Caption Competition 51: Ferrari bosses

Caption Competition

Marco Mattiacci, Luca di Montezemolo, Ferrari, Circuit de Catalunya, 2014

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo showed up at the Circuit de Catalunya to see how his new F1 team principal Marco Mattiacci is getting on.

What did Montezemolo say to rally his troops? Submit your funniest suggestion for this week’s caption competition in the comments below.

As usual a selection of the best will appear in the next F1 Fanatic round-up.

Caption Competition

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Image © Ferrari/Ercole Colombo

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109 comments on Caption Competition 51: Ferrari bosses

  1. David Not Coulthard (@davidnotcoulthard) said on 17th May 2014, 13:07

    LdM: I’m finally quitting, guys!

  2. Robbie (@robbie) said on 17th May 2014, 13:10

    Luca and a co-conspirator are seen here initiating Marco Mattiacci with the old shaving-cream-in-the-headphones gag.

  3. Magnificent Geoffrey (@magnificent-geoffrey) said on 17th May 2014, 13:22

    Luca: “…and then I told the press, ‘we’ll be fighting for wins from the start next season!'”

  4. Kimoni Nakamoto (@) said on 17th May 2014, 13:23

    Guy on the right: “…but he knows nothing about F1 at all, who the hell is this guy?”
    LdM: “don’t worry, he’s just here to be scapegoated for how badly I’ve messed 2014 up. I’m bringing Ross back next year.”

  5. Bruno (@brunes) said on 17th May 2014, 13:24

    Yeah, who needs Newey when you got history?

  6. Little_M_Lo (@pezlo2013) said on 17th May 2014, 13:25

    MM: We put a potty in Kimi’s Car, are we sure he know’s what he’s doing?

  7. Jake (@jleigh) said on 17th May 2014, 13:30

    “And then… He ‘resigned’!”

  8. Luca – “this is my silent assassin”

  9. Max Jacobson (@vettel1) said on 17th May 2014, 13:49

    Luca: “I am ‘watch’ing you”

  10. Tifoso1989 (@tifoso1989) said on 17th May 2014, 14:10

    Marco :”Everything is wrong here Luca, even the design of the headset. ”
    Luca :”Ferrari has no problem, Oh wait !! Bernie definitely knows a good hairdresser.”

  11. Chris (@tophercheese21) said on 17th May 2014, 14:26

    Luca: “Don’t worry, we’ll get Fernando to finish his career at Ferrari, just as Senna was 100% absolutely going to do.”

  12. Chris (@tophercheese21) said on 17th May 2014, 14:39

    Ferrari PR Dept.: “Given the options of “Yes” and “No”, 83% of Ferrari staff have shown they dislike their new team Principle… Except for these two here.”

  13. Jack (@jackisthestig) said on 17th May 2014, 14:43

    “I told the drivers if they are lapped I get to uurhumm ‘spend the evening’ with their girlfriend… So, how do I look boys?”

  14. “Good you find my jokes funny, because Stefano didn’t”

  15. asif (@football) said on 17th May 2014, 14:59

    can i call Michael Schumacher lol ! which you both knows that i can’t !!

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