you get a special feeling inside, one that tells you that you’ve just watched something very special. Think long and hard, did you get that feeling as Hamilton crossed the line? If the answer is yes, you need to go and watch one of the two aforementioned races. If not, it’s because this race was a very good 9/10. Excellent Grand Prix, but to make it a 10 it needs something truly sensational – a driver coming back from nowhere, for example.

    1. Yes I know Riccardo and others were way back on the grid, but I mean in the context of something like Vettel in Brazil 2012: his championship charge seemed in tatters and he produced an amazing drive to turn it around. Button had dropped back to last in Canada and then somehow won from there.

    2. @jonny705 I completely agree. And I got this feeling when I watched the 2011 Canadian GP as Button crossed the line, that was the best GP in recent memory. 2012 Brazil was also a great race but not as good as 2011 Canada or 2008 Brazil, it was also ruined by a Vettel championship win.

      But yes, after a boring as crap 2013, we had forgotten what kind of a GP F1 could actually produce.

    3. Yours is not to decide what is 10/10 for other people, after all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder… Let’s just all agree that it was a cracking-good race!

  18. The race was very exciting, i like it.

  19. Fantastic race .Bit disappointed as a Williams fan but just think where the team was last year I suppose. Can’t help feeling the team need to progress quickly whilst they have
    Slight engine advantage.

  20. 9/10. I hope this in-team fight between Ham and Nico continue.

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