Vote for your 2014 Spanish GP driver of the weekend

2014 Spanish Grand Prix

Which F1 driver was the best performer during the Spanish Grand Prix weekend?

Review how each driver got on below and vote for who impressed you the most during the last race weekend.

Spanish Grand Prix driver-by-driver

Red Bull

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Circuit de Catalunya, 2014Sebastian Vettel – Having switched chassis for the weekend in the hope it might help cure his handling problems with the RB10, Vettel’s race build-up was marred by problems. He stopped after four laps in first practice and missed the rest of the day’s running as the team replaced his wiring loom. Then his gearbox failed in Q3, leaving him 15th on the grid. To recover from there to finish fourth behind his team mate, aided by a three-stop strategy and some bold passes, is the best he could have hoped for.

Daniel Ricciardo – Looked right on it in qualifying and it would have been fascinating to see how he stacked up against an unhindered Vettel. The only blot on his performance was an indifferent start where he was passed by Bottas and nearly Grosjean as well. An early first pit stop allowed him to jump the Williams – though he came close to making a move stick on-track – and after that he had plenty of free space to nurse his tyres through a couple of longer stints.


Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Circuit de Catalunya, 2014Nico Rosberg – Missed some running in first practice due to a problem with his energy recovery system but looked to be on course for pole position when he headed the times in Q1 and Q2. Hamilton beat him to it, though, and as he didn’t get off the line well he was on the back foot once again. As in Bahrain he showed he had the pace to take the fight to his team mate, and was poised to launch an attack when the chequered flag came down.

Lewis Hamilton – Having described Friday’s running as his best for a very long time, Hamilton seemed to lose his way initially on Saturday. But he got it together in time to take his fourth pole position of the year. Nonetheless his handling maladies returned during the race – he struggled with oversteer on his middle stint on medium tyres and Rosberg continued to catch him over the final laps. But he hung on to take win number four and the championship lead.


Fernando Alonso – Out-qualified by Raikkonen in a straight fight for the first time this year (he had a problem with his car in Bahrain) but looked quicker than his team mate from the moment the race began. Probably should have jumped ahead when he got the benefit of the first pit stop, but used a switch to a three-stop strategy to his advantage and made a move on-track with newer tyres late in the race.

Kimi Raikkonen – While Alonso was brought in on lap 17 and switched to a three-stop strategy to cover what Vettel was doing, Raikkonen was not and ended up being passed by his team mate. “Going for a two stop strategy proved to be the wrong choice because tyre degradation meant I couldn’t push all the way to the end,” he said.


Romain Grosjean, Lotus, Circuit de Catalunya, 2014Romain Grosjean – Had various problems with his car during practice but produced the goods in qualifying to put his Lotus an excellent fifth on the grid. He held that place until a problem with his power unit left him unable to keep the Ferraris behind on the straight. But eighth place meant he brought home Lotus’s first points of the year.

Pastor Maldonado – For the second weekend in a row Grosjean reached Q3 while Maldonado was eliminated in Q1: He spun into a wall just minutes after the session had begun. His race didn’t get off to a better start – he hit Ericsson on lap one, earning a stop-go penalty and licence endorsement. After falling to last place he came home ahead of the Saubers, but was passed by Kvyat after running a long final stint.


Start, Circuit de Catalunya, 2014Jenson Button – Took eighth on the grid and suspected there was only a little more time to be found in the McLaren. However a poor start – losing five places – left him with much to do. The timing of his second pit stop compounded his problems as he was held in his box while Kvyat went by, and then came out a lap down behind Hamilton’s Mercedes which was on old tyres. That left Button behind the Force Indias and out of the points.

Kevin Magnussen – A problem with his power unit in Q2 meant Magnussen was unable to set a time, leaving him 14th on the grid. He managed to avoid clipping Vettel and damaging his front wing on the first lap, but like his team mate couldn’t make any impression on the points places.

Force India

Nico Hulkenberg – Missed a place in Q3 by less than a tenth of a second but said his lap was “very good”. Ran ninth for much of the race but was demoted by his team mate during the final stint.

Sergio Perez – Aborted his final flying lap in Q2 because he hadn’t got his tyres up to temperature in traffic, which left him one place behind Hulkenberg on the grid. Both Force Indias ran long final stints – Hulkenberg 29 laps on hards, Perez 28 on mediums – and on lap 50 Perez got by his team mate on the outside of turn one.


