Mercedes exhaust test, Circuit de Catalunya, 2014

New louder exhaust “didn’t work” – Rosberg

2014 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Mercedes exhaust test, Circuit de Catalunya, 2014Nico Rosberg says the new exhaust tried by Mercedes which was intended to amplify the volume of the V6 turbo engines “didn’t work”.

Mercedes ran a wider exhaust on their car during today’s test at the Circuit de Catalunya in an attempt to address criticism that the new engines are too quiet.

“We tried the new exhaust today, just as a team we want to do good for the sport,” he said in a video posted on Twitter.

“Unfortunately, though, it wasn’t a great solution, it just didn’t work, it didn’t make it much louder.

“So we’ll just have to try for another solution, we’ll try pushing.”

Rosberg covered 102 laps of the track and ended the day with the second-fastest time.

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Image via Miquel Liso on Twitter

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  1. Tell Merc to have a flick through Max Power or Redline magazine.. I’m sure there’s some messed up Peugeot 106 in there with the loudest exhaust in the world strapped at the back of its 1l engine! ;)

    1. well the problem with turbo engines and especially these f1 engines is that the exhaust gas has no kinetic energy left to make any noise at all, they use it to produce power, which personally believe is way more important than making noise…all they have to do is force them rev higher by limiting the turbo boost …it is the high pitch nature of the sound that makes f1 so special not the decibels.

      1. 15,000rpm is higher than any road engine, and probably more than any other racing engine. The sound is lower pitched more because of the single exhaust (bigger pipe = lower frequency) and of course the natural resonances of a V6 compared to a V8.

        An interesting comparison: the Toyota TS040 (3.4l V8) and the Porsche 919 (2.0l V4). The Toyota V8 screams, while the Porsche V4 growls. Yet both engines rev to around the same level.
        Similar to the F1 V8 vs V6 in many ways ;-)

        1. They are limited to 15 000 rpm but due to fuel savings they choose to change gear much earlier. They seldom pass over 13 000 rpm. Still higher than any normal car.

          1. Aqib (@aqibqadeer)
            15th May 2014, 18:23

            At 10500 rpm engine is most efficient they run them at 12000 rpm to get a margin for all the gears i think

        2. @raceprouk, MotoGP 4cyl 1L engines rev to 18,000+ while F1 have no incentive to rev over the 10,500 mark at which point max fuel flow occurs. The Porsche comparison is a good one, watching Q at Barcelona I was reminded of the sound of a Porsche 911 Turbo flat out.

          1. pxcmerc (@)
            15th May 2014, 3:21

            yup, after finally getting a chance to see the rev gauges, it would seem 10,500 seems to be the peak of usable power, with the cars going beyond only in a very few occasions, and holding steady to it down the straight.

      2. Oh, and if you want quiet, try the Audi R18. That diesel V6 is barely louder than a typical sports car ;-)

        1. do they also use mufflers and partical filters on the diesels? they only rev to about 5000rpm also. that suits lemans, as that motorsport is about technology heading to road cars.

  2. For those who just can’t watch F1 without loud noises perhaps Sky could introduce a red button feature whereby sounds of the old v8’s (even v10’s) are dubbed over the live broadcast. They could add in fake crash noises to replays and play a dubstep clip for each overtake.

    That should keep people happy.

    1. Comment of the day! :-)

    2. Quinn (@quinnolabar)
      14th May 2014, 19:43


    3. Brilliant :D

    4. PLEASE, PLEASE….make this COTD!!! @keithcollantine

    5. and special button for 1m flames! :-)

    6. Good solution :)

      1. You just won the Internets today :) Congratualtions.

    7. Matin Brundle: “and we see a replay of Kvyat overtaking Gutierrez…” *V12 screams* *massive CGI explosions* *CGI earthquakes crack the track* *camera shakes* *dubstep* Yes I very much like your idea. Contact FOM immediately!

    8. I think they should introduce an extra commentator whose only job is to make engine noises himself.

      1. …bring that sound effects guy from Police Academy over

        1. That was actually who I had in mind!

      2. Excellent. I’d love that !
        I propose we hire Eddie Jordan.

        1. They would have to replace the mics everyday due to his excessive spitting .

    9. Brilliant! COTD!

    10. I’ll prefer yackety-sax.

    11. @daffron – Brilliant, just brilliant!

