Pastor Maldonado, Lotus, Shanghai International Circuit, 2014

Maldonado accepts blame for pit crash

2014 Chinese Grand PrixPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Pastor Maldonado, Lotus, Shanghai International Circuit, 2014Pastor Maldonado admitted his crash on the way into the pits during the second practice session in China was his own mistake.

“The incident this afternoon was a mistake from my side,” said the Lotus driver.

“I was a little optimistic on the entry to the pits, and the run off is quite short, but that’s how it is. It’s a tricky part of the track and we’ve seen incidents there before.”

Maldonado had an eventful start to the weekend on Friday as he also spun his car after driving off the track at turn nine while changing the settings on his steering wheel.

However he was pleased with the progress he made during the two sessions and believes a top ten finish is a realistic prospect.

“We tried different set-ups in the car and completely different philosophies so now we have more data to analyse and look at in preparation for tomorrow,” he said.

“The car is improving – the power unit seems to be better and more consistent – so we’re making good progress. Our quali mode is better, which is something we are working on, so hopefully this weekend will be much better for us. Points are realistic, so we’ll do our best to achieve that.”

2014 Chinese Grand Prix

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  1. Good to see Lewis’s gravel trap is still there… it made sure Pastor had no control over his car.
    What’s it doing there, is it for bikes or something?

    1. @bullfrog I love the way you say ‘ Lewis’ gravel trap ‘ . Sounds like the senna Ss besides it’s a gravel trap LOL ;-)

      1. Now it is also Maldonado’s gravel trap:-)

  2. ok so here I am thinking after reading the headline that Maldonado is accepting responsibility for Bahrain, but NO! this is ANOTHER crash from China, what is wrong with this man! He’s got more crash videos on youtube than I can count. He needs to leave the sport NOW!!!!

  3. All right all you armchair Andrettis. Admit that he’s doing a better job than you could. Now that that’s past us. I say ban him from F1.

  4. Honestly, I dont seem to understand why there is so much hate for Pastor. I mean, its not his fault that that he had PDVSA supporting him. They would support anyone from Venezuela if they show the acheivement that Pastor had(the guy won GP2 at 2010). He had the money, Lotus wanted the money, he got the drive. It was not his choice, it was Lotus’.

    I am not defending him but most of his crashes were either racing error or lapse of human judgement. Its not something new in F1. I dont believe anyone would deliberately crash in anyone with the intention of spoiling ones race…except Schumacher and Senna and Piquet Jr.
    I give the benefit of doubt to Pastor, he is fast but not consistent and slightly reckless but hey most of the drivers in F1 are or were once like that.

    1. @1abe: Only difference is that this it seems as if Maldonado’s learning curve has settled on a negative angle. That combined with the fact that the cars of 2014 has become more difficult to drive, mixed with a lot of changes clearly indicates that Maldonado’s talent and abilities has been over matched substantially. We all fear that he will cause a really bad accident or that he will ruin the race for some of the drivers we care (more) for.

      1. @palle If its a curve, then hopefully there is a upward turn as well. He is talented no doubt but it’s seems his talent suits Derby demolition rather than F1. Pastor just needs to look at his teammate for inspiration. Grosjean had a shoddy 2012 but ended 2013 with a bang. Pastor need not wait for a year. But that completely depends how responsible he feels and how much he wants to set the record straight.

        1. You can’t compare Mal with Gros. The latter accepted the blame for his mistakes and rectified. Mal has shown no remorse so far and unless Lotus produces a superb car, which is very easy to drive, Mal will continue his crash campaign straight out of F1 this season. He has clearly run out of talent, especially with the increased difficulty level this season.

    2. If u include Senna you must include Prost as well

  5. Wow, it’s a miracle! Finally after 3 and a bit years of carnage and crashing, Crashtor Stupidado has finally accepted blame for his own mistake!

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