Esteban Gutierrez, Sauber, Circuit de Catalunya, 2014Adrian Sutil – Having been content with his car on Friday he couldn’t get on top of the tyre temperatures on Saturday and was knocked out in Q1 for the third time. Despite having shed weight from their car Sauber continue to languish at the back of the midfield: “We still have a huge problem with the grip level,” reckoned Sutil.

Esteban Gutierrez – Qualified 14th and felt there wasn’t any more in the car. A good start moved up up to 11th but the car plainly wasn’t capable of holding that position and he was demoted by Kvyat, Button and Vettel. But he grafted away on his three-stop strategy and at least had the satisfaction of passing Sutil on the final lap.

Toro Rosso

Jean-Eric Vergne – A wheel came off his car during practice, earning him an automatic ten-place grid penalty. Therefore Vergne elected not to set a time after reaching Q2. But his fortune did not change on Sunday: The team were aware of an exhaust problem on his car before the race started, and it proved terminal.

Daniil Kvyat – Tyre degradation forced him onto a three-stopper. He passed two cars in his final stint to finish 14th and was reeling in Massa and the McLarens at the end.


Valtteri Bottas, Williams, Circuit de Catalunya, 2014Felipe Massa – Admitted he made a mistake at turn ten on his final flying lap, losing the rear of his car, which left him five places behind his team mate. The race didn’t go much better – he seldom managed to break out of traffic on his three-stopper and couldn’t make a move on the McLaren drivers.

Valtteri Bottas – Didn’t look comfortable with his car in practice, having sat out Q1 while Felipe Nasr drove, but set-up changes during final practice helped him take fourth on the grid. A decent start moved him up to third. But it always looked unlikely he was going to keep Ricciardo at bay, or the three-stopping Vettel who appeared during the final stint. Fifth place equalled his best result so far.


Jules Bianchi – Lost time at turn ten on his flying lap but still out-qualified the two Caterhams. Pulled away from Chilton but the Marussia wasn’t on the pace of the Saubers, meaning Bianchi had a lonely race.

Max Chilton – Spun into the gravel twice during practice, so it was a surprise to see him out-qualify Bianchi. However his three-stop strategy dropped him behind Ericsson, losing time. An engine oil pressure problem in the closing stages threatened to end his 100% finishing rate but he made it to the flag again.


Kamui Kobayashi – Claimed Bianchi held him up during qualifying, costing him a few tenths of a second and leaving him last of those who set times. His race ended on lap 44: “I had a pretty scary moment going into turn one when the left front brake failed and I was just able to keep the car out of the wall,” he said. He had a similar scare in Australia, but fortunately Massa wasn’t there for him to hit this time.

Marcus Ericsson – Out-qualified Kobayashi for the first time but was concerned about his car’s unpredictable handling. Having been assaulted by Maldonado on the first lap he brought his damaged car home in last place.

Qualifying and race results summary

Driver Started Gap to team mate Laps leading team mate Pitted Finished Gap to team mate
Sebastian Vettel 15th +0.439s 0/66 3 4th +27.688s
Daniel Ricciardo 3rd -0.439s 66/66 2 3rd -27.688s
Lewis Hamilton 1st -0.168s 60/66 2 1st -0.636s
Nico Rosberg 2nd +0.168s 6/66 2 2nd +0.636s
Fernando Alonso 7th +0.036s 13/65 3 6th Not on same lap
Kimi Raikkonen 6th -0.036s 52/65 2 7th Not on same lap
Romain Grosjean 5th 65/65 2 8th -33.542s
Pastor Maldonado 21st 0/65 2 15th +33.542s
Jenson Button 8th -0.11s 58/65 2 11th -0.657s
Kevin Magnussen 14th +0.11s 7/65 2 12th +0.657s
Nico Hulkenberg 10th -0.317s 46/65 2 10th +10.404s
Sergio Perez 11th +0.317s 19/65 2 9th -10.404s
Adrian Sutil 16th +0.189s 28/65 2 17th +3.124s
Esteban Gutierrez 13th -0.189s 37/65 3 16th -3.124s
Jean-Eric Vergne 22nd +0.12s 0/24 1
Daniil Kvyat 12th -0.12s 24/24 3 14th
Felipe Massa 9th +0.77s 0/65 3 13th Not on same lap
Valtteri Bottas 4th -0.77s 65/65 2 5th Not on same lap
Jules Bianchi 18th +0.591s 55/64 2 18th -40.691s
Max Chilton 17th -0.591s 9/64 3 19th +40.691s
Kamui Kobayashi 20th +0.063s 33/34 1
Marcus Ericsson 19th -0.063s 1/34 2 20th

Review the race data

Vote for your driver of the weekend

Which driver do you think did the best job this weekend?

