Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, Shanghai International Circuit, 2014

Raikkonen surprised by Domenicali departure

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Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, Shanghai International Circuit, 2014In the round-up: Three races into his Ferrari comeback, Kimi Raikkonen admits his surprise at seeing Stefano Domenicali leave the team.


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‘Life goes on’ for Kimi despite changes (ESPN)

“Everybody was a bit surprised but obviously that was Stefano’s own decision as I understand. If he felt like that then fair enough and life goes on.”

Fernando Alonso’s reaction to new Ferrari team principal betrays turmoil (The Guardian)

Luca di Montezemolo: “I’ve decided to go for a young manager I strongly believe in, and on a person from the Ferrari family, thus avoiding me going around the world looking for some mercenary. Let’s look ahead. We all must roll up our sleeves in order to be competitive again.”

Ferrari president guarantees success (The Telegraph)

“The first person at being not satisfied at the moment is me. But don’t worry, I’m putting myself on the line: Mattiacci is the right choice, we’ll get back to winning ways very soon.”

Nico Rosberg confirms clear-the-air talks with Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton after thrilling Bahrain battle (The Independent)

“That one incident was the only example where I thought it was above the limits. All the other examples were really tough racing, but with the necessary respect.”

Rosberg: ‘No dodgy dossier’ (Sky)

“It is completely normal for teams after races where a lot has happened that you sit down and discuss what has happened and we will do that – we are going to do that today.”

Maldonado: penalties will ruin racing (Autosport)

“Ten years ago everyone was fighting and touching each other, because there were no penalties. Now we need to adapt ourselves.”

Maldonado clears the air with Gutierrez (Reuters)

“He (Gutierrez) said ‘I didn’t see you’ because – it’s difficult to say – because the image is not that clear depending on which perspective you see.”

Red Bull no longer F1’s benchmark: Webber (The Age)

“They’re not the benchmark either, any more. The team’s under a little bit of heat early in the championship. They’re a quality team and they’ll be back, under the leadership of Adrian Newey – particularly on the design front.”

Susie Wolff ready to make F1 history as first woman in a weekend line-up for 22 years (The Mirror)

“I don’t think some of them react well to being beaten by a woman. I had a team mate who would be in tears if I beat him in qualifying.”

Mercedes 2014 power unit – side view (F1)

“Unlike Renault, Mercedes have separated the hot side of the turbo (in red) from the cold side (in blue) and have the MGU-H mounted in the ‘V’ of the engine between the two parts of the turbo.”

A history of Ferrari’s sporting directors (MotorSport)

“With a strong family connection to Lancia, a degree in Political Science and a long history of success in top-level rallying, [Cesare Fiorio] seemed well suited. Yet he fell out with Alain Prost and was kicked to the kerb after Monaco in 1991. It’s a demanding job that has chewed up and spat out many good people.”


Comment of the day

What should be job number one for new Ferrari team principal Marco Mattiacci? Riccardo has a view:

I believe one of the first priorities for the new team principal will be to keep Alonso at the team.

I mean, McLaren may be a gamble, but as he’s nearing the end of his career he may want to change if another team looks a better shot at the title.
Riccardo (@Donuts)

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