F1 drivers’ helmets guide 2014

2014 F1 season

More and more drivers seem to change their helmet design after each race, let alone between seasons.

In a change for 2014, each driver has to display the career number each of them has chosen on their helmet so they can be identified more easily.

Here’s what the drivers of 2014 are wearing at the start of the season.

Sebastian Vettel

Where better to start than the driver who has made regular changes of helmet design his calling card? Sebastian Vettel has already sported several different styles since the season began.

Daniel Ricciardo

The new occupant of the second Red Bull tends to stick with the same design.

Lewis Hamilton

The Mercedes drivers had very similar yellow helmets last year bur they’re much easier to tell apart this season. Lewis Hamilton has gone for white…

Nico Rosberg

…while Nico Rosberg has a striking black design.

Fernando Alonso

Classic blue and yellow colours for Fernando Alonso as usual.

Kimi Raikkonen

While Kimi Raikkonen’s red, white and black design is similar to the last one he used at Ferrari in 2009.

Romain Grosjean

As well as this red, white and blue helmet Romain Grosjean also has a white one for the season’s three night races, which appeared for the first time in Bahrain last weekend.

Pastor Maldonado

Familiar colours for Pastor Maldonado but a slight reinterpretation of his design from last year.

Jenson Button

Jenson Button’s helmet incorporates a Papa Smurf graphic in memory of his father who died in January.

Kevin Magnussen

A bold ‘K’ identifies the helmet of new McLaren recruit Kevin Magnussen.

Nico Hulkenberg

Hulkenberg has a classic, simple helmet we he tends to stick to.

Sergio Perez

Sergio Perez likes vivid colours and has now added some Force India orange to go with his bright yellow and green design.

Esteban Gutierrez

Another Mexican driver with a colourful helmet – Esteban Gutierrez has substituted much of the blue on his old style for red and green.

Adrian Sutil

Aside from the darker shade of silver, Adrian Sutil’s has kept his look much the same since switched teams.

Jean-Eric Vergne

Jean-Eric Vergne also uses some slightly different variations on this style.

Daniil Kvyat

The colours of the Russian flag are prominent on Daniil Kvyat’s helmet.

Valtteri Bottas

Both Williams drivers have incorporated the stripes of the team’s new title sponsor. They work well on Valtteri Bottas’s helmet…

Felipe Massa

…but clash somewhat with Felipe Massa’s. Curiously they have orientated their numbers in opposite directions.

Jules Bianchi

Small stickers on Jules Bianchi’s helmet denote his status as a Ferrari development driver.

Max Chilton

There’s no missing Max Chilton’s choice of number.

Kamui Kobayashi

A bold change for Kamui Kobayashi on his return to F1 – his previous design was red, purple and white.

Marcus Ericsson

Marcus Ericsson may have replaced Charles Pic but his blue and yellow helmet is not that dissimilar to his predecessor’s.

Test drivers’ helmets

The helmet designs being used by three of this year’s test drivers.

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Images © Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo, Lotus/LAT, Williams/LAT, McLaren/LAT, Mercedes/Hoch Zwei, Daimler/Hoch Zwei, Red Bull/Getty, Force India, Sauber, Caterham/LAT, Marussia,

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80 comments on F1 drivers’ helmets guide 2014

  1. AlonsoWDC (@alonsowdc) said on 11th April 2014, 23:05

    Is it just me or does Gutierrez’s helmet look a lot like Hamilton’s previous helmets (before 2014 anyway)?

  2. Perez is very good, just right, philosophy overall simple but with fine detail.

  3. Grego Franco (@francogrego) said on 12th April 2014, 3:03

    The stars in Pastor’s helmet are the cars he smashed into.

  4. Dafffid (@dafffid) said on 12th April 2014, 10:17

    Sorry Keith, it might suit your eyes/screen, depends what you’re watching on, but i had no trouble spotting the difference between Hamilton and Rosberg last year, whereas this year I struggle, both helmets just blend into the car – and judging by the number of mistakes Ben Edwards is making between them I’m not the only one.

  5. Patrickl (@patrickl) said on 12th April 2014, 10:40

    Most of these helmet designs look horrible and it’s often impossible to distinguish between them with all wild lines going on. Also it’s most often just red and blue on white.

    At least Rosberg and Ericsson have clean and recognizable designs. Although I like Bottas’ design too.

  6. dave (@echo7) said on 12th April 2014, 12:01

    Susie and Jenson are my top two.

  7. what will the next thing be, one helmet for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, different at every race?

  8. Theres a few drivers who had nice designs last year. Hamilton is my first, Kevin mag second, Perez third, Rosberg fourth, And Bottas fifth , for a top 5 .

    Kobayashi and sutil also have nice dedsigns.

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