New louder exhaust “didn’t work” – Rosberg

2014 F1 season

Mercedes exhaust test, Circuit de Catalunya, 2014Nico Rosberg says the new exhaust tried by Mercedes which was intended to amplify the volume of the V6 turbo engines “didn’t work”.

Mercedes ran a wider exhaust on their car during today’s test at the Circuit de Catalunya in an attempt to address criticism that the new engines are too quiet.

“We tried the new exhaust today, just as a team we want to do good for the sport,” he said in a video posted on Twitter.

“Unfortunately, though, it wasn’t a great solution, it just didn’t work, it didn’t make it much louder.

“So we’ll just have to try for another solution, we’ll try pushing.”

Rosberg covered 102 laps of the track and ended the day with the second-fastest time.

2014 F1 season

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Image via Miquel Liso on Twitter

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157 comments on New louder exhaust “didn’t work” – Rosberg

  1. Jack (@jmc200) said on 14th May 2014, 19:20

    That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Including this year’s Toro Rosso. Please God can it never be raced, it’s looks a clown car.

  2. Nick said on 14th May 2014, 19:21

    I wonder how much effort that actually put into that. Presumably they didn’t want to adversely affect the horsepower of the engine. If an outside person was told to design it and not care whether they cut the engines power by 10 horsepower (or more) then I’m sure thy could have come up with something better and louder.

    Having said that I don’t think they should change the noise. It’s fine the way it is.

  3. RACERNORRISKI (@racernorriski) said on 14th May 2014, 19:33

    Lack of engine/exhaust noise is NOT a problem that needs solving. Since broadcasters can not devise a microphone/sound system that lowers/filters the engine noise to a lower decibel when a commentator is talking this solves the problem …. now we can actually hear what the reporter in the garage or on the wall has to report!!!! Besides taking an unpleasant noise and amplifying it does not make it sound more like a V12 / V10 / V8 without a turbo!! Thanks, RnR

    • DaveD (@daved) said on 14th May 2014, 20:09

      @racernorriski Why is it that nobody else seems to notice this obvious benefit? I’ve been thinking this all along and I can actually get more into the broadcast because I know what even the track side reporters and pit line guys are saying now!

      • gwenouille (@gwenouille) said on 14th May 2014, 20:33

        Not to mention the roars of the croud, the tyre squeels, etc !
        And even a better acceptance of the population around the track (I think of The A1 ring for instance)
        They say F1 is quieter that GP2 ? Great ! Another reason for me to follow F1 even more assiduously.

      • Tim said on 14th May 2014, 22:27

        Cant say I have EVER struggled to hear pit lane reports…

        • DaveD (@daved) said on 15th May 2014, 4:45

          You clearly haven’t watched the US feed on NBCSports. Will Buxton used to get drowned out by cars so much that it used to be a joke on the set for the guys back in the studio.

  4. American F1 said on 14th May 2014, 19:34

    Just when you though the cars couldn’t get any uglier…we have finally progressed into the land of the absurd. Just forget about the sound for now, fewer cylinders + decreased revs + turbo chargers = less volume…it is what it is; concentrate on the racing, and add dual exhausts for 2015.
    On the other hand, maybe they could put palying cards on clothespins in the spokes of the wheels to make that cool “motor” sound like you did on your bike as a kid.

  5. reiter (@reiter) said on 14th May 2014, 19:42

    Watching the few videos on YouTube of this thing at work make it seem like, if anything, it makes it sound worse. People will stop whining about the sound once FOM put an amplifier on the broadcast feed and get it over with.

  6. raptor22 said on 14th May 2014, 19:57

    Quite frankly I did’nt think they were stupid enough to believe that it would. This was just a publicity stunt

  7. Andrew said on 14th May 2014, 20:11

    Having sat trackside at turn 2 on Saturday and Sunday, I foresaw F1 in 2020, where families had free trackside picnics, chatting and listening to local bands, while silent, electric powered F1 cars ambled past during a 2 hour long economy run.
    After loving the sound and fury of Spa and Monza in 2012, I flew half way across the world to listen to …. well not much really.
    Will be very suprised if fans dont vote with their feet in the next year or two, as the visceral thrill that was F1 has gone.
    IMHO, if you are planning a trip to a race later this year, consider Monaco, but otherwise try NASCAR.