Cast your vote below and explain your choice in the comments.

Who was the best driver of the 2014 Spanish Grand Prix weekend?

  • Sebastian Vettel (52%)
  • Daniel Ricciardo (4%)
  • Nico Rosberg (2%)
  • Lewis Hamilton (20%)
  • Fernando Alonso (1%)
  • Kimi Raikkonen (1%)
  • Romain Grosjean (11%)
  • Pastor Maldonado (0%)
  • Jenson Button (0%)
  • Kevin Magnussen (0%)
  • Sergio Perez (0%)
  • Nico Hulkenberg (0%)
  • Esteban Gutierrez (0%)
  • Adrian Sutil (0%)
  • Jean-Eric Vergne (0%)
  • Daniil Kvyat (0%)
  • Felipe Massa (0%)
  • Valtteri Bottas (7%)
  • Jules Bianchi (0%)
  • Max Chilton (1%)
  • Kamui Kobayashi (0%)
  • Marcus Ericsson (0%)

Total Voters: 708

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2014 Spanish Grand Prix

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160 comments on Vote for your 2014 Spanish GP driver of the weekend

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  1. wsrgo (@wsrgo) said on 12th May 2014, 13:03

    Bottas. Shaded Massa in qualifying and the race, comfortably ahead of both the Ferraris. Top job.

    • Blackmamba (@blackmamba) said on 12th May 2014, 13:25

      In that case it should be Ricciardo, who was best of the rest through practice, qualifying and race. In any of the last 4 yrs he would have won the race so yeah, he gets it for me.

      • wsrgo (@wsrgo) said on 12th May 2014, 14:22

        With Vettel missing all of practice and his issues in qualifying, the Ricciardo-Vettel comparison was rather harder here. Bottas on the other hand, blew Massa away.
        Of course, not comparing Massa and Vettel ;) …Ricciardo did a great job, but I wanted to vote for someone else having voted for the Aussie at Bahrain.

    • James (@iamjamm) said on 12th May 2014, 16:58

      I also voted for Bottas. Ricciardo doesn’t get my vote because he is in what is widely tipped as the best car behind the Mercedes. Williams’ form has fluctuated and they’ve not made the best of their opportunities. This weekend I think Bottas finally got the maximum he could from the Williams and that’s why he gets my vote.

    • Atticus (@atticus-2) said on 12th May 2014, 21:08

      I strongly disagree.

      While it’s true what you said, it’s also true that Massa was quicker than him during the practices (and had he not made the error in qualifying, he’d have beaten Bottas there too, according to the data).

      This means that although he did do an error-free weekend, his inherent pace was slower than his teammate’s, which I think would be a must for a DotW vote.

      • RetardedF1sh (@retardedf1sh) said on 12th May 2014, 22:52

        Practice means nothing, besides Bottas missed FP1, which means he wasn’t able to get proper setups untill the qualifying.

        I’d like to know what exactly is this data you are talking about? According to F1Fanatic’s information, the combined best sector times of both Bottas and Massa show that Bottas was faster and on his best Q3 lap, Bottas was 0.77 seconds faster than Massa was, which can’t be all down to just one error.

        • Atticus (@atticus-2) said on 13th May 2014, 0:53

          Yes, according to the best sector times, Bottas was faster by 0.129s, but remember, this means that one (the third) of Massa’s sectors must have come from Q2 or Q1 and I think it’s quite likely he’d have toppled it in Q3 by more than the above margin.

          That best lap difference of 0.77 does not count, as we all know there was an error from Massa in there.

          And yep, it was an error from Massa, ruling him out of the voting big time, but it still leaves him faster on pace.

          Although your point of Bottas missing FP1 does hold, I think, so, of course, I give the benefit of doubt.

          • Toxic said on 13th May 2014, 4:14

            You live in a funny world. Practice or ultimate times does not matter. The only things that matter are grid position and the race itself. You don’t get points for practice nor for the the lap times you get. You get them on Sunday full stop.

