Mercedes exhaust test, Circuit de Catalunya, 2014

New louder exhaust “didn’t work” – Rosberg

2014 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Mercedes exhaust test, Circuit de Catalunya, 2014Nico Rosberg says the new exhaust tried by Mercedes which was intended to amplify the volume of the V6 turbo engines “didn’t work”.

Mercedes ran a wider exhaust on their car during today’s test at the Circuit de Catalunya in an attempt to address criticism that the new engines are too quiet.

“We tried the new exhaust today, just as a team we want to do good for the sport,” he said in a video posted on Twitter.

“Unfortunately, though, it wasn’t a great solution, it just didn’t work, it didn’t make it much louder.

“So we’ll just have to try for another solution, we’ll try pushing.”

Rosberg covered 102 laps of the track and ended the day with the second-fastest time.

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Image via Miquel Liso on Twitter

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  1. There should be a new poll taken of people that have actually been at races this year and their opinion on the noise. And off topic, but what the heck is with all the rave reviews of the Spanish GP? The most boring race I have seen in ages, yes, Rosberg began to catch up at the end, but it isn’t like he was able to even make a single move on Ham, he just caught up. In no way resembles Bahrain race and I was sickened to hear Crofty keep lamenting on the fact that “he we are, just like in Bahrain”.

  2. Is Mercedes pulling a fast one? Maybe they are “testing” something for a different reason and the “improved sound effects” story is a smokescreen. Maybe a useful story if other more important parts were being tested?

    Can anyone think of a reason for making the narrow part of the end of the exhaust shorter? Does this give any possible performance gain? Could they be trying to tune the resonant frequency of the tail pipe (as in 2-stroke motorcycle engines)?

    I don’t know – but as many above have said, it seems like a ridiculous waste of resources. F1 teams don’t do that, as a rule.

    The only other idea that seemed reasonable was from @hohum – it could be the work of an apprentice.

    Maybe I’m just paranoid.

    1. Yes you are being paranoid. This is a Strategy Group initiative not a Mercedes one. Renault has said they are on board too in working toward possible solutions to appease those who are bothered by the current sound.

      Also keep in mind it is imho highly unlikely a team could just add such a thing as Merc have without breaking the regs, so I think it likely the teams have been asked to look into this issue and they have the green flag to, I envision quite passively, try a few things just to see.

      1. @robbie Having read a bit more about it, I think you’re right. Shame though.
        What astonishes me is how seriously some people take the sound issue. Having spent quite a bit of time at drag racing, F1 has always sounded tame to me. And these days I only watch on tv, so sound volume is irrelevant. Indeed I haven’t been to a live race since the nineties, don’t miss it. For me, F1 is about skill, intelligence, management, information, design, bravery – not sound.

        1. @tribaltalker I’m with you on the sound too. It hasn’t bothered me in the least and I’ve been a fan since Gilles entry into F1 brought television coverage of F1 to Canada in 78/79.

          I always found too that half the time the director hasn’t coordinated the sound we are hearing with the car that has just come into view on our TVs anyway, so I’m convinced that they could do a lot better at micking the cars’ engine compartments as well as coordinating things in the television trucks.

  3. LOLOL! they can’t be serious. C’mon those who have complained big time like myself have accepted the sound and am looking at racing by now. I think a person by the name of JT just wants to jerk the fans. Maybe getting rid of JT is a much better solution than altering the sound? There are more serious issues to take care of JT! unless fans are turning off their TVs and trackside fans have dropped drastically? Spain seems like full house I thought.

    1. In fairness to JT you will see in Keith’s next round-up that JT opines this issue will go away on it’s own. The initiative to try to change the sound or amplify it is coming from the Strategy Group.

    Listen to this video and this is a shame that Gp2 makes some nice nose while F1 cars sound like crying dogs!!!

    1. Ha, yes! Exactly. How can anyone defend this? Would you rather see a souped up prius race or a aston vantage v12? Yes, the prius is more advanced, yes, the prius is relevant to our modern society. Come on!! I can accept the new sound because I HAVE to, but I am not going to say it is better or any such nonsense or be happy with it. And for the same person who keeps posting about “now I can safely take my young children to F1, but not if they make it loud again”, well boo-hoo, ever heard of ear protectors mate?

