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Haas want ‘experienced driver plus young American’

2015 F1 seasonPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Drivers, Melbourne, 2014Haas Formula want a mixture of experience and youth including an American for their first F1 driver line-up.

Team founder Gene Haas told media “I think we would like to have an experienced Formula One driver” when they make their entry into F1 next year or the year after.

Haas is hoping to recruit “someone who’s familiar with the current engine package rules – they’ve changed quite a bit even from last year”.

“Then going forward we would certainly like to have a young American driver, that would be an ideal situation,” he added.

“But at the moment we haven’t really narrowed it down. We’ve had quite a few people talk to us, sending in applications that they would be interested.

“But we don’t have anything at the moment, other than that we would need someone who is an experienced, current Formula One driver that maybe becomes available in the next six months to a year and maybe, let’s say a younger driver that has a lot of potential, hopefully that would be an American driver.”

Guenther Steiner said that now the team has been granted a licence by the FIA they can begin recruiting technical staff.

“The real work starts now,” he said. “We need to get the people, we need to define if we start in ’15 or ’16, and we need to pick our partner.

“And out of that will also the main – not only technical people – logistical people, All the people come from, where we go. Therefore it takes a bit of time to get there but we have spoken to people already.”

“I cannot say who is on the short list, we’re in contact with people,” he added.

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88 comments on “Haas want ‘experienced driver plus young American’”

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  1. I can see Rossi in a Haas car. But only if Caterham cannot make the 2016 field. And since Honda is re-entering F1, I could see Caterham being replaced by Andrett Autosport.

    Other potential choices could go with Scott Speed, JR Hildebrand and RHR (Even though he never competed in F1).

    1. Ben (@scuderia29)
      15th April 2014, 14:05

      scott speed lol, more like scott no-speed

  2. Whitmarsh for team boss and Button (if it is 2016) to extend his career.

  3. Rossi and Danica Patrick, as it would draw new comers to Formula 1 because of her, despite her saying no to Formula 1

  4. Ben (@scuderia29)
    15th April 2014, 14:03

    he wants it to be based in america, with an american driver..this venture just seems like an excuse to wave the stars and stripes around rather than to actually succeed

  5. Badoer! Why do all the chances for an experienced driver come too late?

  6. I was also thinking Rossi.. how about Rossi/DiResta!?

    1. Montoya on a one year deal.. to ‘get them started’

      1. JPM is having doubts about Haas entering into F1 and says that Gene is mad.

        So don’t expect JPM to hop into the Haas bandwagon.

    2. Di Resta is another driver who can help out the team. Just hire Paul’s cousin Dario as a strategist.

  7. He should go with the best available in the market instead of putting the brand new car on a rookie’s hands..the car needs to be developed and the feedback from a rookie wouldn’t help much, I would rather go with drivers with 2+ years of experience

  8. The American has got to be, without a doubt, Alexander Rossi or Connor Daly; but I think they’ll pick whoever brings more money and I think they might be Rossi.
    As for the experienced driver, I’m going to go with Pedro de la Rosa; he didn’t long ago lose a seat in Formula 1. Plus, he brings a small amount of money as well; half a million dollars I believe it is.
    Summary – De La Rosa/Rossi

  9. Best pairing would have to be paul di resta and lewis hamilton as hamiltons contract will be up at the end of 2016 and that also give paul the chance to work more closely with mercedes as the reserve driver to get the experience of the new 1.6 turbo engines

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