      • James (@iamjamm) said on 13th May 2014, 8:31

        it’s also true that Massa was quicker than him during the practices (and had he not made the error in qualifying, he’d have beaten Bottas there too

        But that’s the thing, isn’t it? Massa made a mistake, Bottas didn’t. Bottas finished in the points, Massa didn’t. As already mentioned by someone else, Bottas missed FP1 as Nasr was in his car, which puts him at a disadvantage to his team-mate, who he then went on to beat when it mattered.

        It doesn’t matter anyway, looks like Vettel’s got this sewn up.

        • James (@iamjamm) said on 13th May 2014, 8:36

          Also, Claire Williams told Sky Sports that Massa had the updates on his car on Friday whereas Bottas didn’t get them on his car until Saturday. So the practice times from Friday can’t really be compared between the two.

  2. Manished said on 12th May 2014, 13:04

    Out-qualified by Raikkonen in a straight fight for the first time this year


    and FIA found out alonso ‘s mgu-k was providing excess power than 120kw under parc ferme.

    • Mike Dee (@mike-dee) said on 12th May 2014, 13:10

      Was it? Why was Alonso then not excluded?

      • Blackmamba (@blackmamba) said on 12th May 2014, 13:32

        It’s not like fuel where every car is checked. They just took a random sample of drivers, I think about 4, of which Hamilton was one. So in a way it’s like luck of the draw. In this case Ferrari got away with it!

    • Mashiat (@mashiat) said on 12th May 2014, 13:56

      Wrong. Both Alonso and Raikkonen’s both were. Read the statement. It said both cars #14 & #7. And btw, even if Alonso’s car was illegal this race, Raikkonen still out-qualified Alonso once in a straight fight.

    • first of all, no evidence says FIA’s req it due to excess power, we can make all kinds of logical conclusions, but fact is the reason remains unclear. Also, IMO drive ability of the car is optimized for 120kw , this is not like engine power, its KERS power meaning excess torque at corner exits can make drive ability worse, so i would not make conclusions that fernando had advantage with out full facts.

      • Manished said on 12th May 2014, 14:20

        it has been clarified by Ted referring to FIA ‘s official report from parc ferme.

        • no, report just said MGU-K changed at request of FIA, but the cause is not in the report he made his own assumption that FIA wanted the change due to excess power which makes sense but not a fact.

  3. Eddie (@wackyracer) said on 12th May 2014, 13:04

    Romain Grosjean for me

  4. soundscape (@soundscape) said on 12th May 2014, 13:09

    Vettel put in an amazing race. But the weekend goes to Hamilton.

  5. Mike Dee (@mike-dee) said on 12th May 2014, 13:09

    Vettel. Definitely driver of the race. I decided to also make him driver of the weekend as he didn’t do much wrong on the rest of the weekend, even though he did not have much chance to do well either due to the technical issues.

    • Blackmamba (@blackmamba) said on 12th May 2014, 13:44

      You do not give driver of the weekend to someone because they didn’t do anything wrong thats the least we expect of them. A bit more analysis should go into it and if one driver goes above and beyond expectations then he deserves the accolade. Did Vettel go above and beyond? No! It was a very ordinary drive in superior machinery just ending up exactly where most predicted before the race. Now, if he had overhauled Ricciardo as well in similar machinery then that would have been above and beyond!

      • David Margono (@woshidavid95) said on 12th May 2014, 14:35

        Very ordinary? Yes, because somehow getting past 11 cars and making some bold passes despite having one of the slowest straight-line speeds is SO ordinary… >_> And given that Ricciardo started 3rd while Vettel started 15th through no fault of his own, Ricciardo would have to be really incompetent or be afflicted with some bad luck to somehow finish behind Vettel… apart from the invincible Mercs he’s the only driver Vettel didn’t get past due to a severe disadvantage in circumstances.

      • Albert said on 12th May 2014, 14:36

        So, everybody who’s been saying it was a great drive is wrong but you are right? Of course…

      • soundscape (@soundscape) said on 12th May 2014, 23:30

        An authority @blackmamba , are you? People can vote for whomever they like, for whatever reason they wish.

      • Ricardo Ferreira (@yes-master) said on 13th May 2014, 0:00


        It was a very ordinary drive in superior machinery just ending up exactly where most predicted before the race.