    12. With a Moto GP option….

    13. Complete with CGI sparks, smoke, light trails in night races, exhaust fire and bullet time at overtakes!

    14. Forget COTD, this might be the best comment I’ve read on this site. Bloody. BRILLIANT.

      1. Agreed!!!! Lol!!!

    15. its a funny comment. but the sound is obviously an issue, as Mercedes would not be doing this test, and the FIA would not have sent sound engineers to the test. sound is part of the f1 package – a huge part of f1s history, now the sound factor is not there – it is a huge blight on the show. for the past 2 decades f1 has not been the standout racing series, but made up for it because the cars were the fastest, and they sounded the best. now there is not much left for some fans – 1 quiet car winning every race, and then a processional 2nd tier series behind it. the cars are not the peak of technology anymore either, lemans is way ahead on that basis. f1 is becoming a joke. it literally offers nothing now over any other series. the cars are still fastest – but that is only because they weigh so little.

      1. I wouldn’t consider F1 a joke by any means… the assessment of contrivances such as DRS, arbitrary design limitations and devolutionary tire technology are all very important to the future of next generation vehicles.

      2. it literally offers nothing now over any other series. the cars are still fastest

        It literally does then. Also, I’d say that the calibre of the drivers, despite some paying for seats, gives it probably the most talented grid in motorsport.

    16. Aqib (@aqibqadeer)
      15th May 2014, 18:25

      it would be great but it would be almost impossible to match the amount of throttle the driver is giving

    17. Aqib (@aqibqadeer)
      15th May 2014, 18:26

      they should also add a troll face over Maldonado’s face when he crashes into somebody

  3. marc512 (@)
    14th May 2014, 18:30

    The amount of money they have in F1… this is the best solution?

    Couldn’t they make a better solution? What about 3 into 1 with 2 seperate pipes coming out the back ? Wouldn’t that give it a bit more pitch at the high revs? It would look a lot better than a halfords job!

    I am personally not fussed about the sound. Yes I like the v10s but I am actually enjoying hearing the cars work. I love the tyre sequel, I love the whistle of the turbo and I love hearing the cars scrape across the ground.

    1. Thats a great idea. Then they can decide which bank of exhaust gets put through the turbo, depending on which way they have to turn more.

    2. At first, I support the new engine because it is the future of cars (not only F1)..but then when I watch GP2 races I was like pumped for the roar and hope F1 back to V10 and don’t care how much fuel cost.

    3. @marc512 that’s exactly the solution I wouldn’t want because it means that the engine regs have to be changed and the exhaust layout is an integral part to the whole solution – even narrowing the pipe (which would also increase pitch and volume) would be an enormous technical challenge. And there is a real chance that Merc might lose it’s advantage – I hated it when they pulled it on RBR in 2011, so I’d have a hard time condoning such a move now.

      I’m fine with the sound as it is and agree with you that it’s actually more fun on TV – but also at the same time I have nothing against making them louder if they can do so without touching the current regs then why not.

  4. Duck call BOV.
    If you haven’t searched it on YouTube, you gotta try.

  5. That looks pretty ridiculous.

  6. Eddie (@wackyracer)
    14th May 2014, 18:33

    Merc is just trolling

      1. Eddie (@wackyracer)
        14th May 2014, 23:58

        I knew they were playing games, even if you wanna make a louder exhaust you won’t put a trumpet on it xD People either drill holes or make it a dual exhaust or something, none puts trumpet like thing on the back, damn.. good one mercedes

      2. Hahahaha!
        Thanks for that link

  7. So Mercedes’ complex engineering solution was to weld a cone to the end?

    1. Genuinely laughed out loud at that. COTD! It does look daft.

    2. @george
      If you were running Merc, would you really invest your time and resources into this thing? Into a device which is illegal according to the current regulations and which may end up not being used at all. It’s not Mercedes’ responsibility to fix this.

  8. I still don’t know if they are serious, or if the whole thing is a great big joke.
    I mean, it seams that as i was younger, most 14 yo kids in my village had a sort of “moped”, really small motorbike for which you didn’t need a license. And the art of some of them was to make the bloody thing about as loud as an helicopter. But Mercedes can’t… Oo ?

    1. The only way to increase the volume of these engines is to reduce the amount of energy extracted by the turbo. There is very little energy left in the exhaust gasses by the time they leave the exhaust in these engines, and it is this energy which produces the noise.

