Rate the race: 2014 Chinese Grand Prix

2014 Chinese Grand Prix

Jenson Button, McLaren, Shanghai International Circuit, 2014What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Chinese Grand Prix.

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2014 Chinese Grand Prix

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178 comments on Rate the race: 2014 Chinese Grand Prix

  1. AJ (@av2290) said on 20th April 2014, 15:43

    wait…what…there was a race today? yawn.

  2. Irejag (@irejag) said on 20th April 2014, 15:45

    Get this boring track off the Calender, please. It seems like all of the tracks that take over 01:30.000 to complete a lap tend to be on the more boring side of things. I gave this race a 1. Never before have I rated a race that low but this was the perfect example of a parade. The ONLY exciting thing that happened was Massa’s pit blunder.

  3. Harry (@hazzwright) said on 20th April 2014, 16:34

    I knew it wasn’t going to be edge of seat stuff like Bahrain but I think the race was still enjoyable, with the Red Bull battle and Rosberg hunting down 2nd place keeping me entertained

  4. hobbsy009 (@hobbsy009) said on 20th April 2014, 16:41

    As a sequel to my comment about Herman Tilke making the race in Bahrain with such as great track, it must be said Shanghai does not led itself to great racing. Other elements, such as the extreme tyre wear does help, but the actual track layout doesnt. That back straight is just ridiculous- the corner leading up to it isnt that great either and the last turn is just awful for drivers to overtake into turn 1. Drivers need to be able to pick more than 1 line the corner before a turn to set up a move and they just cant do that in China.

  5. CashNotClass (@cashnotclass) said on 20th April 2014, 17:02

    I chose 5/10, a pretty average race that was amusing due to a few scraps, chats, and a slightly different strategies. The point deduction is due to the track, the DRS, and the lack of amusing battles that played out over a few laps. So much for safety-car Bahrain proving that everything is just ‘PERFECT’ with F1, eh?

  6. craig-o (@craig-o) said on 20th April 2014, 17:29

    Dull. 4. Only surprise was Rosberg being so poor and Grosjean finding speed in the Lotus. Farcical at the end with arguably the best overtake in the race being nullified.

  7. Roland Deschain (@f12014sucks) said on 20th April 2014, 18:08

    Yawnfest without rain or the SC like in Bahrain.

    Nice to see Alonso and RBR start to perform but where is Mclaren? They are shamed again this year and Dennis nor Boullier can do a thing about it. Meanwhile it’s the same as the Vettel years, just with Hamilton instead.

    The V8s made for better racing and better audio plus faster cars, regardless!

  8. XaviPerez said on 20th April 2014, 18:46

    Mercedes have become the only team in F1 history to score pole + win + fastest lap + lead every lap of the opening 4 GP’s of a season

  9. geekracer2000 (@geekracer2000) said on 20th April 2014, 19:00

    Booooring, gave it 3/10 because there were some overtaking moves . But over all incredibly dull race. They can cut last 15 laps on forthcoming races without any problems, no thing gonna happen anyway except Kobayashi overtaking someone perhaps.

  10. JackySteeg (@jackysteeg) said on 20th April 2014, 19:25

    Not a bad race, but aside from the antics from the Red Bulls, not much to get excited about. If there was one good thing about this race, it was that there was nothing that frustrated me with modern F1. Tyres weren’t a dominant factor, neither was fuel saving, and DRS passes were nowhere near as easy as they’ve been in the past. It was just an regular processional race. 5/10

  11. Ed Marques (@edmarques) said on 20th April 2014, 19:32

    7. Hamilton was perfect again and we saw a great race from Alonso and Ricciardo.
    Few good battles on the track and on the strategy side.

  12. Matt Clark (@mattc888) said on 20th April 2014, 19:43

    Was going to give it a 5 but had to dock another point for the flag debacle. Seriously disappointed with how many poor decisions, errors and stupid mistakes I’ve seen in the running of this sport recently, especially in the context that this is supposed to be at the pinnacle of world sporting/entertainment. Even the website is an absolute joke that is outdated and of poor quality. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore this sport, I’d never miss a GP, and I always approach every race weekend optimistic of a thrilling contest, but I can’t fathom how there is such an abundance of fail embedded in the organization.

  13. Peter Cotterill (@stigrennfahrer) said on 20th April 2014, 20:04

    I never fall asleep when watching F1, but I did today…it was pretty dull overall, although it had some impressive moments. I gave it 5/10.

  14. Deej92 (@deej92) said on 20th April 2014, 20:40

    4/10. It was a pretty dull race. I don’t mind seeing Hamilton winning races, but there wasn’t much going on behind him on this occasion.

    I also have to mention McLaren’s decline in form. It’s quite remarkable how far off they are with the Mercedes PU. Imagine if a Renault engine was in the back of that thing? They were top after Melbourne and everything looked rosy. But now the car somehow looks to be no improvement on the MP4-28, relatively. Hopefully some updates in Barcelona will give them something to shout about. And where is this title sponsor you spoke of, Ron?

  15. Adam Last said on 20th April 2014, 20:41


    Please don’t argue with me

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