Jenson Button, McLaren, Shanghai International Circuit, 2014

Rate the race: 2014 Chinese Grand Prix

2014 Chinese Grand PrixPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Jenson Button, McLaren, Shanghai International Circuit, 2014What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Chinese Grand Prix.

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Rate the 2014 Chinese Grand Prix out of ten

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2014 Chinese Grand Prix

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178 comments on “Rate the race: 2014 Chinese Grand Prix”

        1. I can’t understand how the teams have already solved reliability issues, fuel issues and now we are seeing again the tire formula…… so sad….. I want back my durable tires please. I want to see drivers to push at 100%. Please pirelli produce some black things that these drivers can use all the time….

      1. I voted 4. And that was with the team radio and the result giving it +1 each. Otherwise I think I would have gone with 2/10. Total snooze fest. I’m glad it was an 8am and not a 6am race otherwise I would have simply fallen back asleep.

        Great to see Lewis take a hat trick though. Not to jynx it too early, but anyone think he could threaten Vettel/Ascari’s 9 in a row??

          1. I might be bit bias as I’m a Webber fan but at the moment, I don’t rate Rosberg (2012-2014) higher than Webber (2009-2013). It is this ever lasting idea that HAM/ROS will be SEN/PRO whilst it really is a walk in the park by Hamilton.

            In Melbourne Ham had to retire. In Malaysia he was so far behind it was just ridiculous, in Bahrein they had fun but it was a serious slap on the wrist for Rosberg. Today, another flawless race by Ham and Ros pretty average really. Took way to long to pass everyone to even think about fighting with Hamilton.

            Webber at least took the fight to Vettel on some occasions. Not many, but some, expecially in 2010, first half of 2012. I don’t see Rosberg threatening Hamilton any time soon. I hope to be wrong though, but I fear I’m not.


            @nick-uk Without a mechanical failure, I think Hamilton will win every race of the season. 9 in a row is possible for sure, 14 this season. Surely!

        1. And the farcical race shortening by the chequered flag mistake.. FIA rule set in disarray, just like with the Safety Car in 2010.. so technically they could flag the race after any time and call it a day there and then….. almost looks like an attempt to see what shorter races could be like!

      1. Only thing missing is the wheel to wheel battle between the team mates and there a few second between all top 10 position except hulk and botthas, the race finished up in a procession…..maybe a little rain will spice up things but that did not happen

      2. 7 For me as well. The strategy was interesting. Too bad Massa had to retire he would definitely have made the race more enjoyable by having a go at the redbulls. Also RIC was not very far from ALO, a bit faster and it would have been a great end of race

          1. It is increasingly clear that Kimi really needs the perfect setup to shine. Interestingly this also seems to be the case with Vettel.

            It’s worth noting that Kimi tends to up his game once we hit Europe.

            Also that Alonso seems to have a teleportation device for starts, and a force field that protects his car from flailing attacks by Massa! ;)

        1. totally disagree! i don´t like alonso at all. in fact, i wish him always the worst! but the guy is really one of the best drivers ever! no matter how which shape his car is in or the team, he always delivers more than what everybody expects. or achieves the maximum that was there to grasp. something you can say about massa or now, sadly, about kimi. and i know, ´cuz i´ve always been wishing him the worst! the guy is really good, and kimi is just another massa. too bad…

  1. I predicted 9/10 top 10 finishers. My 10th was Massa who had his pitstop error. Of those 10 I have 4 on their correct places and those 5 others only one spot wrong due to Massa. Predictable much.

    Saw some overtakes, okay. Hamilton his first hattrick. That is cool. Driver of the race would be Alonso. Of the weekend, Hamilton once more.

  2. Well, I want 5.5, but voted 5. It was pretty much the most average race. Not bad, not great, just average. It was better than Malaysia, due to there being a few battles out there, and, whilst the battle for the lead was non-existent, there was still a small amount of tension when following Alonso. I think that this track, along with Malaysia, don’t really suit these cars. I have a feeling that the European season may spice things up a bit though, the tracks should be more suiting. Monaco could be immense.

    1. I voted 5 as well.

      My experience of this race was a little different to before as I listened to it on Radio 5 Live. I was at the WEC in Silverstone and they didn’t have a screen/TV showing the race live. Needed to avoid spoilers so had to radio it in.

    1. It can be hard to compare, but in my book, so far, Daniel Ricciardo is not only doing a better job than Sebastian Vettel but he is also doing a better job than Mark Webber.

  3. Do not enjoy watching a race with Team Orders, specially when they outright lie to one driver.

    Massa and Williams again dropping the ball.

    Amazing Job by Hamilton and Rosberg, no team orders = everyone is doing their best.

    1. Team Orders at Red Bull, they are australian after all, just like Ric. I did not enjoy them making it seem like Ric was on a different strategy. I can’t stand team orders. They also botched Vettels timing on all stops and lost track position.

          1. He didn’t DECIDE not to race Alonso.He simply tried but with low top speed of Red Bull he really had no chance to pass him on the start. Btw i am not Vettel fan by any means…

        1. No because we’re talking about Hamilton. Don’t you see that logic only applies when we’re talking about Vettel. Jeez. Just as in F1, F1 fans never use any form of consistency.

        2. It has allways been mainly about who builds the cars. However, in earlier years, when the drivers market was more vivid and drivers were changing teams more quickly, the strongest team often had the strongest drivers, too. Or at least I don´t recall anybody questioning Prost/Senna being the two strongest drivers in 88/89. Today, one can only guess which of up to 8 different drivers would be the top driver-pair, and it´s highly questionable it would be the current Merc-drivers.
          That said, 17 of the last 21 world-championships were won by either Ross Brawn or Adrian Newey, and the seasons not won by either of these two mostly had them pausing or having switched to a new team. No pair of drivers has a statistic even close to that.

      1. You must be joking: did you not see the Vettel vs. Ricciardo fight Mr md? Wow, I guess no matter what Vettel will do, you guys will always hate him cause he had the guts to race Webber and gave him a run for his money too!

        1. Its totally all about the car !
          Vettel is a crap driver and its newey alone who wins titles . Hamilton is also crap and its only because Brawn left because he wanted to drive but couldnt get his fat ass in the car that he quit ! Other wise brawn would be WDC 2014

  4. I told you not to get too exited last race, it was a drama fixed by Mercedes so they cannot lose their advantage by the rule change 6/10 just for Alonso’s podium the rest was extremely boring

    1. it was a drama fixed by Mercedes so they cannot lose their advantage by the rule change

      Please tell me you’re joking, because that’s one of the most tin-foiled nut-job theories I’ve ever heard.

  5. Decent but not as interesting. But ran away with the race but pretty much everyone behind him had a good race. Nico is really dissatisfied with his result. Hope this rivalry lasts throughout the season.

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