Romain Grosjean, Lotus, Circuit de Catalunya, 2014

Lotus in need of power boost – Grosjean

F1 Fanatic Round-upPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Romain Grosjean, Lotus, Circuit de Catalunya, 2014In the round-up: Romain Grosjean says Lotus’s biggest shortcoming at the moment is a lack of power.


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‘What we need is power’ – Grosjean (ESPN)

“I think what we need is power and that’s not something that I will feel easily. If you give me 20 horsepower more I will just go quicker on a lap time and I won’t see the difference.”

Ron Walker says F1 must get noisier, sooner (The Sydney Morning Herald)

“Everybody agreed. We’re all in the entertainment business. The people in the stands don’t understand the new regulations. They want aggression, they want a gladiatorial contest.”

Ecclestone Says He Expected Half Of F1’s Teams Not To Finish This Year (Forbes)

“I thought everything was going to be worse. I thought the cars were going to be unreliable and I thought half the field would be stopping.”

The Destination Is Domination (McLaren)

“Make no mistake: 2014 is unlikely to be a vintage season, but there’s big-picture thinking going on down at Woking, and, as Ron so persuasively says, the destination is domination.”

Fire and Ice (Ferrari via YouTube)


Comment of the day

Among the best suggestions for yesterday’s Caption Competition were those from FlyingLobster27, OmarR-Pepper,Todfod, Maxthecat, 17th May 2014, 18:49 and Alex McFarlane.

But my favourite was this one from @Robbie:

Marco Mattiacci, Luca di Montezemolo, Ferrari, Circuit de Catalunya, 2014

Luca and a co-conspirator initiate Marco Mattiacci with the old shaving-cream-in-the-headphones gag.


Ferrari dealership, Baku, 2014

Ferrari have opened a new showroom in Azerbaijan’s capital Baku, where F1 is tipped to be racing from 2016.

From the forum

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On this day in F1

On this day 45 years ago Graham Hill scored his final grand prix victory at the circuit where he’d eanred the nickname ‘Mr Monaco’.

It was his fifth win in the principality, a feat only bettered by Ayrton Senna.

The other two places on the podium were taken by privateers: Piers Courage was second in a Brabham entered by Frank Williams and Jo Siffert was third in a Rob Walker-run Lotus.

Images © Lotus/LAT, Ferrari/Ercole Colombo, Ferrari/Rustem Farmen

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  1. Did Kimi really just say “Hip-Hop” to that “Rock or Hip-Hop”-question? I think I have to drop him as a favourite driver. Such a shame, I liked him so far, but that is just unbearable.

  2. if only f1 sounded like this – this is jos verstappen on public roads:

  3. Ron Walker speak for yourself! In 2010 I attended the Australian GP (my first ever GP). I got the 4 day/ 4 corners package, at first it was loud and great but by the end of the event I couldn’t stand all that noise nor the nuisance of having to wear earplugs for hours. I missed this year’s race but I am looking forward to going again next year and being able to go back home without a massive headache.

  4. First of all…thanks @keithcollantine for the caption win.

    As to engine sound/noise. Personally I am not bothered by the sound but I can respect that some are. So if they change it and make it better/louder based on whoever’s opinion of what better/loud enough might be I’ll be fine with that too.

    But I have to agree that Walker comes off very condescending here. F1 fans do know what is going on…that is why they are F1 fans. The ones in the stands particularly, paid money and went to the race for a reason…they weren’t just out for a Sunday drive and decided on a whim to pop into the race, like it’s a roadside foodstand. It is non-F1 fans that they need to try to draw into the sport, and viewership was already suffering before these engines came along, so they need to address the issue from that angle, not just blame it on sound.

    And then the gladiatorial comment…personally I have been more enthralled in the Merc rivalry than I ever was with SV/MW, and I was even less impressed with MS/Ferrari. So I think Walker is grasping at straws and saying anything that sounds good to him to support louder engines.

    If they want to make the cars louder, fine, but don’t try to tell us that is the problem with F1, when at the same time they put in double points for fear of further viewership dropoff which has been decried in a far greater way and yet will be jammed down our throats and will potential create such an anti-climactic finish that one wonders how many may be turned off from F1 completely. And double points can be removed with the snap of the fingers compared to making the cars louder.

    If fans, or not enough fans understand the regs, or what F1 is about, that’s on F1, and promoters like Walker. He is a promoter, and seems to only want to promote one negative (to some) aspect of a multi-faceted entity.

  5. With regards to the sound, I’ll just re-post what I said a week or so ago.

    I still don’t really see the volume as been too big of an issue.

    Yeah the new V6 Turbos are quieter but that hasn’t put me off, I’ve already gotten used to it (And the finger noses) & Im enjoying F1 just as much this year as I have in the past.

    In fact if anything I am enjoying 2014 so far more than I have the past few seasons in part because I love how the new cars are moving around more & how the new power units are adding to that coming off the corners when all the torque kicks in.

