Kamui Kobayashi, Caterham, Shanghai International Circuit, 2014

Smaller teams query F1’s compliance with EU law

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Kamui Kobayashi, Caterham, Shanghai International Circuit, 2014In the round-up: Four of F1’s smallest teams told the FIA in a letter they believe some aspects of the sport’s governance may not comply with EU law as it applies to sports.


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Is the EU going to get involved in F1? (The Telegraph)

“The meeting called for [today] largely came about because four of the smaller teams – Marussia, Caterham, Sauber, and Force India – wrote a letter to [Jean] Todt in which they expressed their unhappiness at the abandoning of the cost cap. While it did not state that they will go knocking on the European Commission’s door, it did reference the legality of F1’s governance within the context of EU law.”

F1’s smaller teams want reassurance on cost cuts (Reuters)

Force India deputy principal Bob Fernley: “It was a unanimous agreement to introduce cost controls and a cost cap… the question that we have is how can something that’s unanimous across all teams and stakeholders be overruled by a strategy group? For us, that’s the crux of the matter.”

Revealed: F1’s new cost cut scheme (Autosport)

“The ideas that are up for discussion during Thursday’s meeting are: 2015 – Tyre blanket ban, fuel system simplification, brake duct simplification, front wing simplification, gearbox usage flow brought in line with engine life, increase in curfew, ban on front and rear interconnected suspension.”

Formula One race in Baku confirmed after deal officially signed (Inside the Games)

“‘We have signed the deal with Bernie Ecclestone and will announce it officially with an event in Baku shortly,’ said Azad Rahimov, Azerbaijan’s Minister of Youth and Sports, who is also the chief executive of Baku 2015.”

David Brabham Blog: Imola 1994 (Brabham)

“I was asked in the evening if I wanted to race on the Sunday or not, the team and the FIA said it was my call. I had never experienced losing a team mate before, so I just didn’t know what to do. My mind was all over the place and I just couldn’t think clearly enough. For whatever reason, I suggested I do the warm up and see how it went and then make a decision.”

Ratzenberger ‘should have Imola tribute’ (BBC)

“Brabham believes [Roland] Ratzenberger should at least have a ‘simple plaque’ at the circuit to commemorate him.”

No More Formula One Modding Content on VirtualR (VirtualR)

“From now on, VirtualR will not be showcasing or hosting any modding content related to Formula One cars or F1-related content, all past postings featuring such content have been removed from VirtualR. […] As you have probably guessed correctly by now, this action is taken due request from the license owners (Formula One World Championship Limited). Needless to say, I can’t and won’t take any risks in this matter, so the above rule will be enforced with absolutely no exceptions.”

Roland Ratzenberger: Memories of a friend (Adam Cooper’s F1 Blog)

“Once we even discussed Austria’s appalling run of racing tragedies – Jochen Rindt, Helmuth Koinigg, Jo Gartner and the sadly forgotten F2 driver, Markus Hottinger. He was not impressed when I mispronounced the latter as ‘Hot,’ instead of something like ‘Hurt,’ with an umlaut. We didn’t know that a couple of years later he would join that sad list.”

Ayrton Senna: F1 photographer Keith Sutton recalls a remarkable journey (The Guardian)

“‘Bernie Ecclestone called,’ [F1 photographer Keith] Sutton says. ‘And he said: ‘I’ve been getting your press releases and I’d really like to speak to Ayrton and give him a test drive in the Brabham.’ I thought great, so I just put him in touch and then it all started.'”

The glorious majesty of Imola (McLaren)

“So, yes, Imola will always be associated with Ayrton’s death, and understandably so, but for me it will also always be associated with the beginning of the European season, with Italy in the spring, with Ferrari, with McLaren, and with the beauty and majesty of the sport of Formula One being played out on a wonderful racetrack that I may never visit again but I will for ever cherish having seen at its glorious best.”

Nico Rosberg via Facebook

“Twenty years since the tragic events in [Imola] of Ratzenberger and Senna. I was sitting in the kitchen in Monaco with my mum and my cousin and we were listening to the radio long into the afternoon and evening for news on his condition. As a result of these terrible accidents our sport has been made so much safer over the years and several more deaths have been avoided since. Let´s never stop to improve safety.”


Comment of the day

A memory of Ratzenberger from @Magnificent-Geoffrey:

What I’ll always remember about Roland Ratzenberger was the story Heinz-Harald Frentzen recalled about when they went to a Japanese nightclub during their time racing in the Japanese Touring Car Championship.

They were in the club when Ratzenberger apparently spotted or heard a young woman in distress. The woman was being assaulted by a male attacker wielding a knife. Roland confronted the man with no regard for his own personal safety and was able to see him off before helping his victim to safety.

Ratzenberger really was a hero. It’s a terrible tragedy that his life and career were cut so brutally short.

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On this day in F1

No one reading this is likely to need reminding that today is the twentieth anniversary of the death of Ayrton Senna.

On a more cheerful note, today was also the day which saw Senna’s first race victory after moving to McLaren, which he scored at the same circuit in 1988:

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