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Todt scraps budget cap plans for 2015

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F1F CSIn the round-up: Jean Todt admits that the FIA will not enforce a budget cap in 2015 as originally planned.


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Formula 1 cost cap plans abandoned according to FIA’s Jean Todt (Autosport)

Todt: “Most of the teams were in favour of the cost cap, but I understand that all the teams that are part of the Strategy Group are against it now. So clearly, if the commercial rights holder, and if six teams, which means 12 of 18 are against, I cannot impose it. It’s mathematics. So in this case, no more cost cap.”

Jean Todt, Christian Horner, Helmut Marko, Bahrain International Circuit, 2014

F1 bosses agree to look into ways to increase engine noise (Autosport)

“After a series of meetings over the Bahrain Grand Prix weekend to discuss the current state of F1, Autosport understands that unanimous agreement was reached for action to be taken regarding the noise. A working group is to be set up by the FIA to look into the matter, with a view of making sure that the turbo noise can increase as soon as possible.”

McLaren boss Ron Dennis urges squabbling F1 to respect the future (Sky)

Dennis: “There has to be a time, and I think that time is now, when we take a more socially-responsible position. The simple fact is that we live in a world where resources are depleting and the environment is being threatened. Yes, we are Formula 1, yes we are the pinnacle of motorsport, but being the pinnacle of motorsport means we have to have the latest technology”

‘We were not good enough – Vettel (ESPN)

Vettel: “It’s a shame we couldn’t get further up because Daniel proved there was a little bit more to get. I couldn’t really get to that bit so I’m not happy with my day. For some reason we seem to be very slow down the straights, and not just against the Mercs. We pushed hard… but obviously we were not good enough today.”

Exclusive Vijay Mallya Q&A: It’s great to break our podium jinx!

Mallya: “It is a very special moment. My job was always to make this team climb up the ladder – steadily. I always believed that 2014 – with all the new regulations – gave us a new opportunity. And so far what a good season it has been!”

Button says McLaren now second to Mercedes (Racer)

Button: “The only team that was quicker than us today was the Mercedes, Force India was obviously competitive, but I think we would have fought them very well at the end but we didn’t get the opportunity.”

FIA president resists demand for rule changes (BBCF1)

Jean Todt: “Do you hear [championship leader] Nico Rosberg complaining? Did you hear [world champion] Sebastian Vettel complaining last year? Those doing well aren’t complaining, those that aren’t, are.”

Honda and Ford could power new F1 teams in 2015 (Racecar Engineering)

“Meanwhile the Haas Automation entry could utilise Ford branded Cosworth engines, the English firm has recently opened a new office in Detroit and developed its own power unit for the 2014 season, but refused to put it into production without [an original equipment manufacturer] partner.”

Screw you Guys, I’m going home (The Buxton Blog)

“One wonders why Ferrari and Red Bull are suddenly so concerned over the opinions of the fans, when every poll conducted in the independent domain over double points repeatedly sees well over a 95% dislike of the rule, and yet they have not seen fit to push for its eradication.”


Comment of the day

With yesterday’s thrilling Bahrain Grand Prix set to become one of the most popular races ever on ‘Rate the Race’, jonny705 feels that despite the drama, it wasn’t quite deserving of a full ten out of ten…

I think people are getting slightly carried away with the rating, probably (and understandably so) because it’s been so long since we’ve had any real battle for the lead and such brilliant drama up and down the field.

But it’s almost as if we’ve forgotten how good F1 can really get.

This was a Grand Prix jam-packed with action, tension, drama from start to finish. Team mates flouting the pleas of their superiors, two different approaches to strategy that kept us guessing throughout the race’s entirety, and a spectacular crash that hopefully sends a message to the FIA that changing the shape of the noses won’t deny us fans the occasional amazing sight of a flying/flipping/barrel-rolling car. You can’t ask for much more.

But was it as good as Brazil 2012? Not quite. Plenty of on-track drama, but it lacked that extra spice – a championship wasn’t at stake, and final-race showdowns will always have that added bit of tension (or at least they did before they messed with the points).

