2014 Monaco Grand Prix Saturday in Tweets

2014 Monaco Grand PrixPosted on Author Boštjan Budna

No prizes for guessing the main topic of discussion on social media on the Saturday of the Monaco Grand Prix weekend. It was, of course, whether or not Nico Rosberg had deliberately tried to bring the yellow flags out to win the race.

Meanwhile one particularly famous fan got to meet the man who runs the sport – but not his favourite driver.

Here are the Twitter highlights of an eventful day in Monte-Carlo.

Third practice

Daniel Ricciardo split the Mercedes cars in the final practice session. But he wouldn’t be able to mount a proper challenge come qualifying.


Rosberg’s investigation

After qualifying, talk was dominated by Rosberg’s Mirabeau mistake. The stewards later ruled he did not go off deliberately in order to ensure himself pole position.

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2014 Monaco Grand Prix

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