  8. megatron said on 14th May 2014, 20:14

    This must be a practical joke. Mercedes has got some spare time. By the way, such a trumpet won´t create nothing. It´s just ridiculous and shows which level the “sound debate” has reached!
    Mercedes better should change their firing order again, to Jerez level, their engine sounds like a muted Panoz car.

    By the way, the Lotus-Renault had a different tone today, due to new motormapping?
    Anyway, Ferrari and Renault engine sound OK to me. Loud enough.
    FOM still better should watch out for the quality of TV broadcast as the sound on many amateur videos still is much better tha on the official FOM coverage…on purpose???

    • Robbie (@robbie) said on 14th May 2014, 20:28

      Maybe they should try adding a megatron to the exhaust.

    • PeterG said on 15th May 2014, 16:19

      the sound on many amateur videos still is much better

      Because the microphones on amateur video devices tend to be lower quality than the broadcast equipment.
      As such you tend to get far more noise distortion recording on things like mobile phones & a lot of other handheld cameras used by fans & that tends to make things seem more raw & in many cases louder than they actually are.

      The sound you hear through the broadcast mic’s used by FOM tends to be a lot closer to how things actually sound than what you hear from fan made recordings unless the fan is recording the footage with a mid/high-end camera.

  9. Bullfrog (@bullfrog) said on 14th May 2014, 20:17

    They should put it on the front.

  10. F1 as a spectacle is no more. These hybrid engines are never going to make a proper racing sound and they are in no way comparable to the eighties turbo. There has been some good racing this year though which may save a mass TV audience from switching off.

  11. Jarnooo (@jarnooo) said on 14th May 2014, 20:26

    A lot of people have said noise doesn’t matter. It does to me. In fact, I’ve spoken to people who have regularly gone to Grands Prix as neutrals for years and said they wouldn’t go next year because the atmosphere just isn’t the same. And it isn’t. I was at the GP in Barcelona and when the GP2 cars were louder it was extremely disappointing and a little bit sad.

    As a long time fan, the noise won’t stop my passion for F1, but it’s another thing that isn’t enticing new people to watch or neutrals to keep watching.

    • Exactly Jarnoo. I think for TV audiences it’s even worse…the lack of spectacle. It’s like watching formula three. I went to a few Grand Prix myself in the Eighties and those cars with wide tyres and wide chassis were awesome and turbos that certainly made a good sound.

    • megatron said on 14th May 2014, 21:59

      …and I`ve met many people up to now being in Melbourne or Malaysia who say the opposite, they like to hear tires squeal, crowds cheer and now they can take also their children near the racetrack. Newcomers wouldn´t mind as they never heard the V8. And the cars noise is still representative to F1, like it was in the eighties.

    • mphipps (@mphipps) said on 14th May 2014, 23:06

      I agree with @jarnooo. It matters to me & it mattered to pretty much everyone I spoke to in our favourite bar in Montmelo after each day’s practise/qualifying/racing. I have a greater appreciation of the technical changes that have led to much quieter engines, but my wife commented that the ‘wow’ factor has been diluted for her & remarked how much better the GP2 cars sounded. She still had a great weekend due to the great vibe at the track, strong supporting GP2/GP3 races (amazing how few people bother to turn up to see these series) and having Lewis, Jenson & Max give us & our Union Jack a wave on the parade lap, but I worry that she and others may be a bit less enthused to attend races in the future?

      The number of empty seats in Barcelona was worrying : Stand A on Turn 2 was no more than half full and there were no others in our row or the row behind until others seated further back moved forwards, and there did not seem to be that many people on the grass banks opposite. Some of the other stands were far from full & it would be interesting to know how the attendance compares to recent post-financial crisis years.

  12. Robbie (@robbie) said on 14th May 2014, 20:37

    If they pinch the exhaust rather than expanding it I’m sure the cars would make a really loud sound…once!

  13. DaveW (@dmw) said on 14th May 2014, 20:41

    Why not just add a vuvuzela to the back end if you want it louder? This is a ridiculous farce and I hope this pathetic scene shocks or shames the noise-dissidents into silence.

  14. Roland said on 14th May 2014, 21:02

    Just stop the silly regulations and lose the rev limit and fuel flow limits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It saddens me greatly to see my favorite sport ruined and I for one won’t spend a dime until the sport sorts itself out.

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