        You’re a psychic, I believe. You see and understand what normal people can’t. Congrats. But, sorry to say, for me you’re absolutely wrong and blind. Vettel’s performance will be remembered as one of the best of this year. But, that’s only the result of my limited sighting.

    • WilliamB (@william-brierty) said on 12th May 2014, 15:16

      @mike-dee – I agree that Vettel was driver of the race, but I think Hamilton edges it over the weekend. He had a fundamentally poorer balance than Rosberg on Saturday and Sunday and yet won the race from pole at a track where Nico trounced him the year before. His pole lap was sheer driving artistry, both in the way he neutralized the wheel-spin on car that, on the basis of the snippets of onboard footage with Rosberg, was not translating its torque onto the tarmac as sweetly as Nico’s, and in the way he effortlessly ironed out the “passive”, i.e. not throttle induced, oversteer triggered by tail-winds and cold rears. Perhaps the very fact that Hamilton, if probably on the recommendations of his engineers, went the wrong way on setup infringes upon his case, but I would say the occasional setup woes Hamilton suffers is but one factor on an increasingly short list of Lewis’ weaknesses.

      • dennis (@dennis) said on 12th May 2014, 17:45

        As it turned out, Rosberg’s gas pedal wasn’t delivering 100%.
        He was quicker than Lewis in the run before Vettel had his problems. He was also on the worse strategy, and I personally think was given wrong advice to stay out for 3 more laps on his first stint, when Lewis made about 3 seconds…

        Not to take away from Lewis, but I think Nico had the better weekend with the wrong result.

        • manu said on 12th May 2014, 18:06

          I thought so too but lewis only lost a tenth to Rosberg in sector 1 and that was while avoiding Vettel, so in essence he could have been faster.

        • Andy said on 12th May 2014, 22:16

          I can not understand why they didnt pit him one lap after ham. he lost about 3 secs. and it was obvious that the softer tyres would provide enough stamina till the end of the race without excessive tyremanagment.

        • Anil Sanagavarapu (@anilsk2013) said on 13th May 2014, 3:51

          @dennis, I would like to balance out what you said with the additional data point that Lewis lost approx 3 seconds due to the 2 slower pit stops. This gave Lewis as much disadvantage as Nico’s 3 extra laps prior to pit stop 1. Therefore, Lewis’ drive over the duration of the race was superior to that of Nico’s. Lewis also overcame a few set up issues with a fantastic last gasp effort in the qualifying that set him up for the victory. Nico despite the balance and set up advantages could not produce a similar lap. For these reasons, I suggest that Lewis made a much better case for being the better driver – at least to me.

          • dennis (@dennis) said on 13th May 2014, 8:38

            As I said, I don’t want to take away anything from Hamilton’s race. He did a massively good job, but still, Rosberg was on the slower strategy (because he lost out in qualy – however, we will never know how much he actually lost because of his faulty gas pedal), and still managed to get close to Lewis in the end, despite staying out several laps longer than Lewis and losing more than what Lewis lost during the pit stops. Today I read Nico himself is now wondering why they did it on “auto motor sport.”

            Great race by Lewis, but it was much too close for me to vote Hamilton as driver of the weekend.

      • Ricardo Ferreira (@yes-master) said on 13th May 2014, 0:11

        @william-brierty, I read your comments about DOTW and still get confused. You say what say now, that Vettel is the driver of the race, and Ham driver of the weekend, etc. But, last GP you voted for Alonso as DOTW. You see, for me, you make this too complex. Think as a normal fan does. About last GP, what will become in my memory for a long time? For me will be Ham grabbing the winning, pole and beating team mate, as deserved. But, also, Vettel destroying the critics and the “tough luck” around him, grabbing 11! places and the fastest lap (ok, 3 pit stop, etc, but alonso stopped 3 times too and achieve nothing of a kind), and, probably the most important, the fact he returned hope to RBR for the rest of the championship. If that is not whatever a DOTW represents, I don’t know what is.

    • mateuss (@mateuss) said on 12th May 2014, 19:50

      Vettel for me too.
      Having basically no Friday running at all, then a problem in Qualy to start at the back and then to come 4th, which is effectively 2nd in the tier-2, was impressive.
      Because of this RedBull went home with the best result they could have expected, as if the weekend had gone perfectly, but it sooo did not. (by no fault of the drivers)
      Impressive recovery, impressive moves, seeing Vettel loosing out on the main straight I thought that was it, he is going to be stuck there behind drivers all through the race (as it usually happens in Barcelona), maybe score a point. But he then set about dive-bombing his way past everybody.