      This would make the engine less efficient, produce less power, and use more fuel.

      What F1 team in their right mind would do that? More importantly, why would anyone want them to? In an F1 car, the point of the engine is to push the car around the track as fast as possible, not to make noise

  9. That exhaust looks hilarious. Are we sure this isn’t a joke lol

      1. Lol…gotta love Sachmo!

  10. I guess that after seeing Chilton topping the times, they just don’t want to risk their usual performance for the dubious honor to have the loudest car.

  11. Haha, that’s ridiculous!

    When I saw the photo of just the exhaust in a tweet yesterday I thought it was a practical joke, I can’t believe they actually stuck it on the car!

    1. F1 is demeaning itself by entertaining such ridiculous notions.

      Meanwhile, the emperor ecclestone is parading around with no clothes.

      The Monaco Grand Prix can’t happen soon enough to get some of these simpering foolish farces that have nothing whatsoever to do with F1 racing out of the limelight.

  12. Maybe they should fit some sort of whistle/amplifier instead of that cone. When I was a child, I used to have some rubber toys that made some sounds when pressed. There was a valve with a whistle attached.

    1. In the same vein, what about strategically attaching a playing card so it hits the wheel spokes? That made my big wheel sound hella fierce when I was a kid.

      1. Ben (@scuderia29)
        15th May 2014, 13:25

        @dmw hahaha “hella fierce” i know that exact sound youre talking about, i just ripped off a scrap piece of card board

    2. @corrado-dub,@dmw, Google “Kahlenberg” for more inspiration.

  13. Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid…

    Did I mention stupid?

    1. @bullmello +1, +1, +1….did I mention +1?

  14. Holy moly, F1 is beyond lost.

  15. You know Mercedes is way ahead of the game if they can waste resources in making their engine sound better while everyone else is looking at finding a few tenths.

    By the way .. attaching a megaphone to the exhaust was never going to work :P

    1. Well, it appears they DIDN’T waste anything!

  16. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Including this year’s Toro Rosso. Please God can it never be raced, it’s looks a clown car.

  17. I wonder how much effort that actually put into that. Presumably they didn’t want to adversely affect the horsepower of the engine. If an outside person was told to design it and not care whether they cut the engines power by 10 horsepower (or more) then I’m sure thy could have come up with something better and louder.

    Having said that I don’t think they should change the noise. It’s fine the way it is.

  18. Lack of engine/exhaust noise is NOT a problem that needs solving. Since broadcasters can not devise a microphone/sound system that lowers/filters the engine noise to a lower decibel when a commentator is talking this solves the problem …. now we can actually hear what the reporter in the garage or on the wall has to report!!!! Besides taking an unpleasant noise and amplifying it does not make it sound more like a V12 / V10 / V8 without a turbo!! Thanks, RnR

    1. @racernorriski Why is it that nobody else seems to notice this obvious benefit? I’ve been thinking this all along and I can actually get more into the broadcast because I know what even the track side reporters and pit line guys are saying now!

      1. Not to mention the roars of the croud, the tyre squeels, etc !
        And even a better acceptance of the population around the track (I think of The A1 ring for instance)
        They say F1 is quieter that GP2 ? Great ! Another reason for me to follow F1 even more assiduously.

      2. Cant say I have EVER struggled to hear pit lane reports…

        1. You clearly haven’t watched the US feed on NBCSports. Will Buxton used to get drowned out by cars so much that it used to be a joke on the set for the guys back in the studio.

  19. American F1
    14th May 2014, 19:34

    Just when you though the cars couldn’t get any uglier…we have finally progressed into the land of the absurd. Just forget about the sound for now, fewer cylinders + decreased revs + turbo chargers = less volume…it is what it is; concentrate on the racing, and add dual exhausts for 2015.
    On the other hand, maybe they could put palying cards on clothespins in the spokes of the wheels to make that cool “motor” sound like you did on your bike as a kid.

    1. I keep suggesting that too. I guess they just don’t recognize the benefit of old fashioned playing cards in the spokes the way us Americans do LOL

      1. but I’m Australian and I said it 1st.

        1. LOL I always thought that was just a silly thing we did here in America with baseball cards! Thanks for expanding my horizons!

          Where in Australia? I used to spend a lot of time in Brisbane (actuallly Coolum beach). :)

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