Caption Competition 50: Sebastian Vettel

Caption Competition

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, 2014

Sebastian Vettel tried his hand at calligraphy during the Chinese Grand Prix weekend. How did he get on?

Submit your funniest suggestion for this week’s caption competition in the comments below.

As usual a selection of the best will appear in the next F1 Fanatic round-up.

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Image © Red Bull/Getty

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113 comments on Caption Competition 50: Sebastian Vettel

  1. Dan (@danf115) said on 3rd May 2014, 12:24

    Vettel: “So what’s this actually say?”
    Man: “Let Ricciardo through please.”

  2. David (@ringridder) said on 3rd May 2014, 12:33

    It’s still easier to understand than the RB10..!

  3. RRRacer007 (@rrracer007) said on 3rd May 2014, 12:35

    You clearly haven’t learnt from Germany 2012 Seb, you can’t go over the lines!

  4. Lewis McMurray (@celicadion23) said on 3rd May 2014, 12:36

    Man “What are you writing here Seb?”
    Vettel “A contract. You’re my new team mate now. Daniel is too fast, but I think I can handle an old Chinese man.”

  5. iAltair (@ialtair) said on 3rd May 2014, 12:37

    That’s his name pronounced in Chinese.

  6. PhilEReid (@philereid) said on 3rd May 2014, 12:41

    The man looks disapprovingly at Sebastian’s third drawing after Sebastian tells him proudly that he’s actually drawing Alonso’s eyebrows along with the nose of the Force India and an old land-line telephone.

  7. AMR (@aiera-music) said on 3rd May 2014, 12:43

    “I think this one will look the best on the next of my four thousand helmet designs this year!”

  8. Toro Stevo (@toro-stevo) said on 3rd May 2014, 12:54

    Vettel is getting an early start brushing up on some of Tilke’s new track designs.

  9. hunocsi (@hunocsi) said on 3rd May 2014, 12:55

    “And after the characters, Sebastian, I am going to teach you about the importance of numbers in order, especially of 3 and 1.”

  10. minnis (@minnis) said on 3rd May 2014, 12:59

    After seeing Daniel’s attempts on the wall behind him, Sebastian tries desperately to finally beat his new team-mate at something.

  11. James Brickles (@brickles) said on 3rd May 2014, 13:00

    Plans for Sebastian Vettel’s 1000th helmet design seem to be progressing well.

  12. Gill (@gill) said on 3rd May 2014, 13:07

    Vettel explaining the role of Dr Helmut Marko ….

  13. Andrew said on 3rd May 2014, 13:18

    Sebastian: “Looks like a Red Bull on Pole.” Calligrapher: “Yeah right!”

  14. Flip J (@flipjj) said on 3rd May 2014, 13:27

    “Ok, so that’s ‘go f$#% yourself’, how do I write ‘Ricciardo’?”

  15. Yappy said on 3rd May 2014, 13:33

    This is the contract for a Honda engine and not some cheap knock-off?

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