Stefano Domenicali, Nigel Stepney, Ferrari, 2006

‘Spygate’ protagonist Stepney killed in car crash

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Stefano Domenicali, Nigel Stepney, Ferrari, 2006In the round-up: Nigel Stepney, who worked for Benetton, Lotus and Ferrari and gained notoriety after his involvement in the ‘spygate’ affair, has died aged 56.

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Nigel Stepney 1958 – 2014 (JRM)

“JRM regrets to announce that Nigel Stepney, the company’s racing team manager and technical director, was killed in a car accident this morning. He was 56 years-old and leaves his loving partner and daughter, Ash and Sabine Stepney.”

Former Ferrari engineer Nigel Stepney dies after being hit by truck (The Guardian)

“Kent police said in a separate statement that a 56-year-old was hit by a truck at 1.28am after stopping his van on the hard shoulder of the M20 motorway at Ashford.”

F1 teams step away from cost-cutting clash (Reuters)

Force India deputy principal Bob Fernley: “Force India was very encouraged by the meeting and was appreciative of the FIA (International Automobile Federation) responding so positively to the letter that was sent.”

‘Penalty points are working’ (Sky)

“Maybe at the end of this year we might have to change a few things. Maybe the amount of penalty points for certain incidents – maybe some are too high, some are too low. [FIA Race Director] Charlie [Whiting]’s very good at looking at the end of the season and maybe changing that slightly.”

Blackmail claims ‘like nailing pudding to a wall’ (The Telegraph)

“In the second day of proceedings in Munich, prosecutors claimed there is little evidence of what form this threat took.”

Smedley: Williams hasn’t shot its bolt (Autosport)

“To say that all is lost, because we haven’t capitalised on having a quick car in the winter would indicate that is it – that we have shot our bolt. Well absolutely not.”

Subway Targeting 1.5 Million New Customers With Formula One Sponsorship (Forbes)

“Following the disclosure of Subway’s interest in F1, it has come to light that one of the most attractive aspects of a partnership with the race series would be the opportunity for it to install concessions at each of the 19 Grands Prix.”

Senna: What Bernie really said to Leonardo Senna (Betise Sports World)

“I turned to Leo and, in the most gentle and caring way I could master at the time, and said: ‘I am really sorry to have to translate that to you but Bernie [Ecclestone] is telling us Ayrton has died.'”

Survival of the richest is no way to run a sport (The Times, subscription required)

“…the difference in payments from top to bottom of the [English football] Premiership is a ratio of about 1.5 to 1, with Manchester United, last season’s champions, receiving about £60 million to the near £40 million handed over the Wigan Athletic – who also won the FA Cup last season, by the way. In F1, that ratio between top to bottom is about 8.5 to one…”

Details about Honda F1 Super Aguri 2007 F1 Anthony Davidson race car rolling chassis (eBay)

“Offered for sale is this Super Aguri/Honda 2007 F1 race car converted to simulator.”


Comment of the day

An interesting recollection about how long it took Fernando Alonso’s success to register in his home country:

I had just ridden over the Pyrenees into Spain on the day he won his first grand prix in Hungary, 2003.

At the campsite I had to ask the barman to turn on the TV, seeing Alonso leading I tried to get the message across that he was a Spaniard, the guy just shrugged and ignored it, I doubt that would happen now.

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On this day in F1

Ken Tyrrell was born 90 years ago today. He founded the team which took Jackie Stewart to each of his three world championships – the first with a Matra, the other with Tyrrell’s own cars.

Tyrrell’s sole constructors’ championship victory came in 1971. They finished in the top three for the last time in 1976, using the radical six-wheeled P34 which scored a single victory in that year’s Swedish Grand Prix.

They won their last race in 1983, and 15 years later Tyrrell stood down after selling his entry to British American Tobacco who formed a new team, BAR.

Tyrrell succumbed to cancer in 2001, and since then BAR has transformed into Mercedes by way of Honda (2006-08) and Brawn (2009).