Jenson Button, McLaren, Shanghai International Circuit, 2014

Rate the race: 2014 Chinese Grand Prix

2014 Chinese Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Jenson Button, McLaren, Shanghai International Circuit, 2014What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Chinese Grand Prix.

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2014 Chinese Grand Prix

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178 comments on “Rate the race: 2014 Chinese Grand Prix”

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  1. Well, well…because there were no safety car in this Chinese GP, we had a 5 point race. Everyone voted 9 and 10 for the last race, putting aside the safety car factor, and now they have to put the feet back on the ground, because this is the reality. So, no surprise in a suffering 5 point race.

    Congrats to Alonso, Ricciardo, Hulk and Kvyat. Frustrating race for Nico, Vettel, the Maclaren and the Williams. I’m probably going to watch a good game of curling now and hope to have some fun this morning…

    1. Last race was incredible, also before the SC.

      1. @losd Wouldn’t say incredible. It was good, but not spectacular. More competition by far and by comparison with this race, but nothing incredible happened before the sc. However, the sc was a brilliant game changer, and show time happened in the last 15 laps.

  2. Really dreary procession. Massa’s pit stop was the highlight for me. Almost fell asleep toward the end. Awful.

  3. There’s really nothing much more to say about this race apart from this: 5/10.

  4. Alonso-2012 version. He almost tried to figt with Mercedes. It was great to see.
    Kimi is good too: without any settings for a race he was able to finish in top 10.
    Hulk is definitely incredible.
    Daniil is better then Vergne.
    Willims should think more about its pilots. They are terrible. So many points were thrown away. Feel sorry for this team.

    1. Alonso drove into Massa and Rosberg drove into Bottas. Not sure how terrible the Williams drivers are, but they have terrible luck.

      1. Massa is more WHOOOOHOOOO(= some sort of crazy) than ALO, obviously. Massa had a fantastic start indeed, but he moved to the sides so much, like there was a 1-1 fight. Massa simply forgot there he is surrounded by cars, so he must pay attention too, although faster. Alonso barely moved to the left.

        1. @corrado-dub To fair, I saw that large move as trying to avoid a collision with a slow RIC – that gap was vanishing at a rapid rate. There was enough room between ALO and RIC, but once ALO starting squeezing the space there was nowhere to go. It’s lucky he wasn’t pushed into RIC as well.

          Anyone know what was likely to have happened if he had been sandwiched between two cars?

      2. to juan fanger: It was a racing incident and not Alonso’s or Rosberg’s fault. And two – Williams drivers are terrible.

    2. @slava, How can you say that Kvyat is better than Vergne? He has just raced 4 Gps at this level. Is not fair to compared the two at this point. And it’s not fair to say that williams pilots are terrible. However, you may start by the car. Is the Williams car so competitive as was said in the beginning on this championship?

  5. 6/10 . Could have been better had Alonso not nudged Massa in the start .

  6. hated RBR for the team orders. wanted to vote 5, but cause i am a hamilton fan so 6 it is.

  7. Average race, its like 2013 all again only this time HAM dominating.

  8. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    20th April 2014, 10:09

    Gave it 4.

    Wasn’t a terribly exciting race. However, it wasn’t completely boring considering this Shanghai circuit just isn’t conducive to on the limit wheel-to-wheel racing.

    The mid-field was a lot more spread out than I expected it to be which meant we got hardly any battles from them.

    The most exciting parts were the brief Alonso-Vettel battle, and the scrap between the two red bulls. Other than that, not a whole heap happene.

    Kudos to:
    – Ricciardo for putting another thorough beating on Vettel yet again.
    – Rosberg for getting P2 despite a pretty poor race overall.
    – Alonso for snagging a podium despite the car being pretty poor.
    – Hamilton for just dominating with ease. Yeaaaaaaahhhh!!

    1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      20th April 2014, 10:10

      Sorry typo, gave it a 6. Not a 4. Whoops!

  9. Frustratingly bad race for vettel fans 5/10 from me

  10. The first lap was great, the rest….meh

  11. Who knows what the race was like if we were watching it at home. The broadcast direction was pitiful.

  12. 5/10

    Quite boring race with not much action on track. I was happy when vettel ignored team orders but my happiness lasted only 1 lap when RBR lied him that Ricciardo is on different strategy. Williams again messed it up for Massa. Also don’t know what FOM was doing today, majority of the passes were seen on replays.

    Great drive from Alonso and Hamilton.

  13. Well, after an intetresting start, mainly due to technical issues with the new format, this race really disappointed. A whole lap between winner and 10th position, with very little in the way of racing and on track overtaking. Rosberg was brilliant after a difficult start and technical problems, Alonso had a very good race for a change and the Red Bulls managed to keep up. Other than that a very bland uneventyful parade. So its back to the last few seasons format, front row get podiums and everyone follows in a strung out line.

  14. 6/10 for me. Objectively it should be a 4. +1 for Fernando great drive and Ferrari resurrection and ultimately +1 for Ricciardo exposing Vettel again justifying my yesterday comments about how average in essence Vettel is.
    And one other thing that RBR straight line speed is pathetic I know that they were never top notch in that respect but with their engine’s obvious deficiencies what was a calculated risk is now a chasm.
    I mean when Rosberg overtook Ricciardo he was 0.896 behind when they got on the straight and managed to take him… amazing…
    RBR probably should send a thank you note to Ecclestone axing Korea and India…

    1. @philby: 4 times World champion, two of them decided in the last race of the year = average driver, riiiight.

  15. 6/10

    Average race but not one I will be remembering for long though, bring on the European season I say!

  16. 3. Pretty dull. If I have to compare it to Bahrain, I would score it a 0.

  17. 7/10 – Perhaps not very exciting, but the strategic battle was very interesting: Vettel dropping back, Alonso moving up. It has to be said that it’s very difficult to follow the strategies with a lack of proper live timing (seriously FOM, get your act together).

    The circuit seems to be a bit of a culprit here. The first sector encourages drivers to run side-by-side for a long time, but apart from that there is no way drivers could run closely. The reason I dislike the ‘long straight followed by a hairpin’ philosophy is twofold: the battle is over after one corner and drivers will wait for the easier overtaking spot. I guess that’s the reason why it looked dreadfully boring today.

    Anyway, I enjoyed it, even though the last fifteen laps were 100% superfluous.

    1. yes @andae23, I agree, they should have shown that flag a bit more than 1 lap early!

    2. Not as superfluous as the last two…

    3. the last fifteen laps were 100% superfluous.

      That is literally true in the case of the last two laps.

    4. @andae23

      a lack of proper live timing

      Ah, indeed, this thing drives me nuts!

  18. 6/10 Mercedes too OP, pls nerf.

  19. Meh/10

    Was always going to be a tough ask after Bahrain.

  20. Darren Danga
    20th April 2014, 11:00

    It seems like NR is just bitter LH qualified better raced and managed the race better. Those are the facts I don’t see NR giving LH good competition he will buckle up! Remember FA at Mclaren and JB and LW played better! He is the best wheel to wheel driver on that grid simple straight forward!

    1. Probably helps that both of those guys already were F1 champions when they teamed up with Hamilton, NR still feels like he needs to prove it; they knew they could do it, that is quite a big difference I think. Still, not like FA really handled it great. I thought Nico had begun to recover himself during the podium, and hope he is back for more in Spain.

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