Was it as good as Canada 2011? Nowhere near. That is the definition of a race that had pretty much everything you could ask for.

A 10/10 race is one where you get a special feeling inside, one that tells you that you’ve just watched something very special. Think long and hard, did you get that feeling as Hamilton crossed the line? If the answer is yes, you need to go and watch one of the two aforementioned races. If not, it’s because this race was a very good 9/10. Excellent Grand Prix, but to make it a 10 it needs something truly sensational – a driver coming back from nowhere, for example.

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On this day in F1

McLaren won their second race in a row at the start of the 1984 season 30 years ago today, Niki Lauda leading home team mate Alain Prost at Kyalami. Derek Warwick was third for Renault, a lap down.

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  1. Well said Todt, well said Lauda, Jeremy Clarkson is a tool and Jenson Button is on another planet if he thinks McLaren are the second best team at the moment.

    1. @tonyyeb

      I think Button’s comments, albeit optimistic, aren’t far off in regards to ‘race pace’ (quali pace they’re still pretty dismal).
      I reckon Button had a solid chance of overtaking Hulkenberg, and fighting with Perez, had the Safety Car and Gearbox Problems not arisen.

      I don’t think he necessarily had the pace for a podium, but the chance was real.

    2. @tonyyeb
      Glad to find someone else who shares the contempt for Clarkson. I think he is an obnoxious loudmouth.

    3. +1, Clarkson is a tool. He’s a loveable tool though.

    4. A lot of people seem to base “their” opinion of Senna on a gushing five-minute film he once made.
      My expectations for the race were about the same as his, and so was my reaction afterwards.

    5. @tonyyeb, Clarkson as Colonel Blimp gets the message across far more effectively than any dry, reasoned analysis does, and his criticism was spot on for F1 2013/12/11, just as his conclusion was spot on for F1 2014.

  2. I think the cost cap was unworkable, but Napoleon’s reasons for scrapping it are frightening…
    “Most of the teams were in favour, so this time we only asked the 6 richest ones, and they told us what we wanted to hear”.

  3. F1 governance has become such a joke I truly hope it does go before EU competition commission.

  4. I think people in general are a bit trigger-happy with the higher ratings on Rate the Race threads. The number of lights-to-flag Vettel snoozefests I saw last year, only to see comments like “That race was really boring, no action at the front and hardly any in the midfield. 7/10” was unbelievable. So there might be a general trend to rate races above where they might be if it was a perfectly linear 1-10 scale (if such a thing were possible with subjective opinions).

    That said, it would be churlish not to acknowledge that yesterday’s was one of the best races in recent years. In my view it had more entertainment than the whole 2013 season.

    1. @red-andy, my highest rating ever (9), and I agree more entertainment than total of 2013, and 2012 for that matter.

  5. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    7th April 2014, 9:59

    Will Buxton, you absolute ledgend!

  6. Autosport understands that unanimous agreement was reached for action to be taken regarding the noise.

    Let me look into my crystal ball and predict what may occur from these actions agreed upon today…

    I predict that the FIA will make some rule changes to force teams to fit some foreign amplification device in between the turbo and the exhaust which will some how amplify the pitch and volume of the exhaust note. After the introduction of the device, many fans at the track are taken to the hospital with terrible migraines as the pitch/note sound vibrates at such a frequency in which the inner ear cannot cope, even with normal ear plugs. Special ear plugs are then sanctioned by the FIA to help fans “enjoy” the f1 experience without a full blown migraine.

    After a couple more races, Mercedes powered cars no longer have pace, and are fighting with the Caterhams and Marussia’s as they are some 20km/h off the pace of the Ferrari’s and 5km/h off the pace of the RBR. It turns out that Ferrari had worked out a way of using the energy of the amplifier in the exhaust system to further boost their MGU-H & MGU-K systems by adding another 100kw. RBR used the inducted air needed by the amplifier to use as a blown diffuser over the rear wheels, making the car stick to the ground like glue, and as such are able to run with Monza levels of downforce at Monaco. Both systems are deemed legal by the FIA as the rules do not cater for the potential of such craftiness by the teams.

