Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull, Circuit de Catalunya, 2014

Rate the race: 2014 Spanish Grand Prix

2014 Spanish Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull, Circuit de Catalunya, 2014What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Spanish Grand Prix.

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2014 Spanish Grand Prix

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249 comments on “Rate the race: 2014 Spanish Grand Prix”

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  1. 7/10 for me, and it was thanks to the last 10 laps, Grande Lewis Nico should raise his game he has only his teammate to fight, great drive from both the RBR drivers especially Vettel with his usual turn 9/10 tricks in spain (similar to 2011), finally good racing from the Ferrari drivers and hats off for the team for using different strategies if the team improves the F14T we may see a Ferrari/RBR battles with Vettel/RIC and Fernand/kimi in the mix

  2. Cocaine-Mackeine
    11th May 2014, 14:55

    The last laps were thrilling and wonderful. But the rest was pretty boring.
    I really wanted Rosberg to catc h Hamilton, it really reminded me of the end of the 2011 Spanish GP, with Hamilton catching Vettel.
    Really I didn’t like this race, but most of you will overrate it, which I think, didn’t saw the first 50 laps of the race.

    1. In 2011 Vettel was racing without KERS which makes his defence more impressive

      1. Although they were in different cars, and Vettel’s was clearly vastly better out of the final corner, wich was the one place Hamilton needed to get a strong run.

    2. I do feel it’s a bit of a trend here, for whatever reason.

      Not sure whether it’s the influx of (I hate this term..) ‘fan boys’ or what have you.

      We had a lot of massively over-rated races when Vettel was winning, and the same seems to happen when Lewis wins, too.

      I think we’re very much in the minority, though!

      1. @ ecwdanselby It´s not minority, I´m unsure of what it is, but people go mad when something exciting happens in the last laps of the races. An example: China 2012. The whole race was a yawner, only a few moments were actually “interestring”. But then it came a point where the positions 2-14 were covered by 10 seconds. Obviously it was exciting to see that train of cars overtaking and battling, but I think it wasn´t enough to get a high score of 8.648 (see The Rate The Race Results 2012). People tend to overrate a race just when it happens something very exciting that only last a couple of minutes, compared to an hour and a half of dull racing.

  3. 7. Incredibly tense for the last 20 laps- not just the last 10 because Rosberg was instantly taking chunks of time out of Hamilton after the last stop, it’s just that Hamilton was able to occasionally peg him back. Vettel looked to get a slow start but ended up scything through the field. Raikkonen did great holding off Alonso for so long.

  4. Tense and tight race…not as exciting as Bahrain, but lots of strategy intrigue leading up to a fascinating last 10 laps. 7/10.

    1. +1 wereas Bahrain was thrilling this was intriguing.

      1. This is all very fair! Good summary.

  5. what a drive by Ham and Seb. Not much action otherwise.
    Yesterday in qualifying, they had jacked up the engine volumes and turned down Commentary for almost whole of Q1 and today they had horrible camera angles and low(est?) engine volumes compared to last few races. I’m ok with how the engines sound but this was a dull weekend as far as sound quality is concerned.

  6. It was boring. Nothing interesting, almoust no fight. 3 points.
    Boring season.

    1. Good assessment. Although next time you should also watch the last 10 laps as often that’s where the strategies play out. 6 from me despite being a slow burner.

  7. I may get some stick for this post but after 10 years of watching F1 I am no longer a fan. The racing is no longer entertaining in my opinion. I can’t sit here and say wow 10 laps of exciting racing can make up for 56 boring ones cause it just cant. In the last 2 years I have been getting more into the WEC which is getting stronger all the time and is a sport F1 really needs to look at as it is a Hybrid championship all so. But for now F1 has lost me for the time being.

    1. Good bye and have a nice time :)

    2. I laugh every time I read comments like this. Once in a while we have someone who comes up with the number of years they watched F1 and how the recent race they saw was not exciting and why they are going to stop watching F1. Good riddance.

    3. @mrjlr93 you say it as if any of us truly care… I hope you enjoy WEC to it’s fullest capacity.

    4. I don’t remember the racing 10 years ago being regularly spectacular though.

    5. @mrjlr93 – So you preferred races at Catalunya 10 years ago? Loads of passes back then eh?

      1. I think this is exactly his point, @petebaldwin.

        I was more than willing to give the DRS a chance, but I just can’t have it.

        I’ll continue to watch F1 until I feel forced away from it, but I do already feel like i’ve been shoved a few times.

        We’re under zero illusion that there was more wheel to wheel action ‘back then’, because stats will tell you that’s just not the case.

        However, I DO miss the art of defending an overtake.

        I DO miss the suspense of ‘will he, or won’t he?’.

        The best we have now is “will he catch him (aka pass him) in time?”, which is nerve racking, but once someone catches another driver, it’s game over within a lap or two. That’s the reality.

        So I think it’s vastly unfair when people jump on others for saying how they find DRS and today’s F1 a little bit of a turn off.

        I can’t remember the last DRS pass that genuinely gave me joy and made me want to jump up and applaud a driver, like I would have done pre-DRS days.

        I think i’d take a few flat out boring races, mixed with the occasional classic, and some decent ones if it meant it was fair, genuine racing.

        Let’s be honest – even now, all of the races aren’t instant classics just because they contain 50 overtakes, are they?

        1. You hit the nail on the head there. Drivers are no longer able to defend the position no longer. Its simply wait till DRS zone open flap fake to the inside go down the outside job done. Drivers years ago would defend that position and the attacking driver would have to find a way around it ways real racing as Senna once said. If any drivers would do that today they would be given a penalty for to many moves on the race track.