      If only Rosberg had summoned up some courage to do one on Hamilton, might have been an even more exciting end of the race.

  6. Lajo (@lajo) said on 12th May 2014, 13:12

    Definitely Vettel this time. Never put a foot wrong the whole weekend and made some bold overtakes to claim 4th which was in fact the best he could aim for.

  7. BBT (@bbt) said on 12th May 2014, 13:14

    Vettel, Kimi, Hamilton for me. Grosjean and Bottas did fine jobs as well.

  8. Magnificent Geoffrey (@magnificent-geoffrey) said on 12th May 2014, 13:14


    After suffering so much with problems out of his control on Friday and Saturday, to drive like he did during the race to fight his way back to fourth was a brilliant demonstration of what a great driver he is.

    • Eric Morman (@lethalnz) said on 13th May 2014, 5:00

      a thought went through my mind as to why Vettel performed so well considering his lack of enthusiasm in the last few races,
      that thought was he didn’t want to be lap by the Merc’s.

      • dennis (@dennis) said on 13th May 2014, 8:40

        I didn’t think it would, but maybe indeed there was something strange about his first chassis. The next few races will be quite interesting in that matter. I still had the feeling that Ricciardo was quicker, but that shouldn’t be surprising after doing only 4 laps on friday in a car (chassis) you’re not farmiliar with.

  9. Scribe (@scribe) said on 12th May 2014, 13:15

    Vettel for me, a serious charge up the feild on a very difficult overtaking circuit with a car down on horsepower. I don’t think he’s the best driver in the feild, or even second best, but he’s undeniably extremley good. Still really want to see him fight for race wins and the title in a car less dominant then the ones he’s racked up his wins in.

  10. Lucas Wilson (@full-throttle-f1) said on 12th May 2014, 13:16

    Voted for Grosjean. He dragged that car into a postion it shouldn’t have been in and demonstrated what a world class driver he has become.

  11. G Breese (@breesegp) said on 12th May 2014, 13:19

    Despite finishing a long way behind his team mate, vettel impressed me this weekend, he had minimal running on Friday, was extremely unfortunate to line up 15th due to gear box issues, and still came through for 4th place, finally beating a merc to fastest lap along the way (although this may have something to do with his 3 stop strategy)! What’s more he showed himself to be able to perform clinical overtakes when he had to, without which his strategy couldn’t have worked, so IMO he is a worthy DOTW.
    Notable mentions go to Hamilton, Ricciardo, Bottas and Grosjean.

  12. Ron (@rcorporon) said on 12th May 2014, 13:23

    Seb for me. Some great passes (non-DRS even) and put the car as far up the grid as he possibly could.

  13. Jimbo Hull (@kartingjimbo) said on 12th May 2014, 13:23

    If Vettels quali result was because of his own error then I’d give it someone else but it wasn’t and the boy did a job on Sunday. Very refreshing seeing Vettel work in this manner!

  14. Ricardo Ferreira (@yes-master) said on 12th May 2014, 13:36

    Vettel for the win! Made an absolutely fantastic job this weekend. DOTW is truly deserved.

  15. Aqib (@aqibqadeer) said on 12th May 2014, 13:40

    vettel for me obviously because i’m his fan but more seriously for bouncing back after such a hard year for him

    • trotter said on 12th May 2014, 15:51

      after such a hard year for him

      It must be 2015 now, because I don’t remember him having a hard year. And if you count a regular top 10 grid slots and finishing in the top 5, I don’t see where was this car that made 4 races (a year) so hard for him. I know he got spoiled, but having a car that is 2nd fastest instead of the fastest one is not really that heartbreaking.

      • Aqib (@aqibqadeer) said on 12th May 2014, 17:59

        still it must be affecting him not being able to fight for the win after having so much success in the past few years and also still being beaten by his teammate

        • Eric Morman (@lethalnz) said on 13th May 2014, 5:09

          yep i voted for Vet, and i am a Ham fan,
          i reckon Vet could see “he” for the first time could be lapped by the leading cars, this was the motivation which spurred him into action and gave us a great spectacle to which i enjoyed, plus my vote.

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