      1. Easy. We don’t care about the sound. The racing is what matters.

      2. You should also give ear protectors to kids in the current season or didnĀ“t you attend a live race this year and kepp talking about F1 noise of this years cars like the blind talking of the colour?

  5. This is so wrong about this fuel saving and this low rmp because fuel saving.
    Instead of 100kg fuel per race, teams could use mixer of 100kg normal fuel and for example some alcohols methanol ethalon or gases like proban butane methan. This is ecology not this Lition-ion batteries which maybe are change for every race and go to trash and pollute the environment.
    When methan or ethanol is burned the only trash is CO2 which isnot BED gas because every tree likes it needs it. They (trees and every plant) dont need for live old lition-ion battteries. And alcohol can be obtain from a lot of plants.

    1. Or water-methanol injection which helps to drag out more energy out of the fuel.

  6. Now they have the opportunity to try with a vuvuzela!!!

    1. :D
      Hilarious mate!

  7. I feel fitting a real trumpet, with a computer controlled mechanic hand to play a melody, will do the trick! And every team that fits a trumpet and can play a song, takes part in F1 ESC . Winners will be awarded double points. Every race. F1 economy/hybrid is laughable.

  8. Don’t overeact, save some for the upcoming 4 cylinder GPL with a JBL booster sound box.

  9. Mercedes, for the past 5 years – the slowest at developing their car as the year goes on, same again… cant even develop a better sound! (its a joke)

  10. amplifying the exhaust will only amplify the crap sound coming out of it unfortunantly – it is a step in the right direction making them louder, but the fans want an “f1” sound to the cars, not a v6 Nissan sound.

  11. I still don’t really see the volume as been too big of an issue.

    Yeah the new V6 Turbos are quieter but that hasn’t put me off, I’ve already gotten used to it (And the finger noses) & Im enjoying F1 just as much this year as I have in the past.

    In fact if anything I am enjoying 2014 so far more than I have the past few seasons in part because I love how the new cars are moving around more & how the new power units are adding to that coming off the corners when all the torque kicks in.

    F1 of the past decade may well have been louder but the spectacle of watching the cars was lacking because they had so much grip from the aero & so little torque from the engines that they didn’t move around & often looked like they were on rails.
    This year it may be quieter but its great to see the drivers actually having to drive the cars again, Watching them moving around through the corners & on the exit is a joy to watch & its made the spectacle of watching the cars so much more exciting.

    The racing has been better as well, We had good levels of overtaking at every race as well as some good close, hard fought racing through the field. Bahrain is obviously the standout but there was plenty of good racing & overtaking at the other race.

    Overtaking stats so far:
    Melbourne – 20
    Sepang – 31
    Bahrain – 67
    China – 40
    Spain – 42

    I also like how DRS has been less of an issue as well, I still hate the stupid thing but its not been as big a factor so far this year as it has in the past with regards to providing the easy so called highway passes & the tyres have also been less of a factor when compared to how they were in 2012/2013 at least.

    There is nothing really wrong with F1 2014, There still fast, The racing has been great & the engines while quieter still sound very nice & are still plenty loud enough in my view. Just leave things as they are & lets see how things develop naturally over the next few years. I see no reason to start changing everything after 5 races just because some seem to think sound is the only thing that matters.

    1. I feel the same. So relieved that things have got better in 2014 because at the end of last year I was in despair. I still have to bit my lip when anything DRS related gets mentioned, but the other stuff is starting to make up for it.

  12. Kimoni Nakamoto (@)
    15th May 2014, 20:35

    All this harping on about engine noise serves only to distract attention from the real issue. Unnoticed by many, over the last few years the grid has become more and more filled with cars painted in neutral colours, from the predominantly white of Williams to the silver/grey used by McLaren and Mercedes and the dark grey and black of Sauber and Force India.

    Bright, primary colours are an important part of the spectacle of F1. They make it more visually appealing and are what the fans want, particularly those long-term dedicated and knowledgeable fans under four years old. How can it claim to be the pinnacle of motorsport when WEC and NASCAR have more eye-catching livery? It’s a disgrace, F1 has lost its way.

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