          But as many are aware by having a opinion we are shoot down for saying something we believe has diminished what was once a truly great sport.

  8. 6/10. Felt like pretty much nothing happened between laps 5-55. I do like the strategic element, but there just wasn’t that much going on today.

  9. Textbook definition of a classic slow-burner.
    Stellar drive from Vettel right there and happy for Ricciardo now that he’s going to keep this one.

    If that race is enough to depress me as a Ferrari fan, I can’t imagine how you McLaren fans must have felt after another pointless race.
    Hang in there, guys.

  10. Textbook definition of a classic slow-burner.
    Stellar drive from Vettel right there and happy for Ricciardo now that he’s going to keep this particular trophy.

    If that race is enough to depress me as a Ferrari fan, I can’t imagine how you McLaren fans must have felt after another pointless race.
    Hang in there, guys.

  11. Great race! Took a while to get going, but the end was very exciting! 7/8

  12. 7

    Surprisingly good for a Barcelona-race, even though it looked just like normal in the first stint with everybody on same tires not able to overtake. Came to live through different tyre-strategies being closely matched (good job by Pirelli this time), and even though the battle for the lead didn´t really fully materialize, the Ferrari-Battle and Vettel coming through made for some entertainment.

  13. Really enjoyed the entire race. It was also fun to see a race where Rosberg actually pushed Hamilton (@Mallindagorilla). Vettel easily driver of the weekend. His Q went bad, FP friday went bad and he could have done nothing about it but managed a 15th to 4th on a track notorious for not really overtaking bar the main straight. Which he did in a car with almost the lowest top speed. Brilliant stuff.

    Ricciardo nice and smooth on the podium. Took full advantage of the bad luck of the sister car.

    What was wrong with Massa?

    1. Was wondering the same thing about Massa. He’s in a fresh environment now and still… whilst Bottas managed to stay in the Top 10.

    2. @xtwl Where you trying to direct that at me?

      1. @magillagorilla, yeah. We had this discussion yesterday. And although I would not change what I said yesterday, about today I think you were right. I still fear though it will be a one off.

        1. @xtwl I remember it’s just my name isn’t mallindagorilla so there’s that…

          And most people don’t like to change their stance, so I don’t expect you to. Though it should be noted it’s not a one off if this is the second time it’s happened. Also if the championship stays this tight and Mercedes keep going with this 1.5 to 2 second gap over the competition they’ll race all season long without question. Even if one driver is outdoing the other at some point in the championship.

          1. @mallindagorilla, you still want to go on about Bahrein? Rewatch the race and try to think of this race without the SC.

            I think we will see more China and Malaysia performances from Lewis than Spain performances.

          2. @magillagorilla, sorry for the name thing, again. :)

          3. It’s fine I’ll get over it and @xtwl, even the comments from both Sky and BBC echoed that Nico had the advantage at Bahrain too because of this same tire strategy. The problem is that Nico can’t make the best of it and he needs to figure that out on his own, but the point still stands that Mercedes allowed them to race and didn’t call team orders.

          4. @magillagorilla True. I was quite happy about the no teamorders thing. Although I’m really doing my best to find what Hamilton said on lap 64 or 65. I heard ‘ask him to back off’, probably mishead it but I’d like to know for sure.

  14. 7/10. Not a bad race at all.

    Great recovery drive from Vettel. It looks like Red Bull improved their race pace quite significantly. Also, tension whether Rosberg will be able to challenge Hamilton for the lead. Some nice battles down the grid.

    I would’ve given 8, but Ferrari handling their drivers was a drawback of the race. They said their drivers will get equal treatment, but that wasn’t the case this time. It was clear from the first pit stops that they wanted to get Alonso ahead of Raikkonen. As always, Ferrari are all about hypocrisis.

  15. The shot of the two Ferraris sliding through turn 3 early on was the highlight for me. These cars have been spectacular round here this year. And a classy drive by Vettel.

    Close finish but not enough laps of it right at the end, otherwise too much strategy and engineers meddling in the race (“stay back”/”let him past”) for my liking.

  16. Neil (@neilosjames)
    11th May 2014, 15:10

    Wasn’t the most exciting of afternoons, but I always give a good rating to a race which has me on the edge of my seat and feeling some genuine tense excitement in the closing laps.

  17. 8/10

    The race was a tense one with some strategies involved. Lewis and Nico are giving some exciting battles and it is very good to see Mercedes letting them race. Great drive from all top 5 finishers and specially from Vettel. Tell me he cant overtake cars :P

    A bit disappointed with Ferrari favoring Alonso . Kimi should have been in front if they hadn’t split their strategies. With fresh rubber and few laps to go, it was easy for Alonso to get ahead of Kimi.

    Another thing I noted in case of Mercedes, whoever will be ahead will be given faster strategy to finish race I.e. Option- Option and Prime coz its really difficult to pass the other car in closing stages.

  18. Danksa (@danieljaksa)
    11th May 2014, 15:11

    So when is Ross Brawn going to be back sitting on the pit wall in a red shirt?

    1. It apparently was a friendly visit to Maranello ;)

      The timings could’nt have been better

  19. It was a good one. Perhaps would’ve been a little better if there was some Bahrain-style passes and repasses, but there was tension throughout building up to a nail-biting climax. Good action elsewhere and a fantastic recovery from Vettel. 8/10

  20. Gave it a 6.. Total utter domination by Mercedes… shocking to see the gap between them is around 1-3s at best and to the rest of the field around 40s-a whole lap’s time. Never seen such domination before. It’s a bit worrying the situation has just ‘improved’ (gone worse) for one team at least (and for fans who wished wheel to wheel battles outright). It’s F1 after all…

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