    Last but not least, tragedy strikes in Monaco, as Prince Alberts’ dog dies while at the circuit. Although the pooch had the specially sanctioned FIA ear plugs, the dogs aural sensitivity to the new pitch/note of the exhaust proved too stressful and the poor little fellow died with a massive coronary. Upon hearing of the Prince’s dog, hundreds of angry residents of the previous grand prix start writing in complaining about how their pets have also been injured. Then the law suits start rolling in, as it is discovered that pets within a 10km radius of the circuits have been affected.

    But hey, all in the day of an FIA official, pandering to the whims of those unhappy with a different sound.

    1. I read the FIA will appoint a panel to look at it. No doubt they will agree that nothing much can be done (because it requires unanimity for this year, which is never going to happen), apart from changing the microphones bernies FOM use to capture the sound and make some reccomandations for next year that might, or might not, get voted down in the WMSC later this year @dragoll

      But I had a nice read from your comment, thanks for that.

    2. Very funny and well done. But kidding aside you can be certain that Luca and Helmut will not permit a “noise” solution to be implemented that does not advantage their teams. They are not paid to look after the fans.

      Generally, the problem with modifying the noise is that the turbo is not organized with a wastegate and it’s speed is governed in part by an electric motor. So you will not hear the usual whooshing and popping that makes turbos sound cool, no matter what you do.

      Maybe the FIA can go down to Pep Boys and order a few dozen of those coffee-can exhausts normally seen on riced Civics and stick them on the back of the cars.

      1. @dmw, No waste-gate ? surely using battery power to spin the Turbo would be more efficient if it didn’t have to compress the (unused) air charge.

  7. Looks like VET is now going to be one of those drivers who have an excuse after each and every race.

  8. Why are the FIA looking in to the engine noise as a priority “due to public opinion”?

    When Sky F1 did a twitter poll on the F1 show it was a 51/49% split in favour of the engine noise being increased. Pretty much every poll I have seen regarding the double points puts it at least 90% in favour of scrapping it with many teams and media ridiculing it?

    Bernie even said it “probably wasn’t fair” in an interview this weekend.


  9. Previously announced budget cap scrapped in the middle of processing new team applications? It’s like im stuck in a time vortex!

    Hopefully i’ve travelled to bizarroworld where soon they’ll announce the scrapping of DRS to improve racing.

    1. OR.. DRS for the front wing as well.

      Let’s hope Bernie doesn’t read this.

      1. I think its time to turn up the heat and get those shortcuts and sprinklers on the go STAT

  10. Seeing Ron Dennis back in charge, I’m not sure I’m surprised that Button goes from hoping for a podium before the event got underway to being sure he could have been on the podium after retiring from the race. Granted, their pace was good, but I doubt Ron Dennis/McLaren has un-learned their lesson from seasons such as 1999, 2003, 2005, 2006 or 2012; to finish first, first you have to finish.

    1. mellow-jessica
      8th April 2014, 3:35

      @npf1 I don’t understand your comment.

      Why do you mock Button? He is a former World Champion and triathlete and my favorite driver!!

  11. I have one thing that will ensure races like that all the time. people will maybe disagree but I think the team orders ban should come back

  12. It’s rate the race. Not, rate the championship implications of the race. Disagree with this perspective of the COTD. It doesn’t get discounted because of the championship numbers. And by that every race in 2008 would get a bump because they determined whether a particular race had championship implications.

    I’ve never seen a race with so much hammer and tong battling up and down the field that I often had no idea who was in what position, it was changing from corner to corner. It was like a NASCAR race, but with real race cars and technology. Also, apart from muy Malodanado, and Bianchi, it was incredibly clean. For once, I didn’t FF through the split-screen nonsense NBC does and squinted at th inset view to see what madness would happen in the next moment.

    And unlike Canada in 11 or whatever, this was a dry race, a straight fight in normal conditions. No artificial externalities to spice anything up. And no cocked up pitstops ruining things. This race is going to be studied by people in 20 years on whatever replaces YouTube like the Prost Senna battles in McLarens. Also no team orders nonsense leaving a sour taste. Just racing.

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