Eric Boullier, McLaren, Albert Park, 2014

McLaren ‘could be best of the rest’ – Boullier

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Eric Boullier, McLaren, Albert Park, 2014Eric Boullier says McLaren can emerge as the closest challenger to Mercedes.

The McLaren racing director echoed Jenson Button’s view that a podium finish behind the two Mercedes was possible in Bahrain.

“We were just about to overtake, potentially finish in front of the Force Indias,” said Boullier. “So I agree with this, we could be the second-fastest team after Mercedes, the best of the rest.”

“But it is very, very tight with everybody.”

Button and team mate Kevin Magnussen were sidelined with a clutch failures which Boullier described as “a one-off” for the team.

Boullier doubts Mercedes’ real advantage is as much as the 1.7 second margin they had over the field during the Bahrain race. He expects the gap will vary from track to tracks.

“Monaco is an interesting case for example,” he said, “it’s a very high downforce one but you also need to have a tractable car, a well-balanced car”.

However Boullier believes lower-downforce tracks suit the MP4-29 best at the moment. “Low-downforce tracks like Monza will be another story,” he said. “Every track layout can change the pecking order.”

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