Pirelli hard tyre, Silverstone, 2013

More ‘no tyre warmer’ tests for Pirelli

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Pirelli hard tyre, Silverstone, 2013In the round-up: Pirelli are still working on tyres which will function without warmers ahead of their planned introduction in 2015.


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Pirelli: tyre tests massive step forward (Autosport)

“We are learning for next year and had one small look at running again with no [tyre warmer] blankets and we have to write a technical report for the FIA on that.”

Raikkonen not daunted by slow start (ESPN)

“Sometimes it’s hard to see from the outside but we know ourselves. I was pretty happy with the car in Bahrain and in China we had some issues early on and couldn’t run, which didn’t help.”

Bernie’s tax issue (Motorsport)

“Had the HMRC laid claim to that £1.2 billion, it would have been spent on national health, schools, roads, defence – all the usual things. Given that a big chunk of the money originates from morally dubious government regimes, do we think that Bernie’s aim all along has just been to redistribute the wealth away from evil and towards good?”


Comment of the day

Melker Thomson’s recollections of watching the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix:

The worst thing with this weekend to me was the Eurosport commentators. They pretended it was business as usual even when cars were flying around all over the place.

Even when there were TV pictures of Watkins giving CPR to Ratzenberger they pretended they didn’t understand how serious it was.

And then just before the start they were completely tasteless. They interviewed Gerhard Berger and wondered if he wasn’t excited about the race. He reminded them that his countryman lost his life the day before and they just walked away from him then.

Then comes the big blow and everything stops when it is learned that Senna is dead after a big shunt too. Then suddenly they seemed to remember Ratzenberger too.

Ratzenberger up until that point was treated as “collateral damage”. Nobody cared. Now suddenly it was two dead. It was among the most disgusting scenes I have seen in any sport with a total lack of moral standards in the way they handed especially the first tragedy. He didn’t count until Senna also suffered.

Otherwise Watkins said that the track he hated most was Monza because there anything could happen. It could be very brutal. I certainly got the same apocalyptic feeling as with September 10, 1978 on that horrible day 1994.
Melker Thomson (@Melthom)

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On this day in F1

Twenty yeasrs ago today Roland Ratzenberger lost his life when he crashed during qualifying for the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix at Imola. It was the first fatal accident at an F1 race weekend in 12 years.

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