    F1 of the past decade may well have been louder but the spectacle of watching the cars was lacking because they had so much grip from the aero & so little torque from the engines that they didn’t move around & often looked like they were on rails.
    This year it may be quieter but its great to see the drivers actually having to drive the cars again, Watching them moving around through the corners & on the exit is a joy to watch & its made the spectacle of watching the cars so much more exciting.

    The racing has been better as well, We had good levels of overtaking at every race as well as some good close, hard fought racing through the field. Bahrain is obviously the standout but there was plenty of good racing & overtaking at the other race.

    Overtaking stats so far:
    Melbourne – 20
    Sepang – 31
    Bahrain – 67
    China – 40
    Spain – 42

    I also like how DRS has been less of an issue as well, I still hate the stupid thing but its not been as big a factor so far this year as it has in the past with regards to providing the easy so called highway passes & the tyres have also been less of a factor when compared to how they were in 2012/2013 at least.

    There is nothing really wrong with F1 2014, There still fast, The racing has been great & the engines while quieter still sound very nice & are still plenty loud enough in my view. Just leave things as they are & lets see how things develop naturally over the next few years. I see no reason to start changing everything after 5 races just because some seem to think sound is the only thing that matters.

    1. you are a diehard f1 fan, in the top percentile. your opinion is misguided by your love for the category “f1”. i have watched f1 since 1994, and for me this season so far has been dreadful. predictable tyres, drs, one team infront – DREADFUL. engine homologation before even one race run and then no development allowed = UNNACEPTABLE. the sound of the cars = DISGUSTING AND DISTURBINGLY QUIET – worse then a low tier tin top series. Fuel flue rate limit, when there is already a limit on fuel to be use – WHY?? with the engine homologation, we have a locked in adavantage for one engine manufacturer/team for the next few years which makes it even worse to contemplate unless you are a Hamilton/rosberg fan. DRS has been less of an issue this year for one reason – Ferrari and Renault engine cars cant make any use of it because of their deficit. Peoples conception of the cars “moving around” is also overrated, the cars are still very much on rails, the engine mapping acts almost like traction control the way it is programmed these days, you will never see a driver lose a place down a short straight from over revving or missing a gear in this f1, it is not like they are driving massively torqued v8 supercars or nascars. go watch some Indycar to realise this modern f1 is not that great – yes the Bahrain race was great, but that was not a result of the formula of the sport, it is just how it was on the day – it can happen in any motorsport, it was probably a fluke for this formula.

      1. Kimoni Nakamoto (@)
        18th May 2014, 19:42

        “My opinion is more relevant and valid than yours because I’m a casual fan who’s never known anything outside the recent sprint racing era.”

        Congratulations, you just did more to discredit your position than your opponents ever will.

      2. Dude seriously…. than and then are two completely different words

      3. you are a diehard f1 fan, in the top percentile. your opinion is misguided by your love for the category “f1″.

        Hear that noise? It’s your credibility flushing down the toilet.

        1. you lost it first time you opened your mouth, you are the chief protagonist on this website trying to make people agree with your opinion that the current cars sound great and that the sound is a non issue – if it is a non issue for you then don’t comment. what I have noticed on this website is the diehard fans on f1 who are every hour forum commentators on f1 subjects are pretty much the most vocal ones that are sprouting tolerance to the new sound of f1, and go as far as belittling others opinions (the majority) so they can feel right in their head. they want nothing bad said of their sport – well it is our sport too, millions of people who are not happy.

          1. Kimoni Nakamoto (@)
            19th May 2014, 18:30

            Why do you keep claiming to be in the majority after a poll on this very website demonstrated the opposite?


            If you can’t make your point without resorting to dishonesty, it’s time to give up and accept defeat.

            If deafening high-pitched screeching is so important to you, maybe you’d be more at home at a Justin Bieber concert than a Grand Prix.

          2. you are the chief protagonist on this website trying to make people agree with your opinion

            I love you too :-P

          3. The true majority has no problem with the new sound as the link posted above. The more you speak, the more discredit you do to yourself. Stop it. You’re changing nothing and are only making yourself look silly.

  6. Here is the best example I have found comparing the sound of last years cars with this years:
    it is recorded by a fan in the stands on the front straight in Melbourne. this video gives the true picture, last years cars sounded like real race cars, this year they sound really bland in comparison. the noise of the car pushing through the air is nearly louder then the actual sound coming from the car.

    1. You don’t miss the atmosphere Dave?

    2. Because we all know that cellphones have the best cameras and microphones ever made. Except of course the professional-grade equipment they use for the world feed, and every sound stage, film set and recording studio in existence.

      Hell, karaoke mics often work better than smartphone mics.

    3. *facepalm*

  7. So I comment for my first time in this blog not only it is not chosen but there is no reply. whatever!

    1. Not sure if this is sarcasm or not.

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