Pastor Maldonado, Lotus, Shanghai International Circuit, 2014

Renault could halt engine supply to late-payers

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Pastor Maldonado, Lotus, Shanghai International Circuit, 2014In the round-up: Renault warns customers who are behind on their payments while Claire Williams warns the need to reduce costs has grown “critical”.


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Lotus Renault car Renault warn they may withhold engines (BBC)

“Both Toro Rosso and Caterham have denied they had any payment issues with Renault, while Lotus say they do not comment on commercial issues.”

Williams: costs situation now critical (Autosport)

Claire Williams: “I think we are at a really critical junction now – where if we don’t do something about it and take responsibility, then we are going to be causing ourselves some serious damage.”

Ecclestone told banker: ‘I will take care of you’, court hears (FT, registration required)

“By March 2006, after the deal had gone through, the nature of the discussion appeared to have changed. The court heard that the two men met at an F1 race in Bahrain, where Mr Ecclestone asked the banker: ‘Did you get a bonus?’ When Mr Gribkowsky said that he had not, the F1 boss said: ‘F***ing bank. Tell me a number.'”

Bernie Ecclestone in court showdown over bribery charges (The Guardian)

“But when Gribkowsky was pressed by the judge what exactly he thought the money was for, he said: ‘I’ve never asked this question. It still annoys me’. [Judge Peter] Noll commented: ‘It’s hard to follow how you can remember the exact wording but not the context.'”

Ecclestone grins at man who could topple him (The Telegraph)

“‘It was a case of building up pressure to resolve the situation as quickly as possible’, Gribkowsky said of the tactics he employed. ‘Being unpleasant to reach your goal.’ Gribkowsky went on to suggest that the two were able to maintain a civil working relationship. ‘We put our differences to one side in a professional way,’ he said. ‘I went with him to races.'”

Gap to GP2 ’embarrassing’ – Perez (ESPN)

“I think we have at least eight times more budget than a GP2 team, so to be only a second and half to two seconds quicker is a bit embarrassing.”

Simona De Silvestro targets F1 drive with Sauber next season (Sport 360)

“The sponsors I have on the C31 (the two-year-old car) are those I’ve had since 2008. They’ve always known F1 is my ultimate goal, and they’re helping me try to get there, and there are opportunities (for new sponsors) out there, for sure.”

Ricciardo: Merc too far ahead (Sky)

“‘I think we’re making progress but unfortunately Mercedes don’t seem to be slowing down either,’ the Australian said afterwards. ‘They’re still a little bit far away. We’re trying to pull them back by our fingertips but we seem to be in a solid at least third place today.'”


Comment of the day

Some drivers reckon this weekend’s tyres are too hard but Dominic reckons that’s no bad thing:

With all the changes we have had this year, the last thing F1 needed was tissue paper tyres again.

I am glad that tyres are not the major talking point again and frankly who could blame Pirelli for being conservative after the bashing they took last year.
Dominic (@Lojen)

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On this day in F1

Graham Hill won the Monaco Grand Prix for the second time 50 years ago today, leading home BRM team mate Richie Ginther just as he had 12 months earlier.

Peter Arundell achieved a podium finish in his first ever F1 start for Lotus.

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