Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Shanghai International Circuit, 2014

Switching back to old chassis a “sanity check” – Vettel

2014 Spanish Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Shanghai International Circuit, 2014Sebastian Vettel revealed the chassis he will switch to this weekend is in fact an old one he previously used during testing.

“I think we concluded after China, where we were quite a little bit behind, to change the chassis,” Vettel said in today’s press conference ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix.

“So actually it’s not a new chassis it’s an old one that we used in testing in the winter. And we have some experience with it so it’s more a sanity check rather than a real problem with the other chassis so it’s just to try everything we can and basically reset and start again.”

“We don’t think there was anything wrong with the old chassis but nevertheless we decided to change so we should get an answer this weekend,” he added.

One of the problems Vettel has been coping with on the RB10 is excessive oversteer, he said:

“I think in general I don’t mind when the rear is moving, I don’t mind suffering or having oversteer in the car. But if it is too much obviously it starts to bother you when the car slides too much. Then you find yourself correcting more than actually being able to push or get the maximum out of the car and it slows you down.

“So I think that has been part of the problem so far. There’s lots of reasons behind it so it would be nice to have just one problem and one fix for that but obviously it got a lot more complex this year, there’s a lot more factors than just the car set-up so we’re still learning a lot.

“We did already a lot of improvement but there’s still obviously a lot to do. But I think generally you never change your… I think, the way you like to drive the car or your style I think doesn’t change.”

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