Adrian Sutil, Sauber, Albert Park, 2014

Sutil stopped eating for two days to save weight

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Adrian Sutil, Sauber, Albert Park, 2014In the round-up: Adrian Sutil reveals he stopped eating for two days to save weight.


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Sutil tried not eating for two days (ESPN)

“I was testing a little bit here and there. Two days with no food and only drink, I tried. It was not easy, but interesting what the reaction is.”

Niki Lauda backs Sebastian Vettel’s defiance of Red Bull team orders by lauding his “proper racing driver attitude” (The Mirror)

“Asked if it was fair of Vettel to defy his team, Lauda said: ‘Yeah. Absolutely. That is a proper racing driver attitude.'”

Hamilton’s mind is his own business

“It has zero impact on me. Zero. I don’t speak to anyone like that. It was really for the team. The team want to be the best everywhere.”

Start, Korea International Circuit, 2013Korean GP dropped to make way for race in Azerbaijan (The Independent)

Bernie Ecclestone: “Baku has been signed. It will start in 2015 and will replace [South] Korea. They did a good job with the track but what they forgot to do was build all the things they wanted to build.”

Exclusive Nico Hulkenberg Q&A: Season entering crucial stage (F1)

“Probably there’s an element of [Kimi Raikkonen] having to familiarise himself with the team again – and the new car – but I have no idea why he’s struggling more than Fernando does. And no, there is no satisfaction connected to his struggling – just the satisfaction that we’re doing so well.”

Ferrari the biggest threat – Mercedes (Autosport)

Toto Wolff: “They are the only other team to have everything, car and powertrain, in-house. And I reckon Alonso to be a real race monster who can achieve everything”.

I must end Hamilton run – Rosberg (BBC)

“Every weekend is crucial but the results momentum is on his side and I need to try to turn it around.”

Perez: Crucial race for team (Sky)

“This circuit does not give you any more points than the others, but it is always important to know that you can do well here, that the updates that you have brought here will keep you in the fight for the next couple of races.”

Public Bill Committee Tuesday 6 May 2014 (Hansard)

Labour MP for Derby North Chris Williamson: “HMRC itself has acknowledged that tax avoidance has gone up by £1 billion, so there is quite clearly a desperate need for more action to address this, because people are understandably cynical when they see stories such as that reported on “Panorama” a couple of weeks ago about Bernie Ecclestone, with a £1 billion tax liability, being able to agree a £10 million pay off.”

F1 in Barcelona – fast and fearful (Peter Windsor via YouTube)

Spanish Grand Prix Betting: Can Mercedes’ Rivals Close The Gap? (Unibet)

My Spanish Grand Prix preview for Unibet.


Comment of the day

Red Bull’s conflicting explanations for Vettel’s change of chassis:

Helmut Marko: There was a crack in the chassis, so we are changing it.
Rob Marshall: It was planned and scheduled since the start of the season, so we are just routinely bringing a new one.
Vettel: We are just comparing the new chassis with the old one, to be sure everything is right, but it’s not the new actually, it’s the one from the testing.

I don’t know how any of these three make sense even if you just try to match two of those, let alone all three statements.

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On this day in F1

Michael Schumacher made it five wins out of five at the start of 2004 with victory in the Spanish Grand Prix on this day ten years ago.

Second place for Rubens Barrichello gave Ferrari their third one-two of the season.

The Renault pair followed them home, Jarno Trulli and Fernando Alonso separated by less than a second but over half a minute behind Schumacher. The former briefly led at the start before dropping behind Schumacher during the pit stops.

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