Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Monte-Carlo, 2014

Hamilton keen for rivals to catch up

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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Monte-Carlo, 2014In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton says he would like to have more competition from Mercedes’ rivals.


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Hamilton wants challenge from rivals (BBC)

“I’m hoping we have a closer race. It would be cool if there were Ferraris and Red Bulls in the mix.”

All the right moves – Lewis Hamilton Q&A (F1)

“There have been quite a number of ‘right time, right place’ moves, and particularly the move to Mercedes – as this was my own decision. There wasn’t one single person around me that influenced me. There wasn’t my dad telling me I have to go here – my dad told me to stay at McLaren – there wasn’t my brother nor my mum – no one. I did it on my own – and that’s why it is even more satisfying to know that I’ve finally grown up and made the decision.”

I never had advantage Merc has – Vettel (ESPN)

“It’s easy now to look back and say we have dominated everything and it was easy, but the way I remember it it was a little bit different to that. Now we are five races into the season and I don’t think we ever started a season with five wins as a team.”

PVDSA support not under threat, Maldonado insists (Adam Cooper’s F1 Blog)

“I think always when Venezuela is moving or whatever, you always relate that with me. I mean, the sports minister is not sponsoring me.”

Maldonado: I’ve made mistakes (Sky)

“As for an explanation, Maldonado accepted he was guilty of ‘maybe trying too hard. At the same time, maybe we’re not 100 per cent with the car, the car was not doing what I wanted’.”

Monaco makes Button sick – on the simulator (Reuters)

“Basically, I can’t drive around Monaco in the simulator because I get sick. This is one I miss.”

Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso is unmoved by new team principal Marco Mattiacci (The Guardian)

“I don’t think [changes] are going to happen soon. He’s still learning about the team situation, the Formula One environment, the F1 weekends.”

New Monaco surface ‘a big issue’ (Autosport)

“Out of Massenet, from there all the way through the tunnel, it has new asphalt – which we think is probably quite similar to Austin in the first year. It is going to be very, very low grip.”

Monaco Grand Prix Betting: Red Bull Out To Halt Rampant Mercedes (Unibet)

My Monaco Grand Prix preview for Unibet.


Comment of the day

Kimi Raikkonen wants to race in more categories outside Formula One and several of you had some suggestions:

Perhaps he should switch to Indycar – Simon Pagenaud had time to do rallying, race LMPs and still hold down his full time IndyCar seat with good results.

Raikkonen’s experimentation with NASCAR in 2011 was very interesting, I think with some more time in stock cars he would have picked up the speed to be competitive. As it was, his car control ability shined through despite his lack of experience in the oval\stock car world.

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On this day in F1

Jose Froilan Gonzalez and Maurice Trintignant achieved a one-two finish for Ferrari in the non-championship Grand Prix of Bari, 60 years ago today. Third place went to Jean Behra in a Gordini, over a minute behind Gonzalez.

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